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  1. I think I remember someone posting a few of the illustrations a long time ago, as well as some translations of random chapters from the FE4 novels - but I don't think they ever did any translations for this novel in particular. Had no idea there were extra graphics in the novels like those "Genealogy of the Gods" charts or the colored illustrations either, so I'm happy you them as well! Thank you so much for your work in translating this & the FE5 novel! I'm definitely looking forward to reading the rest.
  2. Extremely sorry for the wait! Just making a quick update / topic bump to let everyone know that I've uploaded my scans of the manual to this drive link.(updated the original post to include this link too) Unfortunately, I wasn't able to compile them into one big PDF whether I did the scans page-by-page or two pages at a time due to some technical issues, and I may need to rescan some pages that ended up slightly skewed or blurry - but overall I'm very happy that I was able to provide these scans! I'll update again if I'm able to get them all into a single PDF. Please let me know if there are any issues in viewing the files or if the link somehow gets broken!
  3. I was just wondering if anyone had uploaded pictures of the FE Gaiden manual online before? Personally, I haven't had any luck finding anything - but I do own a copy of Gaiden and its manual for the time being due to a seller's mistake. I'd be more than happy to upload a pdf/link of my own pictures of said manual if no one has done so already! Just don't want to do it in vain if scans/pics of it were up beforehand and I was unaware. EDIT (6/10/19): The manual's scans can now be found here! Please let me know if there's any issues in viewing the files.
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