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  1. Do you need to complete the side story to unlock the characters in the main story? I got the message that I can recruit them in Part I after beating chapter 6, but do they stay till the end?
  2. Has anyone managed to beat Chapter 4? I'm hard stuck there. Anyone got any tips? EDIT: Nvm, I totally misunderstood the conditions.
  3. I'm quite disappointed about how they presented the side story as a "hidden" house. I'm just hoping that the writing is good and that it's a long route with post-timeskip chapters.
  4. Is the censorship THAT terrible? I mean, I don't mind it that much, but I just saw that an entire chapter was heavily butchered. I was considering getting it today, but I'm not sure now. Does it affect the overall enjoyment of the game?
  5. My favorites are Sylvain, Edelgard, Marianne and Bernadetta. I like most of the cast but those are my favorites.
  6. I wouldn't say that was unexpected. He made it to the top in every FE poll so far. Even if I actually didn't like him, I still think it's cool to see a Fire Emblem character in that poll. -I guess I may replay Blue Lions, I feel like I underestimated Dimitri-
  7. I guess I'm the only one who likes her with the short hair.
  8. I don't have much in mind but these are the ones I can think of. Alethea, Goran and Cyd of House Gautier (Ingrid x Sylvain): Sylvain and Ingrid ending mentions they have lots of children but I'll think those 3 are the eldest and the rest are much younger than them. Alethea (17) would be their eldest daughter. She has a mid-length red hair. She pulls off a hairstyle close to post-timeskip Sylvain hair, but more feminine. She is sassy and relaxed, but straightforward at times. I figured her personality would turn out like this because Ingrid will slightly be strict so she will lean more towards her father hence having similar personalities. She cares a lot about her brothers, but has trouble showing her emotions so she tends to tease and joke around them. She has strengths in Swords, Lances, Reason and Flying. Hidden talent in Authority. (I have a dark flier image of her) Goran (15) would be the oldest son. He's quite timid unlike his parents and sister. He has a short, red hair and green eyes. He has Ingrid's kindness and caring personality, but feels inferior to his sister. He has strength in Lances, Axes and Bows. Hidden talent in Riding. Cyd (14) the 2nd oldest son. Long, blonde hair, and green eyes. He's the talented son. He looks dense and robotic, but he's actually expressive. He has strengths in Bows, Reason, and Faith. Madeline and Irene of House Varley (Bernadetta x Felix): Madeline and Irene (15): Twin sisters. Both have mid dark blue hair and gray eyes. Madeline would be shy like, the normal shy type, not like how Bernie used to be. She loves art and adventuring. Irene is quite energetic and loves to try new things and take on new challenges. Madeline has strengths in Swords, Bows, and Faith. Hidden talent in Flying. Irene has strengths in Lances, Bow and Riding. Philip of house Aegir (Ferdinand x Dorothea) Philip (18) is their eldest son. He has strong Dorothea genes so he looks a little bit on the feminine side. He has a mid-to-long, brown hair and green eyes. He is the nice guy type who helps everyone around but he's extremely prideful especially when it comes to his family. Strengths in Lances, Reason, Authority and Riding. Hidden talent in Faith.
  9. I love this game a lot and it's actually becoming one of my most favorites in the series. I've even spent more hours than I did in Awakening. I love the writing of the game, mature themes, moral ambiguity, paralogues/spotlight on side characters, and the gameplay. However it's quite lacking in certain areas which are my main complaints: Crimson Flower being incomplete and much more shorter than the other routes makes me really frustrated. I don't understand the reason. Edelgard is the most important Lord since she basically starts the events of the game and has 2 obvious goals, yet we get a shortened route where she finishes one goal only. Underwhelming classes/class system. Lack of map variety. I understand this is because the battles take place in the same areas, but it still felt lacking nonetheless. I disliked TWSITD involvement to the story. I wish they gave them more light and made them as intimidating as El is in the other routes. Overall, I enjoyed the game a lot. It has its flaws, but it's definitely one of the better games in the series.
  10. Exactly. I really understimated her. Now I don't even want to promote her to BK. Her combat arts and skills are really strong. Hunter's Volley has been a lifesaver. +My Bernie was rng blessed. Her str is high and her dex is absurd. Great bow unit for maddening.
  11. So, I actually beat this very easily on my 3rd try. My mistake was that I underestimated my units a lot. I pushed the middle side and had Petra and Sylvain kill the enemies who send reinforcements. They did this before any of the reinforcements spawned. After that, I sent El to the last tile they can attack and used impregnable wall on her if she needed it. She baited one enemy at a time and then my other units kill the enemies who push. As for the Wyvern riders, they are complete joke against Bernie+Hunter's Volley. She took em out until they stopped spawning.
  12. I did. But I still get overwhelmed by the number of enemies honestly. I'll have to try it again while going in the middle instead of the right side
  13. I'm doing Chapter 14 on CF. I remember this chapter was a piece of cake for me on Hard, but man, this is hell. How the hell do you beat this? If I go right side, I get smacked by wyvern riders who sometimes double/one-shot my units. If I manage to beat them, my units die because of the 100000 bow knights spawned at the beginning. If I try to go middle, I get destroyed by 100 enemies + reinforcements. If someone has any tips, I'm all ears. I have got Felix (Assassin), Petra (WR), Sylvain (WL), El(Emperor), Bernadetta (Sniper), Dorothea (Warlock), Linhardt (Bishop), Ferdinand (Paladin), both heavely RNG-screwed Leonie (Paladin) and Hubert (Warlock).
  14. I balanced my Ingrid by making her a Wyvern Rider(just for few levels, she got strength ans speed at every level up) and then Paladin before going to Falcon Knight. She was insane.
  15. Honestly, yes. I love shapeshifters in the series. It would have been nice to see a character or 2 that have managed to take control of themselves even after turning into demonic beasts. They could explain this using a certain crest or something.
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