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  1. Thank you so much once again! Thanks this is an awesome guide albeit a bit confusing haha
  2. Thank you so much! With that in mind, can you transfer over data to the same RD save more than once? Like can I transfer this file that I just beat right now, but say I do 15 more runs on the same memory card save to unlock Ashnard and all the supports and then transfer again to RD? Sorry if that wording is confusing it is just that I want to play RD now and circle back to PoR in order to unlock all the supports, but if I can only transfer once to my RD save I have a bit of a problem. Maybe you know the most efficient way of doing this? Thanks again!
  3. Hi Everyone, I just beat this game for the first time on Normal mode, and I can not find a "Support Room" in the Extras section. I think in some of the GBA FE games and Awakening there is an option to rewatch supports. I would like to unlock every support possible, but in order to do that I have to keep track of what I have so far. I was hoping the game does that for you through a "Support Room" or something similar, but maybe I am wrong. Or maybe it needs to be unlocked in a specific way. Additionally, is there any bonus for unlocking every single support convo in the game through multiple play throughs? Thank you so much!
  4. Hey everyone, I was just wondering if berserked units can be traded? Like if my unit is berserked can I trade with them to get their items so they can't attack, etc. Thanks!
  5. Andddd I was able to beat the game! Normal mode and I got an S rank. Pic attached :) Turns out an overall ranking from the augury of "Wow! You're doing excellent!" means you are on track for an S rank. Just to reiterate every other ranking has to be "You're doing really well!" (which means you are on track for an A rank in that category) in order to get the "Wow! You're doing excellent!" overall ranking from the augury as aforementioned. Pretty pumped up because I just beat the game and it was an amazing journey. Woohoo time to play some Awakening and then maybe one day try out Binding Blade's Hard mode. I hope this post helps someone out in the future :)
  6. Yup! Thanks man! I'm actually referring to what the augury actually says though and what rank that translates to. That way players can track their progress somewhat :)
  7. Okay everyone so I am currently on Chapter 20A (Normal Mode) and all my ratings are "You're doing really well!" except for my Overall ranking which is "Wow! You're doing excellent!" Not sure what that all means but I am aiming for a "S-Rank", so I am hoping that "You're doing really well!" means I currently have an "A-rank" in said categories. I'll be sure to keep on updating :)
  8. Hi everyone, So I just got to Chapter 12x, and I believe this is the first chapter where you can use the "Augury" command in the "Preparations" screen. Anyways I am just wondering what "Letter Rankings" the various "Rating Responses" from the Augury translate into, and I am hoping someone could enlighten me. I have only received two types of ratings: "You're doing really well!" - for Overall, Survival, Funds, Power and "Keep up the good work." - for Tactics, Power, Exp I am assuming "You're doing really well!" is equivalent to an A rank and "Keep up the good work." is equivalent to a B rank, but maybe someone else has a concrete answer that I can rely on instead of my assumption. Thank you!
  9. Hey everyone! I tested this out and in this game support DOES get built when rescuing. So you can rescue a unit and hold it for a bunch of turns and they will build support with one another if possible. I hope this information helps everyone out there. Danke!
  10. Hey everyone, Another noobish question from me - sorry I'm new and hey I think discussion stimulates the forums right? Anyways when rescuing do both the rescuer and person being rescued build support? For example, if Roy is rescued by Marcus will they build support at the end of each turn? Also, is this info somewhere on the SF page for FE6? I couldn't find it, so maybe it can be added?? Danke!
  11. I'm so sorry because I might be totally overkilling by asking you this lol but does that mean that using a silver lance gives you the same amount of WEx as using an iron lance?
  12. Thanks Ycine! Just prepare yourself for unlimited friendship and epic Fire Emblem discussion woohoo! Hahahah @ the Laguz joke! And thanks for the welcome :) Yeah I'm a big time DBZ fan. Holy heck bro 1000 hours on Xenoverse that's EPIC! How did you manage to do that so quickly I am impressed. There's no such thing as playing too much. I haven't played Xeno 2 yet, but I desperately want to play that and FighterZ. Have been focusing on my 3DS backlog and then I got distracted by Binding Blade again heh What is the second game you have on the Switch? Three Houses is incoming...you need to get a third heh
  13. Hey everyone, I can't seem to find a guide that illuminates how much WEx a unit gets per usage of each weapon. Can someone link me to one please? The SF inventory page for this game doesn't include WEx. That actually might be something the SF team wants to add. How can I suggest it to them (unless it is somewhere and I totally overlooked it please don't get mad!) Thank you!
  14. Hey everyone! Well I've been lurking here now for as long as I can remember, so I figured it is about time to create an account. I love all things FE. I've played (and beaten) FE 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, and currently working on beating the rest. Although I do have a massive itch to replay 6 and beat it again. Not sure why - I just love that game. But I really need to beat some of the other ones I've never played. Actually now that I mention replaying games I want to replay FE9! PoR was such a great game as well. Aw man! Anyways I hope I can make some solid friendships here. I love talking about everything FE. The lore, the gameplay, the community, the new games (THREE HOUSES!!!), and whatever else FE related. Btw I think the only FE game I won't really play/get into is FE Heroes. I don't like gatcha games/p2w games. Not hating on them at all they just aren't for me. Well if you want a new friend hit me up and if not wazzup for now! Till then... Prepare yourself!
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