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  1. A good question! I'm kind of thinking that the features will still be there, but it will take on a context of a tactician training their troops moreso than a teacher and their students. Or, alternatively, the tutoring might be phased out entirely, making only the class you choose from the start fully customizable, and the rest just being able to reclass/promote to set classes the same way they did in previous games. Though I don't know how willing they would be to do away with all the tutoring, as it seems like a pretty big feature to just throw out part way through the game, so I don't know how likely that is but it's just a thought. I'm not really sure myself, so I'd like to hear other peoples thoughts on the subject, as it's something I've wondered about too~
  2. Oh, really? Weird. I've never had issues using a tablet, but that's too bad. Might be worth trying to troubleshoot, as I think it is a good program! However, there is a program that's essentially just the same as FireAlpaca but more geared toward manga artists. You may have better luck with that one? It's called MediBang Paint. Other than that, I know that Krita is another free art program. I've heard good and bad things about it, but never used it myself.
  3. The one I use (aside from my preferred MS paint which I know is an acquired taste) is FireAlpaca. It's free, so no reason not the give it a try at least! I haven't used any paid art programs, so I can't compare and contrast with those, but having used Gimp, FireAlpaca feels a lot less clunky to me. I definitely have some issues with FA, but it's not a bad program imo.
  4. Hmm, for funsies I'll make a Pro/Con list for each too. Might actually help me decide, because right now I don't know who I want to join. :( EDIT: Accidentally posted before I was done editing...smh, gonna edit with the rest of my list! Black Eagles PROS I like birds. Birds of prey especially. Bernadetta, Linhardt, and Caspar are really cute and I want to meet them. Edelgard being the next Emperor is pretty cool. CONS Red is my least favorite color of these three. Ferdinand looks kinda boring/annoying to me, something about Petra tells me I won't like her as a character, and Dorothea's outfit looks like something out of 2003. Seems like a "Canon Option" which makes it less appealing to me personally. Blue Lions PROS Mercedes, Sylvain, Ashe, and the two unnamed dudes presumably a part of this group all look interesting and cool. "The frigid north" is a neat setting for the kingdom. I know choosing this group doesn't mean I get to go there necessarily, but still. CONS I feel like lions are a little overused as a houses mascot. That hair... Annette seems like she wouldn't be a character I'd like. Dimitri is my least favorite of the 3 lords, from what we've seen. Running with a group of nobles is kinda less fun for me than a more diverse group from different backgrounds, and that's kinda what this group seems like to me. Golden Deer PROS Claude Yellow is my second favorite color, and favorite of these three, so that's cool. I like deers. The Leicester Alliance is just a cool name imo, and I like the description of it the best of the 3 places. Leonie is really cute, I like how much Raphael stands out among the other students, and I really love the design of the unnamed purple haired student actually. Looks like a fun band of misfits! CONS Hilda and the unnamed blond's designs don't really excite me. Hilda is cute, and pink is my favorite color, but it being one shade of pink throughout her design makes it visually uninteresting. From this, it looks like my obvious choice should be the Golden Deer, and yet, I'm still undecided. OTL
  5. ^Good points made above, but I will say this is a bit different from them saying "2018" from 2017-2018. Saying 2018 early in the year gives them a year to work with, but now that Spring 2019 is just around the corner, I think that if there were serious talks about delaying the game the release date on the financial report would have changed to just say 2019. Could be wrong, but that's my two cents. I won't be really worried unless we get halfway into March without hearing anything.
  6. You say it can't and won't be daunting/overwhelming, yet admit to it being daunting to you as a child? I never said it was impossible to beat or play a Pokemon game without knowing all there is to know about it, but consider the fact that some people may not want to bumble through a game aimlessly, and would instead like to understand what they're doing right and wrong. What is winning them fights, or why they're struggling with others. There's nothing wrong with having a stepping stone to understanding all that. It's true that there are some things that are changed drastically from one to the next, but think of how much easier it would then be to grasp the battle system when you already have knowledge of the rest of the game mechanics. Plus, battles aren't removed entirely, as trainer battles remain, so people are still getting a taste for how those work. So, you didn't like the games, simple as that. Sometimes it's best just to accept that not every game is tailor-made for you, and buy more selectively.
  7. Because for some people being dropped into a game like Pokemon - which has a lot of long-established game mechanics that are sometimes glossed over in the mainline games - can be incredibly overwhelming. In Let's Go, they can be introduced to things at a reduced pace, and therefor process and learn everything easier, without everything being thrown at them at once. When you take a step back from the Pokemon series, there is actually a lot to it. For someone who's totally unfamiliar with the game, it's daunting. It isn't necessarily a "new fans only" thing, either. I've been playing Pokemon for over 10 years now, and I've enjoyed playing Let's Go. That might be because I had properly adjusted my expectations going into it though, as I knew it wasn't going to be like a mainline Pokemon game to begin with. Do I prefer the mainline games? Yes. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate Let's Go for what it is. Just because it doesn't suit your tastes doesn't mean it's inherently a bad game. Some people like a more laid back way of playing.
  8. The reason Let's Go is so different from past Pokemon games is because it isn't a mainline Pokemon game. It isn't Gen 8, which is still in the works behind the scenes right now. Gamefreak has confirmed as much. Let's Go is a game made to bridge the gap between Pokemon Go and the mainline series. It's for children just learning about Pokemon and for new fans who have only played Go, but want to explore the world more. It's meant to be slower paced and easier for new players to acclimate to. Let's Go is a fun game, but if you're looking for a mainline Pokemon experience, this isn't it.
  9. One thing I did notice that is a bit more on the optimistic side is that, if I remember correctly, we didn't hear much about Fates until about 2 months before its Japanese release. Could be that we get news anywhere in January to April and still get a late Spring release. Assuming there isn't a big gap between the Japanese and American releases, that is. I'm not expecting a huge difference, seeing as the localization is already in development and that simultaneous releases have been more common lately, from what I've seen?
  10. Well, I wasn't expecting to be impersonated on an internet forum today, but Guest Perle the second here isn't me, so I made an account. That aside, I do think that Fire Emblem is plenty capable of good storytelling and characters. Fates was no marvel of storytelling, but that wasn't the first game in the series. There are more examples of good stories and characters than bad in the series history, if you ask me. My doppelganger seems to disagree, though. But, that's not what this thread is for, so that's all I'll say on that.
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