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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. Seems like you're in Best Wishing business friend! Thanks for the thought!

  4. @Jubby What the...? It works now... Well thanks a bunch then! EDIT: Ninja'd by Cam. @Cam How will the OOBB code affect the opening event then?
  5. I played for a few hours with the EA trying to fix that black screen problem. Arch's video and written tutorial didn't give me a solution, neither did Krad's earlier suggestion #1658250 . Here's what I have: [spoiler=CODE] //Made by markyjoe1990 of Youtube //Modified by Nintenlord #define DISABLE_TUTORIALS #include EAstdlib.event EventPointerTable(0x06,Pointers) org 0xD80000 Pointers: POIN Turn_events POIN Character_events POIN Location_events POIN Misc_events POIN BallistaData BallistaData POIN Bad Bad Bad Bad POIN Good Good Good Good POIN Opening_event Ending_event Bad: UNIT Empty Good: UNIT 0x63 Myrmidon 0x00 Level(1,Ally,False) [6,2] [6,3] [ironSword,Vulnerary] [0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00] UNIT 0x64 Mercenary 0x00 Level(1,Ally,False) [6,2] [5,4] [ironSword] [0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00] UNIT Empty Turn_events: TURN 0x00 Opening_event [01,00] 0x0 0x00// problem is probably around here TurnEventPlayer(0x00,Fadeout,1) ENDA Fadeout: //also loads NPCs OOBB ENDA AFEV Character_events: AFEV Location_events: AFEV Misc_events: CauseGameOverIfLordDies AFEV Opening_event: LOU1 Good ENUN ENDA Ending_event: //MNCH 0x?? //STAL 1 //_0x1 ENDA BallistaData: BLST MESSAGE Events end at offset currentOffset //The map for this chapter is at offset: ????????
  6. That's sure to help once I understand what it all means. Gotta read Arch's tut in its entirety if I hope to achieve something. Thanks a lot for your help Jubby!
  7. Alright, here's the situation: I have a cutscene with a visible map. Does it mean I need to edit events as if it were a completely different chapter, meaning I'd have the cutscene overwrite the prologue and start the actual prologue at chapter one? And if not, where do I get to insert the cutscene map?
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvCBFkQclDQ haha...yeah that's probably it. Enjoy
  9. Strangely enough, when I tried to insert the map this morning I got the best result so far, without changing the procedure at all, with only the palette being really ugly. I still had only one try. But after the last try, IT WORKED!! What I did right: -correct offset -correct map pointers -correct (after realization) tileset -correct insertion What I did wrong: -Mess with this: The problem was right there. I'd uncheck the first 3 and clicked ok, thus messing up the original tileset. Many thanks for your help guys.
  10. Okay here's what I'm doing: I've inserted my map with the MAR Array Inserter, using map size+1 to x and y. Offset used is DA0000, as arch recommended for his tutorial. After that, I open my rom with the 2 required modules in Nightmare : FE7 Chapter Data Editor and FE7 Event References. In Event References, I grab 0x03 - 0x04 Prologue map and set the pointer as such: Save and continue. I load my rom with VBA to see how things are going, nothing's changed. But when I change the object set or tile config...I get only one try (which ends up horribly bad) after what the image won't change, no matter what setup I'll use. It seemed much simpler at first, or is it and I missed the obvious?
  11. Welcome aboard! I am pretty sure you'll find the community around here *very* helpful. It has its lots of eccentrics too . *looks at join date* Or perhaps you were already there and just came back from the dead? Anyways, stick around and have fun! Sincerely, Black
  12. I think I just realized the *true* meaning behind what you said Feaw. By: Did you mean any tileset of the collection even those in the folders labelled ''FE6/FE7/FE8 Tilesets'', not only those in the custom tilesets folder? I'm talking about all those assembled tilesets that are so convenient to play with, and if they're actually usable, instead of using those long 8-digits stretches. Because using the FE7 tilesets result in the same problem as before.
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