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  1. So... any ways to improve the movement class proficiencies (Armor, riding, flying) outside of going into their respective classes? You know, considering the Master classes (something feels incomplete about them).
  2. You are right. What would be everyone’s first language be, anyway? Like, most the the characters who have Japanese names probably have Japanese as their first. But then you have literally everyone from the the moon, and who knows what language they use (maybe they speak Japanese too, but who knows if their script is, like, D&D’s Draconic script or something). Then you have Junko and Mei-Ling (and I think some others, don’t know who), who likely had Chinese as their first language. I am of the party who thinks Remilia and Flandre are of French origin, but that is technically not official. And then there’s Marisa and Alice. Well, Marisa has a Japanese surname, so maybe Japanese, but Alice? Maybe English. Guess the tumblr energy flows through me. Or something. Almost like I should have had an account in its prime.
  3. Wait, I think I know why. I have been watching PM Seymour’s tumblr vids.
  4. Can I ask you why this (v) got in my head? Yukari: Marisa, it’s called blonde, not yellow. Marisa: But why the heck do we call it that when it literally is yellow? Yukari: That is a rather complex thought, but I think English has screwed you over. Marisa: Eng-what? Yukari: ... (I dunno, I don’t think the word English is in the Gensokyo lexicon for some reason.)
  5. Yeah. I spent who knows how long looking into wikis, videos, and whatnot and fall in love before playing my first Touhou. Which is Gensokyo Defenders.
  6. Well, if so, 12 will be here. And everyone will truly know the girl in my profile pic and why everyone has started questioning where Reimu’s god is.
  7. Yes. Wolf girls are better. But their both good. Do you know why Nekopara is popular? Even Nintendo loves them, and Sony doesn’t, for some reason. Also, why do I feel like I stepped into Tumblr?
  8. Almost to Hisoutensouku, then. Which barely anyone is going to play, I dunno.
  9. Well, I feel inspired by ideas from my last prompt. Things’ll get a little sad this time.
  10. I am sorry, but I think I might have to sit this one out. I have D&D and other things going on, so I might only come to review and vote on these works. Just this once for now. I was going to focus on Oboro’s parents for this one. How they protected their child before... well, you know. Again, I am sorry.
  11. Hm... that does make things tougher. Of course, this will be looked into further at release.
  12. Hey, I did go there! And I’ll be sure to tell them about that Ramen place. 11. What edition did you DM for? Because most people who play D&D nowadays play 5th edition. I am sure it is not that difficult to get into, though. 12. Have you ever thought of making DM’ing part of your channel? We have some people here who play D&D, or at least others who can play D&D given the rules and some pdfs or sites. 13. What was your favorite moment playing D&D? 14. So, what are your favorite music genres, and what are your favorite artists from each? 15. I think you already answered this once, but do you watch anime? What are your favorites?
  13. 6. Did you... actually do that to a poor pancake? 7. I might actually go to Brooklyn some time when I next come to New York. What places do you recommend me and my family with me to go eat at? 8. Have you ever heard of Touhou? Played any of the games? Etc.? 9. Have you ever heard of or played Dungeons or Dragons? 10. Have you played any other tabletop rpg?
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