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  1. That usually changes nothing. And I did beat the chapter using the seizepoint before and the same thing happened. Did you skip the event on the test? Because it only happened when I let let the text finish normally.
  2. We might have an issue here. I have no idea if this was ever brought up, but In the endevent of chapter 10A(Internally slot 0A in FEBuilder), it uses the wrong Item-message. I cannot entirely confirm what this is about, but it appears to be related to the lengh of the text. Maybe someone who knows more about technical stuff than me might have an idea.(For references, this also happened on older versions, but no idea about japanese original. Also, screenshot looks weird because I used the debug functions of FEBuilder to end the chapter early)
  3. I mean, it barely matters anymore. Everyone already creates their savefiles in the translationpatch, except if they straight up do not care, and in that case they will never use it anyways.
  4. Forblaze is not optional and I said keep Guinivere out if the main reason for her inclusion would be an optional weapon. I never said anything about the weapon itself.
  5. Actually, that would be a solid reason to not include her. Aureola is optional, it would be a bit like if Forblaze was not a story-weapon in FE7.
  6. If only everyone would agree on that xD I have no idea why, but everyone seems to think he is one of the more stupid characters in the series.
  7. I already talked about it on another topic, but she was supposed to join Roy in chapter1(given the current story, I would assume she just did not care about what Eliwood had to say, just speculation tho). She was likely placed into castle ostia to serve as the condition for her gaiden and they most likely just forgot to update her stats.
  8. He does have dialogue with her and Zeiss, but he just tells them that that is the end. He was originally recruitable in an earlier storydraft, so I would assume his AI is a weird leftover that they forgot to change(similar to Lilinas level and stats)
  9. As long as we are not putting counter and miracle on the same enemy anymore, I am fine.
  10. Appearently only some little things are not picked up in the patches-section because of the location-change of some inrom data and the supportconversation data.(aka. the list where one toggles which conversations are displayed.) All conversations already implemented in vanilla work, just that FEBuilder appearently cannot access the data anymore. I already plan on requesting a potential update for it from the developer of the tool eventually, just that I was curious why it was the case in the first place.(I am not really good with data at all)
  11. Honestly is kinda sad because I am curious about what happened to the supportconversation-data when the viewer was implemented. I did not talk about it yet because it is not an issue with the patch, but there has to have been a larger change in datastructure or location because FEBuilder cannot read it anymore.
  12. Sophia just has no fightingexperience and inherited all the weak traits of both species(low bases and only average growths). That is the explanation I can come up with.
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