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  1. By time i was meaning indeed turns, i was saying that is very difficult to baby with efficiency limitations. It's still possible in some cases tho. Also, Mozu is much more useful in conquest.
  2. All of this only prove that babying is op. If given an heart seal, a couple chapters focused on just train them and a +2 weapon were resources are still relatively scarce, every unit is a top tier monster. How does fare Mozu if you only use it like any other combat unit while trying to finish the maps whitout wasting time, so 2-3 levels per map at best? I assume way worse than Takumi.
  3. I honestly don't understand the obsession over what amount to -1 speed at level 40. It comes at the end of a tree that largely emphasized speed, so you should be able do double everything outside of Maddening anyway and if you don't you either got screwed badly or chosen the wrong unit. The speed penalty imo is there to avoid making mortal savant strictly better than swordmaster because 1 mov and magic are pretty big advantages. Few character do well innit mostly because pure swordsman are better in swordmaster or assassin and hybrid are usually better as dark knight. It may work on Byleth but suffer competition whit enghlitened one, and whit Marianne but then you need a different healer on VV and the only edge over DK is Blutbang. It's a very "master of none" class that is almost always surpassed by assassin or dark knight, but using it won't cripple your units.
  4. The first Langrisser killed the Jeigan at 25% of the game, just in time for when the lord get good. I used to not used him at all because "wasted exp" but the latest time i tried to play more efficiently and he was actually very good at setting up kills for the other characters. While that game is a mess, i still considered it one of the best iterations of the Jeigan archetype.
  5. I am not a fan of PoE endgame because it fels flat when the "Human" villain ride a royal dragon laguz, wear an armor of invincibility and a magic amulet powered by the godess that give him a berserk mode. Wich really is one of the reasons why i consider Ashnard to be Discount Luca Blight.
  6. Just for the love of Sothis allow me to change F!Byleth's outfit in as many classes as possible.
  7. Not ever once Dimitri employ any argument of legitimacy over Adredtia. If Gilbert does it it's his opinion and his alone. And we are told very little about how any of the endgame kingdoms are organized, only that golden age crap because according to intsys you should never feel bad about your decision. Also the difference between Loog and Edelgard is that Loog fought againist a tyrant, while, as far as Faerghus is concerned, Edelgard is the tyrant. If a foreign country try to conquest you claiming it's for the greater good you still have a right to defend yourself, and to declaw the enemy completely if necessary.
  8. I really hate that trope a lot. Why fabtasy writers love so much the idea of super powered race getting almost wiped out by puny humans? Ir's not like they are less intelligent. Both the FE stories i am thinking on have Dragons as the most powerful political force on the continent.
  9. Not a fan of certain classes sharing the exact same weapon types, and i feel horse archers should not be an archer promotion. In the class tree i am designing right now i made an "heavy cavalry" and a "light cavalry" tree whit the latter having two bow knight promotions based on either the nomad or 3h bow knight.
  10. Too bad those are the people willingly to shill half of their monthly salary into gacha for Jalter, so going againist them is an economic suicide.
  11. Ashera has a continental feat wich is way above any nuke. And grima should shrug them off it they don't hit their weakness. Sorry i leave my powerlevel wanks to vs discussions.
  12. If i had to guess a reason in VV you damaged them so much that most of them want revenge, while in AM you just cut their head so they may have felt in an internal conflict for power.
  13. The thing is Dimitri has no real ideal. His ideal is "i don't want wars." His route is him repelling an invasion and defeating the tyrant that started it. There is no grand objectives because this route is about the people trampled by someone else grand objective. Also i don't think that the slithers get genocided in any route, so they can aleays come back in the next generation. As long as their leaders are dead that's fine for the time being.
  14. First, he did actually killed children. I don't remember. But i am quite sure he did not enjoy his berserker phase in the slightest. Second, i feel that having the king of Almyra in the war would tip the balance too far in favor of the Alliance. How is Edelgard supposed to stand againist a whole country that is as powerful as an united Fodlan?
  15. What if i play blind, i am soloing or almost soloing whit that unit and then i lose it on friggin chapter 18 when there is no chance to train everyone else? This is pretty easy to happen if, say i am using mostly the lord and the Jeigan. In general i am againist playable characters deaths because the hit you take in gameplay is not always justified by the "story improvements", unless you have an expy joining right after like Kratos and Zelos in Tales of Symphonia, but if a random person dies, you have to design at least a sub per class. It's much better to just kill a predeterminated character and then write them in a compelling way. It's not guaranteed that the player would care, but sometimes the player does not care particoularly about their S rank(case in point, me). And i can already watch the discussion "SPOILER: don't have any support conversation before chapter 18 whit any character except for one you hate".
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