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  1. With all those Dragonborn I am expecting a lot of racist (specist?) jokes. Am I the only one?
  2. It depends in how do you see gods. For me Ashunera is the goddess with no limit to her power but Yuna and Ashera are not "gods" like their union, only part of one, that is why both parts are so weak even though they are "goddess of chaos and order respectably". And falliable gods like Greeks or similar have limits, but those limits are much higher than most of the things we see in Fire Emblem.
  3. I am fine with it but if we do it should we change the money we have for starting equipment?
  4. I kinda tried to say that if he/she is a high level adventurer it should tell with his interactions and how he acts with other people, but you said it better .
  5. Beginning in a town seems the best way if you ask me, since would make sense to all of us to meet in a inn, we are under the same employer or similar. About magic being rare, as long as I am not hanged for being a witch I love it. About how meta things are, if we find someone I don't think we should know everything but if it is a lv. 15 fighter I think it is reasonable that he know that he or she is stronger than a lv. 6 for only looking how he or she acts. About how we learn abilities my character has it easy: the bond with my patron is stronger therefore I can draw more power from it.
  6. I can't patch worth crap so I played both Jugdral games in Japanese so the details are kinda lost on me (I am still angry for the end of chapter 5 you imperial twats). Ps: I like Leif because I overleveled him and got lucky and managed to beat the crap of everyone. But if becomes broken in Geneology that explains it
  7. But he is a married man. You ba***rd, how could how... I trusted you... As long as it isn't all combat all the time I am totally fine with whatever happens @Bhoop, you are the one who shapes the world. About the jokes, by all means (I only played from Binding Blade to Echoes, but I only played the Tellius games once each so I maybe don't get the jokes).
  8. I have never used use Discord or Roll20 before (beyond a couple of messages of the former). So if someone can direct me to where I can learn the ropes I would appreciate it.
  9. I most likely I will pick pack of the tome with the book of shadows invocation for utility spellcasting, and doing more for the team, so if you feel the need to cover that don't worry I'll take care of it.
  10. That would be awesome If I had to do it myself I would be pretty much the same as the spotpass and make as many units as possible with mostly generic models.
  11. Warlocks regain spell slots with short rests if I remember correctly.
  12. @Ertrick36 I was more trying to say that I am scared of being too conservative with my heals and don't helping the team.
  13. We could say that they are jacks of all trades... Healing wise I'll do my best (but at level one everyone is a little low in mojo).
  14. That's neat. Thanks for telling me (both of you). I guess that if you want to make the "strongest" character possible you would pick two stats to dump and bump the others (which sounds a little boring, it lacks certain suprise, for good or bad that is up to the RNGoddess).
  15. Bhoop told me to roll for stats, what is point buy? (I know standard array and rolling for stats it it is a variation of any of those two)
  16. I know, but I don't want to screw people people for only me. You know utilitarian thought "greatest well-being of the greatest number of people" and all that jazz.
  17. If everyone wants a "low lore" world I am totally fine with it, so if it is for me please don't make anything beyond what you feel comfortable @Bhoop or what would be fun for the group. PS: A monk, a bard and warlock, if we have to open something using our strengh we are kinda screwed .
  18. I am almost totally on board with this, but a little more of lore than the FE games would like it since as much I like them the lore is kinda... meager (but you don't need to over do it).
  19. Sacred flame and Light are for free because of Celestial Patron. I already talked with Bhoop and give the OK since this is from Xanathar's guide. About Arcane focus which should I use? And as far as I know the arcane focus substitutes the material component as long as the component doesn't have a value with it. About the component, thanks for saying that because I completely forgot about it (and I have my friend helping me because if I had to do all this alone...).
  20. And that's why I post it so people could give a once over. It is Minor Ilusion (the Cantrip) but since I was looking a lot of spells I screw up Sorry
  21. My (warlock) sheet Ps: I am from Spain so that maybe can be a problem
  22. If I can play (up to you of course). Could use the Celestial Warlock? I want to be a support and from people helping me said that my first spellcaster I should use a warlock becaude it is easier (also the fluff seems pretty cool).
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