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  1. I know. Here's the code for Path of Radiance (US). Make Game Save Copyable (donny2112) E2RZ-4869-78ZTW 0PCZ-BKBQ-2M99J NH26-2519-VTJPM 6M8C-N29E-1Z7JW XU5Y-MH41-JCGCQ 9GJZ-GDD9-XX6B3 Note: Start up your game and make a save occur (e.g. Suspend, Save). You can now copy the save file to another memory card on the GameCube memory card manager screen. You only have to use this code once to make the save copyable from now on. I wonder if anyone ever made such a code for USA Gotcha Force... Anyway, back on-topic, this code unlocks all the trial map characters: Unlock All Bonus Characters (Trial Maps) (donny2112) 2823-PYB7-91WVV ZGFM-YT2M-CBAGV 0292-BT7M-T682V As for all Support conversations, there's a Radiant Dawn save file over on GameFAQs which has them all already unlocked. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/wii/932999-fire-emblem-radiant-dawn/saves/19979 Note: I haven't tested either code or the above save file personally.
  2. Hack your Wii and use a Homebrew application called GCMM to dump your save. https://wiibrew.org/wiki/GCMM There may be more steps necessary for others to actually use your save... I recall other copy-protected saves (like F-Zero GX's) are locked to their original memory card, but there are ways around this. Thanks for sharing your save if you do!
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