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  1. It not much that it cannot 1v1 dynamx, it that everyone else has access to the best setup tool ever and Zacian not.
  2. Zacian is only that broken because there is no national dex. Ecery non-gen 8 legendary can theorically Dynamax, Zacian can not. It would be crippling if Natdex Uber/AG ever became a thing.
  3. I think the best is to program a coherent strategy, for example in an escape map the red units can move around trying to encircle your units, or in a kill boss chapters the bulkiest units can move in a block around the boss and would only break the formation if they have 100% chance to kill something. Armor knights in general could be coded to bodyguard frail ranged units, and archer may not move toward your army unless covered by melee guys, so they don't get killed by pegasus knight in an embarassing way.
  4. If they programmed Deep Blue, they can Program FE Deep Blue. It's just that playing againist FE Deep Blue would be hell on Earth.
  5. The last thing Radiant Dawn need is even more chapters imo.
  6. And most iterations of Link would stand no chance againist Ganon at the beginning of the game, but they are still the chosen one.
  7. First, being trained by Mycen is by itself a privilege few people have. Second, no say that effort don't matter, we are saying that effort is relative if two random people, let's call them Naruto and Lee, put a similar amount of effort and one of them get much more out of it because he was born whit inherent advantages.
  8. It's difficult to explain whitout spoiler but imo is the worse Diabolus ex Machina to ever plague fiction and the blood pact does not even come close.
  9. Now that i think about it Ronan would be fun as hell if echoes of Thracia would habe the shining bow.
  10. Isn't better to leave the leg ring on Seliph in the start so he can clear the first chapter faster?
  11. Low effort answer: a fire emblem sword user whit blue hairs and marth moveset.
  12. I don't really think micaiah is useless. Thani pretty much allow her to oneshot any armor and cavalier in the game, has limited healing early and after promotion is an ok staffbot. She just need a chance to level properly and maybe a litle of bulk because is disheartening how easily she is oneshot.
  13. The generic villager most likely had 2 weeks of training that make him understand that maybe stabbing whit the pointy end of a spear is better. Ignatz has been trained by a very accomplished teacher in the art of war for one year. It's at lesst like comparing a conscript whit a navy seal.
  14. The scale we are using says otherwise. And in other fe there are characters that are indeed on par whit villager #52(shanam comes to mind).
  15. Someone below a 5 won't be accepted in the Officer Academy whitout some bribery involved so i don't understand why many students are rated so low. To avert the four point scale we need a different scale where your average mook is way below a 1, because even the worst student is far better than a mook(2 and 3 are explicitly noted to not be better than an average soldier) simply because the OA training as to amount to something.
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