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  1. Wich are those option? Thirsus that is better on someone else? Caduceus that is again better on someone else? Trying to use curved shot whit fucking annette?
  2. The chance of any of those getting in, beside Eliwood, not Lyn and Hector were slim at best considering they were yet in the "No third party" phase. Except maybe Crystal, but they only put Falco because it was easy.
  3. Michaia is not even that weak. She just need to have time to earn exp and not promote super late and she is ok. Also, Bernadetta had 1 less base strength and 5% less growth compared to Leonie. You just need to have her damaged and she would hit harder than Leonie even if she is proccing her personal. Her problem is not strenght, is everything else. pretty much all of her growths and bases are worse than Leonie's whit the lonely exception of res growth. Ashe is in the same boat but his personal is just utility, and so is Ignatz. Nice balance Intsys. How can you not notice that a character is better than her competiton ON EVERY SINGLE STAT BUT RES AND LUCK. Do you think that mage killing is such a fundamental job that can justify lower stats everywhere else? Aran has no great speed, but is very likely to cap Stre, Def and maybe skill early, wich make very easy to make him faster whit bexp. He is screwed by not getting 34 tho.
  4. Do you know that there is an axe combat art that deal effective damage to armors, or that you can use lighting axe whit an hammer? There are other tools for orkoing, Bolt axe is for safely chipping.
  5. I find little reason to NOT use that on Edel or Annette. The only other 3 range alternative Edelgard has are bows, and annette's spell list is utter garbage. Lighting Axe is likely better at melee range, but you have more than enought weapon slots to carry it at least as backup weapon. I tought it was necessary to make WL Annette, but then i tried her and realized that WR base strenght(eich, to put into perspective, is equal to petra level 20 average.)and lighting axe make her an effective fighter even whitout it
  6. Sigurd would have a terrible matchup againist Charizard or Incineroar.
  7. I refused to buy it and am moderately angry that it got in while Bandana Dee seems to not allowed because he is a "gomba whit an hat. But then, i have 0 attachment to Bandana and only want him because he hold a spear.
  8. The only thing i really want that are actually possible(an SMT rep i consider impossible because of Joker for example) are Dante, Paper Mario and literrally anyone that use a spear. The characters that i would really hate are Joker, Master Chief and Byleth, two got in meaning there is no risk in them being in Pack 2 and i can sleep peacefully knowjng that the next character is not going to be something i hate. unless they troll me with yet another fire emblem swordsman, this would make me go berserk.
  9. Whitout Edelgard there is no need to kill the Agarthan in the first place. They can replace someone every once in a while, but that'not enought for them to stand againist Rhea. They need an emperor that is willing to fight whit them and to mobilize the entire Adrestia, something that they could not do even after Arundhel became the leader in everything but name. It's not like they plotted for 1000 years. It's that they can only have that many soldiers in the underground and won't stand a chance againist the surface dwellers unless half of them fights on their side. Unless they summon Nemesis, wich would not benefit them in any way. They run the risk whit Solon and Kronya only after they already begun their plan to turn Edelgard into their pawn.
  10. Chrom whit Tiki Byketh whit post TS Edelgard so it's clear she is there to represent Villains and Hardins, not lords.
  11. Michaia is not even that weak. She just need to have time to earn exp and not promote super late and she is ok. Also, Bernadetta had 1 less base strength and 5% less growth compared to Leonie. You just need to have her damaged and she would hit harder than Leonie even if she is proccing her personal. I don't understand why people praise Felix personal so much whitout realizing that Bernie has an even better version.
  12. The units that want to use bolt axe are Edelgard and Annette. Edelgard will be either in an armor class or in WL, and in the former case she won't double shit, Annette won't double shit on maddening period. On EP, emperor Edelgard will be doubled on maddening anyway and Annette has no business getting attacked in the first place. On WL Edelgard is a shit EP weapon, but it likely beat using a bow for 3 range sniping. Also, both are proficient in authority, they can get to A bybthe time you can buy Arcane Crystal. Compare whit Lewyn Sword. It can be used by Jojothea, Marianne, Lysithea, Byleth and Manueal. Jojo and Marianne have thoron and have no business going Mortal savant for Lewyn sword. And if they want to use swords, they would use them for magic arts. Lysithea is the one unit whit Thyrsus on 70% of the time even if you trade it among mages. Byleth is very mhe at magic but can make use of it for some niche situations, and it is a better option than try to build reason on Manuela. I'd say they are at least equal, for good or for bad.
  13. Bolt axe is super easy to make accurate. Just equip Macuil evil reppelling corps on the user for 30 accuracy. If you want to use it on a flyer is a but trickier, but doable. I consider it better than lewyn sword because the latter can be entirely replaced by thoron or thyrsus on most units that want to use that.
  14. First, i am surprised that we know the growths. Second, enemies have much more def than res, so usually you hit harder whit 20 mag rather than 30 str. I think Aura Knuckes may be good on byleth if you do a gauntlet build, but englithened one has no gauntletfaire, and grappler and War master are locked on the worse Byleth, so they are in the limbo of "good whit a stats/proficiencies array that do not exist in this game." Like half of the things mentioned in this thread.
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