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  1. Sorry I'm a dip, the link is here
  2. If there is please let me know and I'll move my posts! Also the set 16 zip file is now updated, All set 16 cards are now included in the proxy set!
  3. Hi Folks! The set 16 proxies are almost done, I uploaded the colors that are set, just need to finish purple! UPDATE The whole set is now proxied.
  4. Hi folks! I just wanted to post in here to talk a little bit about the amazing experience I've had since my friend asked me a few months ago if I was interested in playing Cipher with him. I own a hobby/cardstore called Akiba Underground (link here for those curious: http://akibaunderground.com/) and I decided after we started playing to go really hard on stocking Fire Emblem boosters and trying to start a scene at the store and hopefully be able to do organized play down the line. A little less than three months in we now have over half of the sets in stock in our case, a small but growing collection of singles, and we just had a legit release day for set 16 where a TON of cipher boxes came in my door and then went right back out. The response we've gotten is pretty amazing, and even just getting like 6-8 people together at once to play is so much more than I expected, considering the substantial barriers to play (we are using half-card printed translations, some which we created and others we found on here). I just wanted to share with the forum because it's been so surprising how many people have been interested, and thought it would be cool to show a few pics as well (it's still neat for me to look in our case and see cipher boosters next to magic ones). I just acquired a bunch of the sealed promo card packs, to give out as prizes for our next organized event in a few weeks, and I'm hoping we get a good turnout. : ) (The picture of the card case is actually a little old, we now have even more sets in stock and a little display with cipher singles too!)
  5. This is awesome! I'm glad to see there are other people playing this fun game with these gorgeous cards!
  6. Hello! Our playgroup has been brewing a lot and we've figured out a few general rules of thumb that seem to be helpful no matter what deck you're building. -You don't want too many high cost cards, you want to have a decent spread of 1-5 cost cards. That's pretty standard for a lot of CCGs but good to keep in mind. -Pretty much every deck wants some number of fliers. They have a support value of 30, so they're always good supports regardless of whether you're on attack or defense. -Different MCs are more or less important to their deck, but you always want a good number of your MC in your deck to guarantee you get to promote them and also so you have crit/evade cards for them. The MC is the one card you know you'll always have in play, so you want to take advantage of that. I usually like 8-13 copies of an MC. Not too many more than that though because you don't want to fail supports constantly -By the same token, your MC is already in play at the start of the game, so you don't really need 1 cost versions of them most of the time. If there are enough promoted versions of your MC in the game, just use those, not drawing a promotion of your MC promptly is a big way that variance can make you lose (sometimes a character only has 2 cards though so you have to use multiples of their 1 cost) -If they're available, have 3/2 cost versions of your MC in addition to their "endgame" versions, so you can get your MC powered up early to defend themselves. -Similar to fliers, usually having a healer character or two with the ability to retrieve cards from your retreat area is always helpful. -Be careful how many sword units you have in your deck! They tend to have promotion forms with awful support values, and base forms that are only good on attack. I hope this is helpful! As far as the specific characters, were their individual cards of them you were looking to build around? there are lots of lucinas and corrins and tikis so there are different ways you could tackle building decks around them.
  7. Hiya! My friend is working on set 16 now. I own a hobby shop where we have a decent group of people playing cipher, and set 16 was a pretty big release for us so we should have them together soon! Glad to hear there are other people out there playing Cipher too!
  8. Hello All! My friend and I have started a local play group at my store and as part of that effort we created half-card proxies for sets 11 to 15, and we thought it would be nice to share them with the community! You can find the zip files here! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tlWfIiXsvVZjbHiZwjsQhDxjN6YmbxhAy Let me know if you find any mistakes in any of them! We're currently experimenting with alternate rules for smaller decks to make it easier for people to get started. I'll let you all know how it goes!
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