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  1. 1 minute ago, Critical Sniper said:

    Well, looking at units' own stats are more important but knight is obviously first.

    Also don't post twice in a row. It's against the rules.

    I understand. I'm very new to the series so I am very curious about classes in general perspective.

    Also, I accidentally posted another comment. How do I delete within the forum? I am very new to this, my apologies ^^ 

  2. 7 minutes ago, Critical Sniper said:

    I think this topic is kind off weird since what makes a character is partly based on their class but tell me, what's the difference for speed of a Cavalier with 9 speed and 40% growth and a Wyvern with 9 speed and 40% growth? None, unless this is asking what generic class is better for the enemies with their stats but it isn't so it's a really weird question to ask because classes are more of a template for creating a unit but it doesn't change stats (excluding stat caps)

    I think what you're asking for is which is the best character in which I can't help you.

    I'm asking about a good class to start with for tanking purposes whether it be physical or magical, as I'm starting a new file, rather than actual units! Thank you btw!

    And thank you to the other posters as well.

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