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  1. You should check Berwick saga system. Basically, character can be between -x and +x from the average, but never more or less than that. Personally i think randomness is problematic because it force the game to be beatable whit no level up at all, invalidating the point of a level up system in the first place.
  2. Again, not even the "saitama beat ToAA" consider that a Black Hole. If Boros is able to destroy a planet if he put the best of his effort, it's unreasonable to expect his underling to use an attack thousand of times stronger than a Black Hole. Even if he highball him into a star buster, star buster usually means something like the sun, not busting a red giant. Also, there is a somewhat controversial feat about Kirby fighting in a black hole. Screwattack mentioned it in their "Kirby vs Majin Bu" video. But Screwattack in general does a lot of mistakes. And for goku and superman a black hole is child play lol. That said, i know that the serius punch is not Saitama best attack, but it's still a serious attack. I find hard to say that saitama can destroy the universe if he had to fight somewhat seriously againist a mere planet buster.
  3. What are you reffering tho? I never heard even the most diehard Saitama fanboy of the "Saitama can beat The One Above All" talking about "singularities. There are many character that can clap even the most Highballed version of saitama possible(assuming his punch has a conceptual power of "always defeating the enemy". In that case it would be roughly on par whit Fiamma of the Right's power). Kirby can beat Saitama if you apply powerscaling and assume that the Serious Punch was indeed serious and so not too far from his maximum output. Some people assume that Saitama has infinite striking Force, to wich kirby has existing but limited responses. Other people treat Saitama punches as a comedic superpower, in the vein of Bugs Bunny being able to casually warp reality when it is fun to do so. Kirby has such a power too(in powerlevel discussion is usually called "toonforce", and high end Kirby feats are still better than high end Saitama feats, toonforce or not. But then can we say that Popeye is stronger than Arale because the former catched the Sun whit a lasso and the latter split the Earth whit a punch? Neither of those moments were intended to be serious.
  4. And i repeat that PCC is a superior mechanic than +30crit in any conceivable way. >instead of randomness, there is a clear condition, to do a follow-up attack, meaning you both have clear condition to set it up and to avoid it. >the crit will happen on the second hit, meaning you will usually hit a counter, wich limit the power of such a move. >it give more values to the intended good stats of myrmidons, skill and speed >similarly to the previous point, it gives more value to crit boosting weapons. >you can guve certain enemies very high speed or wary fighter in case you don't want them to ne defeated that easily. Also, most sword infranty in Thracia are good or great, partly because PCC allow them to circumvent their low base damage. But not even Shiva is as centralizing as Rutger, despite him having some excellent features. They should give a PCC of 2 to mirms, wich became 3 on swordmasters.
  5. Inactually don't miss the GBA sprites at all. Most of it was stupid as heck, in particular most things involving armors. I don't want realism at all costs, but an european heavy knight whit a kusari-gama is just absurd.
  6. I am actually perfectly fine whit FF, and if he was not a swordsman i would rather have Chrono or "hewhoshouldnotbenamed" as another square character. In the end third party characters should just be a nice extra and a way to cash in[\strike]. That said, i would argue everything that is not Mario, Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus or an older game that is not relevant anymore. Ok maybe not pokemon, but i will forever be salty about the fact that the best generation got jack shit because some people hate ice creams.
  7. The way genealogy work, you have turns of nothing even moving at cavalry pace, let alone at general pace. In echoes uou can move slowly and still have some action every turn wich is why you can use armor knights. Trying to use armors in genealogy mean getting 3-4 exstra turns of walking simulator every map. Even if we got a baron whit all capped stats and 5 great skills, he would retain this crippling problem.
  8. Getting useful items is not a class utility. The high base defence that get transferred trough the fork is. I agree that echoes is worse than gaiden when it comes to balance, but at least armors don't "feel" crippled even if they are. Armor Kliff is actually pretty funny to play, even if does not fix the problem.
  9. I am not sprouting up random words, i am referencing the just war theory. And pretty much nobody in Three Houses respect those criteria.
  10. Edelgard tried to kill her first lol. Coming whit armed soldiers into a foreign state and saying to the leader "surrender or die" is an act of war and an unjust one at that. You can't start a war and then paint the other one as a bad guy for trying to murder you.
  11. At least they are useful early and are the best units to fork, wich is not something that can be said about Arden and Hannibal.
  12. Immoral? Never heard anything like that. Which is the argument? Personally i have no problem whit mods as long as they are treated like the fanfictions(eich i M using as a description, not in a negative light) they are. There is legit people out there that think that skyrim is good because you can install half a dozen mod. If that's the case, Skyrim is bad and the mods are good.
  13. What enemy general does is irrelevant, because the main reason generals are so bad when used by players is that the class is usually nerfed dor the sake of making the fights againist generals sitting on a 3 def 30 avoid throne fair. They have low speed because otherwise they would have crazy def and avoid on the throne, low res because you may have no units able to phisically damage them and hammer weakness because you may not have trained any mage. Morale of the story: if you are designing your game around symmetry between player units and enemy units, don't give the enemy an asymmetrical boost that force you to nerf player units for compensation.
  14. Started playing it. Decided to do langrisser 1 first vecause otherwise i would just play 2 over and over. Why all the threatening enemies suck now WTF? The slimes were the demonic spiders and now suck. Lance had endgame stats and now he has lower stats than my Ledin. I really hope the game won't be such a cakewalk, because so far it was a stomp. Now i am on the route split. The original route was pretty much standard Fire Emblem, so i will go for the alternative one. Edit: i was mislead by the game, the split is eay further down the line. And there are a fuckton of routes.
  15. It's even worse if they have different growth rates, as Leonie or Lysithea invalidate several units just by existing.
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