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  1. I finished this hack last weekend and I'm impressed. First of all, the fact that it is complete is the best part. I don't think I'm personally a good judge of gameplay so when a story is complete that is always a plus. I liked the writing and the story. I did find myself invested into Vance and Ava's stories in the latter half. I especially enjoyed the escape chapters and the use of generic units, I thought they were cool ideas. Difficulty wise, a few of my units got quite strong but the rest kept the game fairly balanced. Not too hard, not too easy. I felt it was just about right. Overall, great hack. Would recommend to anyone.
  2. It most likely will be. It has a gold border and looks to be an upgrade of sturdy blow 2 much like how joint hone speed is an upgrade of hone speed 3.
  3. I'm so excited for this banner. I believe these are the first dancers that can get 3 move, right? Flying no less. I like their format of showing them in and out of combat too. Although, they kind of had to with this banner. The prospect of reinhardt with that Sturdy Impact A skill is a bit scary. Since he dumps his speed, his bulk isn't even that bad. It's not often you can kill him in one hit.
  4. For nostalgia reasons, I'd say Jaffar. I remember all those years ago when I first played the battle before dawn chapter, I thought the assassin class was so cool. First impressions were great when he was a green unit as he just killed everything he attacked. In later playthroughs, when I first got to the gaiden chapter with Sonia, it felt awesome to put Matthew in the same class as Jaffar. Nowadays, I'd say my favourite is Athos for story reasons. I like his whole backstory with Nergal and as one of the eight legends.
  5. Hi guys. I'm new to the forums. Like many others, my first fire emblem game was the first outside japan, FE7. Been a fan ever since. I've used this site as a resource for years and even stalked the forums for some of the fan projects of the GBA games but haven't made an account to post until now. I'm looking forward to getting to know this small part of the community.
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