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  1. Damnit, nice clean sweep lads
  2. I still think shinori is the lynch here and if he flips town then we can put more into the Athena as potential scum tomorrow?
  3. Why are you saying me again?
  4. Tbh good chance we have just mailed the scum team or are fairly close to it and as a whole they have given up and so aren't resisting?
  5. Claire has done nothing but tunnel me all game and given no strong scum reads elsewhere, even if she thinks I'm scum she should at this point have given a strong indication on someone else by now I think? Unless she has and I've forgotten.
  6. It's better to gather things a few hours before rather than try scramble last second.
  7. Last 2 scum are among shinori/ichigo/Claire imo. Adding Claire as scumread again because she has had pretty much no development all game.
  8. Ok boss unvote vote: mitsuru kirijo
  9. Did you just agree you are in the position hal said? Lol
  10. Players will either act the way you said or I said imo when they are new usually. Imo fleet seems like the type of person that would act the way I suggested which is why I apply this logic. It seems based on player meta from past games now I am probably correct so that's good to know.
  11. I don't think every new player consistently acts in one way, I just thought that the way fleet acted was a way a new player could act.
  12. Why do you think new players are less careful?
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