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  1. 21 minutes ago, FE_McFly said:

    Fear not; I also had some trouble when I played through this map the first time around. Here is some advice that I can provide for you in terms of recruitment.

    You probably already know this, but I will say it for safety's sake: You must have Saias speak with Leif before you clear the map as he will give Leif the Bragi Sword; a weapon that is essential for defeating the final boss. 

    In my opinion, Ced is the MUCH better choice between the two units you get for the next chapter in Manster. His Forseti tome makes things very easy and he even has a very staff ranking. In the end, it is definitely up to you, but personal experience has told me that Ced is the unit you want to recruit.

    When I played through the chapter, I didn't even know that green square existed. I just thought Ced appeared on a certain turn. Nevertheless, the strategy I used to recruit Ced was to simply avoid the Dracoknights all together and simply ferry Leif to the mountain where the boss was located (though not directly in the boss' attack range). As soon as I dropped Lief off, Ced appeared (due to entering the green square) and I simply had Leif speak with him on my next turn.   

    Oh yeah. I'm aware that Ced is a beefcake, but I wanted to get Saias on the A route (16A and 17A) and Ced on the B route (16B and 17B) for roster completion's sake.

  2. Hey Folks!

    So I've been running through Thracia for the first time using the Translation patch and have hit something of a roadblock on Chapter 23


    Cyas is Recruited at the beginning of the chapter and every guide says if you don't choose Sety then Cyas joins you (if you choose Cety Cyas leaves at the end of the chapter). Sety Enters the map and kills the boss when someone from your army enters the green square; however, if you kill the boss guarding the castle before the NPC turn he doesn't appear at all.

    Heres what I tried,

    Killed boss on the first turn and seized the castle. Cyas left at the End of the chapter for the Tower of Blagi rather than joining my army signifying that I'd recruited Sety Instead (though I didn't).

    When that didn't work I baited the green square with a Dracoknight and Sety appeared. I brought him to the upper right corner with a Draco later on, but didn't recruit him. I finished the chapter without recruiting Sety and Cyas still left.

    Am I missing a detail to his recruitment here? Has anyone else had this problem? Is this perhaps a glitch?

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