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  1. @NOTchazbc24 1. So... I am Azure the Scale Tipper on YouTube (one of your subs). With that in mind, what are your first and current impressions of me? 2. First video game? 3. Best moment from the Christian/no cooties/no pairings run of FE4? 4. How did you get that sponsorship with Stouffer’s? 5. How many questions will you allow us to ask per post?
  2. 6. Do you watch anime? If so, what is your favorite? 7. Favorite meme? 8. Have you ever heard of Touhou? Any interest? 9. Have you ever heard of Dungeons and Dragons? Any interest in that or any other tabletop RPGs? 10. Can @Integrity sweep you off your feet and carry you?
  3. I might go into this mostly blind, but I have ideas for myself as M!Byleth. Golden Deer: Lysithea Blue Lions: Mercedes Black Eagles: Edelgard
  4. I am not sure on what I should do. Unless anyone’s willing to tell me everyone’s specialties, I am going to go in blind. The Lords will go into their special classes anyhow. If not, then tell me their specialties as well. Me, on the other hand (playing a male all three paths first)... Under Golden Deer: Hero, with Axes and Bows. A pseudo-replication of my current D&D character (prefers swords, but has weapons that would be considered bows and axes in Fire Emblem). Under Blue Lions: Master of the “Weapon Triangle” (Swords, Lances, and Axes) on a Wyvern. Or maybe with magic instead, if it is not practical. Under Black Eagles: Sword Armor with both magics on my side. Yeeuh.
  5. So, now to give my thoughts. I just have been caught up in other activities, so they may be brief. @TheSilentChloey @jankmaster98 And then I’ll do @SoulWeaver, even though he is not technically a participant. Not really sure what criticisms I can give, and I do not know if I’ll have time to do so at this point. Honestly, I have been most critical of my own story. My vote goes to... @TheSilentChloey. But I would have voted for @SoulWeaver if things had gone differently.
  6. About to play some Dragon Quest. Starting with the first one, actually. The first 6 games and 8 are available on iOS.
  7. 1. First/Current Impressions of me? 2. Do you mind showing me some of your art? 3. What got you into K-Pop? Or is that J-Pop with boys in it all over your profile and sig (and what got you into that)? 4. How long has the marriage with Integrity been so far? 5. What’s the meaning behind your profile’s name here?
  8. It is done. The Undiscovered Journal of Nakira Nordunkerian Fandom: Dungeons and Dragons (Original world named Iphetia) Words: 3,897 Read this before reading the story: The story Afterword (Read this after reading the story, please) This will be considered part of history in my D&D world, but that is another story. I hope you guys enjoy, and give your details on criticism when you can.
  9. 16. Do you watch anime? What is your favorite? 17. Best RNG you got in an FE? 18. Worst RNG you got in an FE? 19. If you were to go to any place for vacation, what would it be? 20. Favorite YouTuber?
  10. For those playing D&D: Look up D&D character builder app on google and you can find some apps to help with your character building and DM’ing work. The first few that come up are going to be your best options. Even includes stuff for 4e and 3.5e.
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