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  1. I don't know if that is already known, but this seems to be a purely codebased-issue(No idea if it is the TAS or something else) that happened in one of the current updates.(Possibly 1.1, which changed the Preparationsscreen.) The graphic is still the same as version 1.0 and it was fine there. If someone reading this thread finds a fix, mind sharing it publically? I already started a project with the current patch and I did too much already to just bring it over to a fixed version.)
  2. I don't think that is really worth mentioning. Because Treehouse wouldn't translate something that doesn't exist in the first place.(Yeah, these flavortexts are actually unique to FE6 for some reason.) But overall, yeah. They really messed up with FE7 to the point where this having so few errors is actually going against the immersion-clause in itself and I don't know if that is funny or sad.
  3. At least I think they are. If they aren't, then maybe I am confusing this patch with a customversion from somewhere else.
  4. I noticed a potential little inaccuracy. The description for the Saint's Staff should probably read "Restores all HP and normal status to all allies." Currently it only mentions HP. The statusheal is actually part of the effect of the staff and appearently is also mentioned in the japanese description.(though that bit could just be the internet failing me. We all know the track record of online translators in regards to japanese)
  5. I personally have no real issue with Roy. He doesn't flipflop around emotionally like the more inconsistent lords, but he also kinda has no real highpoints outside of being the army's backbone. I guess the closest comparison would be alm because they both have plots where they step in in-time and take the fight to the invaders, but at least Alm has some kind of emotional journey and banter with more than two people. Most of Roy's emotions are when/if(dependant on character) Hector and Lilina die, but that is put into the first few chapters with too little time spent on it. His place in the narrative ends up working decently fine in the end, but that is more because the characters interacting with him are the ones to make the conversations interessting.
  6. I know this is high level nitpicking, but wouldn't 1.2 make more sense as a versionnumber, considering we already had 1.1?
  7. That is like the most lore-unfriendly way to do it in my eyes xD It would be less insane to just arbitrarily set his promotionpoint to be before he optains the blade.
  8. Do killing blows even increase the value? I only know that the internal value for them is set to be 1 weapon exp, but I don't know if it is added to the regular gain or not.
  9. I mean, if it were fixed, then nobody would get them. Because that is actually the bug.
  10. Palettes are set in the characterdata. If their intention was to just disable the Palettes, they would have nulled the setting instead of shifting the value somewhere else.
  11. A minor question that just came to my mind just now: Would it be outside of the scope of the translationpatch to properly apply the unused boss-palettes?(Damas, Ruud, Slater, Erik, Dory and debias have palettes that are set to their promoted classes, despite them all being unpromoted. Looking at the way the Knight-palettes do not apply to generals correctly, it is clearly unintended) I didn't find any prior debate about it in the thread.
  12. Something interessts me about Supports. According to faerghast's Supportanalysis on Yoder from a few years ago, there seem to be a few inaccuracies in the fantranslation in his supports with Saul and Niime. I cannot confirm this because I do not speak japanese myself, so I wanted to throw it into here in case you might want to doublecheck.(Specifically regarding his support with Saul, Saul appearently is supposed to say "Aestetics" instead of "Ethics" when stating his reason for not following Roy around in their B-support. Also an aside, I know we have been through with this topic already some time ago, but there is something regarding the name of Idunn's weapon. I looked at the wiki and according to the japanese names, her weapon in heroes is not supposed to be her weapon from FE6.(Maryƫ no buresu vs. Yami no Buresu, with the second one being localised as "Dark Breath" by heroes).
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