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  1. Why she would do that? She already can make clones to experiment to, and if she want to manifest the seiros crest into people she just had to do whatever she did to save Jeralt life It would not advance her goals in any way. You don't necessarily need TWSITD, but Rhea in particular has 0 reason to do that unless you change several plot points. That said. Usually is much better to have a clear antagonist because usually is the villain that begin the overall conflict of a story. For example in the SMT saga you usually have a god that started the whole mess and is the final boss in most routes. Those kind of villains does not necessarily makes the story less morally ambigous, because the other factions can be flawed in their own way. But they make the story more coherent, as all routes end up in dealing whit them. To me it's really difficult to sell the person that started the mess as anything but the villain.
  2. Bringing imperial soldiers in the tomb, not mercenaries, not bandits, but soldiers, is an act of war. If the heir of the empire is this hostile there are not many hopes of sorting things peacefully. And by the times edelgard is revealed, you don't even know that TWSITD exist, you just have FE having a discussion whit Thales, but for all you know it may be FE not being able to control her minions.
  3. I had the complete opposite experience. Had lots of hype but was crushed by the cruel bitterness of reality.
  4. I think you are not supposed to ise all your character strenght at the same time, but those are there to allow different build. Like Felix can go War Master, Swordmaster or Mortal Savant, but is not really supposed to use gauntlets a lot if he go Mortal.
  5. My annette is nuking so hard that the mag bonuses are not really necessary and tomefaire can be grabbed if you focus on reason for enought time. The biggest thing is that 6 mov on a mage that early on the game is amazing even if you want to use her primarily as a mage and only dance occasionally. I think Dorothea would be a lot similar, minus the option of rally(wich is still situational as fuck).
  6. Annette imo is a great option. Her kit is already built for support, she does not have a great spell list as gremory and she like the 3 speed if you eant to nuke something instead of dance for a turn. And she is good at authority. Not making her the dancer is my number 1 regret of this playtrough.
  7. I am speachless at the tought that a unit with pursuit, a mount, and a legendary weapon can be bad in genealogy
  8. Neutral terrain like plains now give 10% def,res and avoid, defensive terrain like forests 20% def, res and avoid, very defensive terrain like mountain give 30%. Now pegasus knights are the frailest class, wyvern riders durability is average, armors are actually difficult to kill and berserkers have a solid niche. There are SRPG from the 90s that have this kind of terrains. I am convinced that intsys want certain class to be better than others because they are clearly not attempting nerfs between games.
  9. On D&D saturday, players can't pick an NPC class anymore, due to Ferdinand Von Aegir insistence to play an aristocrat every time. Also, the paladin class and any chaotic alignment can be disallowed at the discretion of the DM, because we had several cases of Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd derailing a campaign.
  10. Those are pretty good suggestions, but the battalion switch can be pretty busted so i'd just give them something else.
  11. Just play suikoden 2. Luca Blight is the best villain of that type and is not even close. I really want to post a certain scene bu would be spoiler.
  12. He is gettjng really boring and i am on BL, but i think that him blaming a 12 year old for orchestrating the Duscur thing is meant to show how he is not sane. It's on par whit being a flatearther lol.
  13. I just want to know about the Ernest Crest because it's my name lol.
  14. If 80 maps and 70 characters for 80 bucks is scummy, 40 maps and 35 characters for 60 is scummier. Unless you can pove that there is significantly less work involved in making fates content. Having buyer's remorse because fates turned out to not be what you wanted is understandable(i have it myself) but it objectlively has more than twice the content of Awakening or Echoes.
  15. What would a class like that add considering magic bows are a thing? To give mages a long ranged option to hit def? To get an attack option to physics users? Imo we don't need a combination of every weapon with every other weapon and every movement type. Every class should have a clear role and purpose. Otherwise is just bloating.
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