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  1. That is mathematically impossible and you freaking know it (now I am playing FE4, that weight and accuracy are awful)
  2. Wait wait wait wait They have to pay for GIVING BIRTH in a hospital? Now I am thankful for having social security.
  3. It is a pretty cool idea to balance the summoner support thingy, only one getting the boost, but if I S-support two husbandos how should we choose? They look better, but only in comparison since everyone else look worse. It would cool to see a 1-2 range sword like handaxes and javelins (I would make it a boomerang or something like that).
  4. Most likely played or still plays Yugioh.
  5. Because she is a Dragon with 2000 years of knowledge and being the "prophet" to a God-like being. If are into powerful, knowledgeable and confident woman (like myself) you can't do it much better than that, it is a bummer that you'll die much sooner than her so... it kinda loses points for not having a partner for life (for her I mean). She will call you Marth I wish I could summoner support two units at the same time (because having to grind to S rank a unit and then having to do it a second time because you prefer your first unit is... annoying to say the least).
  6. That explains all those sick ba****** (Though I am worst, time travel doesn't excuse me from breaking the bro code).
  7. His internet is screwing with him.
  8. Yeah she is a girlBut she is also a gunThat's it, she is deadlyI'll never outrun
  9. Really? I thought that they were different people name Jake.
  10. Anna at best (Jake is the boyfriend of one Anna so in my opinion no). I am totally fine with amiibo functionality, make it like Fire Emblem Heroes, heroes from other world summoned to lend a hand (using the mechanics of Fates, because they would be actually usefull). Lore wise, I am totally fine with nods or references, maybe here is where X character trained his/her pupil and now a small band of adventurers keeps their legacy. Or a joke expression like "For Hector's beard" or similar. As much as I love the Awakening trio as characters and development and maturity between games I hated that they were there (but truth be told the excuse IS used was pretty cool and I liked the idea that they stayed loyal to the people they served not the mission they were sent to because their orders weren't all that detailed). Ps: We don't talk about the Hoshidan reincarnation, that's stupid and contrived as heck.
  11. Why not? in the Justice League animated series two-part episode "Legends" the Justice Guild (a reference of the JSA) is both a comic Green Lantern used to read and heroes in their world/parallel universe (I won't give spoilers). The explanation could be that an outrealm jumper did see both Hoshido and Nohr and then he/she talked that history to people in Archanea and with time the tale became a legend. Ps: In the series it says that the existance of their earth give the idea (like some kind of "resonance", it is not explain that well) to the creator of the comic in the Justice league world.
  12. If it is the same as the whip sword I would love if it is a 1-2 range sword. Lore wise I don't know, maybe the sword for the protector of non-Tiki (Sothis, right?) or something like that?That would explain their connection and all that.
  13. Don't take my advice as anything because I am not a good player. To put an example, I mostly don't use second generation in Fates. Xander or Laslow are usually the ones I give the Lodestar seal since to me they are always on the verge of double attacks thev times I played (I usually pick Laslow for not losing movement with Xander). About the Great Lord one, I always pick Mozu, F!Corrin or Selena since the class gives some suport and has the Awakening skill so I want units than can take a punch (also if you give them vantage their power skyrocket).
  14. I forgot to post about the fake fire emblem. Thanks for covering my screw up.
  15. Being a messenger is extremly important since if she didn't give that message as Marth everything goes to s***, sure she isn't saving the Exalt on her own (though she helps) but she telling that "allows" Emmeryn to stop the Ylissian-Plegian war much sooner with her sacrifice, also she stops the intended assassination of Chrom that would leave him unable to take the helm in the war, therefore making the war itself much shorter and less deadly which leaves Ylisse (and Plegia) in much better shape. More than that she "helps" (by trowing the match) Ylisse get Ferrox's help (which we can deduce from the facts that didn't happen in her future [since she said herself she doesn't want to change more the past than necessary because I could screw things up]). And yeah in Epharim route he is there but if you pick the Eirika route which is as important as Epharim in the grand scheme of things (excluding character stuff with our corrupted friend, the insight that we get in that rout is important but matters for Lyon as a character and his corruption, not his actions) and if you pick that one Ephraim is a main Lord that only appears a third of the game, that doesn't mean that he isn't important since he gets shit done on or off screen (really if someone give him an unbreakable lance he kicks armies by himself). And getting spotlight, she kinda does, sure she "only" supports Chrom & co.(also stoping Basilo of being an idiot and get himself killed and losing one of the gems forever) but she has being the one that set all of this in motion the only thing she can do by that moment is helping the team and praying to Naga herself.
  16. As much as I love Awakening even I can see that the Plegia arc is flawed and "filler"y (but it explans the world building of future Archanea, without it the world be too shallow and empty so I think it mostly works in the end), neither Chrom nor the shepards are more than support for the real lord of the part: Say'ri, the member of a noble house who rises to the ocasion after loser her home with the help of allies while fighting a "corrupt" member of her family who in the end she defeats (she also gets a pretty cool sword even though mechanics wise doesn't have to be hers). Also there is Walhart, the instigator (basically her evil dragon who "corrupts" her brother). The only Shepard that is remotely important in that arc is Robin and only as a tactician (Validar subplot is only groundwork for the next arc and finale of the game). Also you don't need to be on screen all the time to be considered a main Lord, look at Epharim who is off screen but the things that he does are important to the plot.
  17. The plot of Awakening happens because of her, without her quite a lot of things would be pretty different.
  18. Come on, the blazing blade is the game where Eliwood is the main Lord. Why everyone left them behind, most of the story is centred about him (the party goes to save his Dad, and the Ninian (and therefore Nergal) stuff and the blazing blade is his main weapon). I know I am biased towards him but he deserves more. Throw him a bone or something at the poor guy.
  19. I plan to do pretty much the same with the switch. I hope you can get on your feet as soon as possible, being bedridden is awful.
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