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  1. Since I'm on mobile, and the way one changes a topic's title isn't cooperating with me today, I figured I'd do the next best thing: offer a personal apology. I have difficulties with my ego on occasion, and have a hard time owing up to my faults and mistakes. I always regret having situations like this happen, but thankfully, I have a way to fix this one: swallowing my pride and saying sorry. It was foolish of me to be so stubborn and pathetic, when I should have just done the rational thing and changed the freaking title. Whether you believe I actually can't change the title or am just being a jerk is up to you (I wouldn't blame you if you don't believe me on this one), but I have taken what you said into consideration and have learned from it. If you choose not to believe this apology is geniune, I understand, but I really do hope that you know that I've taken something away from all this.
  2. I'm abandoning the thread (since you said it was redundant in your first post) so do with it as you wish. I'm sorry if it appeared as I was egotistical, but I can assure you that I had no ill intent.
  3. I go cold turkey when it comes to sleeping aids. My cat is nice, but nothing can really help you fall asleep when you have insomnia. I'm considering getting medication to help me with my sleeping problem, though.
  4. No need to be passive aggressive. If it's a problem, I'll just figure out a way to remove the thread or something of that nature.
  5. The main selling point of Fates is that you make a choice that determines which route you take. However, aside from choosing whether or not to kill Shura, I'm pretty sure you're not really presented with any opportunities to make choices.
  6. I'm always sceptical of leaks, no matter how believable they might appear. Don't wanna get my hopes up for things that might not be true, ya know?
  7. No amount of creative thinking can solve the enemy nullifying your ability to attack them and them retaining the ability to attack you. The only choices you have are to turtle and hope you can deal with the groups of Kitsune in one turn (unlikely, because of their great evasion and the terrain), or send a single unit to deal with them all at once and tank the damage (not only a huge waste of experience, but also practically impossible).
  8. I'm no programming expert, but I'm pretty sure that games have built in flag systems that cause certain events when certain conditions are met. You've met the condition of beating the chapter and triggering the monster spawn flag, but not the chapter advancement flag. I don't know if that's the case, but it's worth investigating the code for, I'd reckon.
  9. I was thinking more along the lines of Corrin, following a talk with Xander, would allow her to join in exchange for her fixing her less savory tendencies, making it clear that if Peri harms anyone without reason, Peri's going to die as well. Peri follows Corrin and Xander's orders diligently, but her supports focus on her struggle to overcome what had become normal to her. That probably also brings up a lot of questions, but it's the best solution I can come up with that doesn't have her commit completely amoral actions without consequences or realistic repercussions.
  10. I think Peri could have worked if she was appointed by Garon to be Xander's retainer (Garon seems to find all sorts of dangerous and amoral soldiers. Then again, in an ideal world, Garon would have fallen into a moral gray area instead of being a massive prick), and Xander/her support partner works with her to help her overcome her problem or help her come to terms with the loss of her mother. Sure, what she does still wouldn't be okay, but it would be clear that her actions have consequences, and that she's trying to change herself for the better.
  11. I would personally change Camilla's supports, as there is so much untapped potential with her harsh upbringing and tragic backstory.
  12. Bigotry demeans whoever the target is, which goes against everything we stand for as a society.
  13. Shieldbreaker: This unit ignores any and all damage reducing skills, such as Aegis. Includes skills that would prevent a lethal blow, like Miracle. This would be exclusive to a legendary weapon so as not to make it TOO broken.
  14. Shura himself sucks as a unit, so you won't be missing out on top much in that department, but you'll feel VERY guilty about killing him, especially after seeing his conversation with the boss in the next chapter. Guilt or boots, your choice.
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