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  1. Quite the resume, happy to have you here. If you need something I would be lucky to help if I could. Ps: I wish I had posters of the Cipher artwork or similar because most of the cards look awesome. It is awesome to see people that also like them.
  2. I have a lot of ideas for characters so I am pretty flexible about what role to play in the party. My only question is which content could I use. And if there is a limit like Adventure League (PHB + 1) or similar.
  3. I would be delighted to play if I can. I would like to be a player, since I can't see me being a DM. @Azure in a Roundabout
  4. This is awesome, if possible I would like to play D&D someday (I played a couple of tabletop RPG but I have a burning desire to play a campaign). Ps: If someone is going to do one and there is a free space I would love to join if possible.
  5. Weird... I think about it and I don't have favorites, I like a lot of them but since I didn't have a pet or something similar I don't have any connection. Now I feel bad...
  6. I link my account here and my discord one I also gave permission about my e-mail, am I forgetting something? Ps: Sorry if I posted in the wrong site.
  7. I am basically still a kid. Chocolate milk shake.
  8. I don't get paid. Gives chocolate to the user below (maybe it is poisoned who knows?)
  9. Because someone said so and nobody challenged it. What is the difference between gum and candy?
  10. In my honest opinion, both at the same time, she is furious and she wants to Anna to be less uncaring but I can't see her going that far. But to be far as much as I like the Anna archetype (I don't know if I should call it like this but roll with me on this one) I think that exchange is going a bit to far, Anna and her sisters like money exploting someone like that is too much (don't get me wrong they play with a jovial tone but even like that they overdid it a little, not enough to be gamebreaking but enough to make feel someone bad) In the end everything ends in a happy ending for the exploited one so it balances out (but as I said was close enough).
  11. Charm wise I would say either Donnel or Gregor, both characters make me laugh and smile with their antics and both are pretty decent characters (even if Dony is somewhat shallow). Mechanicaly I have to say Chrom, having an unbrokable sword makes me use him a lot, and that gives him levels which make him stronger repeat ad infinitum and Anna because being a thief, healer and being able to fight is pretty awesome. Character wise I have to go with Tiki because first Shadow Dragon flashbacks, second because all her interactions and how can she be both extremly "┬┐jaded?" (I mean like she has seen the world over thousands of years and I don't know the exact word for it) and somehow having child-like innocence. And design wise I have to go with Tiki because... you know why! Stop starring at me like that! Also Donnel because he is the only olayable character smarth enough to use a helmet... even if it is a pan...
  12. Well... I just kinda sign up and I think I should present myself. You can call me Silafante and I have played some of Fire Emblem games (I can't patch of the Japanese games even if I tried like a 1000 times already the only way I can play them is if the ROM is already patched). Shadow Dragon was the first FE I "owned" and played as a kid, later I played Awakening (which is my comfort zone and I return to it from time to time) so you can call me Awakening baby. To be fair this will be for most of you a little rhing my major Fire Emblem acomplishment was to finish Hector Hard Mode (Eliwood carried the team like a boss) Sorry if my English is... improbable it is my third language And sorry if I broke any of the rules of this site (I already read it but I maybe screw it up). Ps: And this is superfluous but I will say anyway: Lucina best waifu And the image of the MVP.
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