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  1. The thing is, there are a lot of good artists, better than Satoshi even, and they have to choose someone so.....bland like that to do the new artwork. I have seen much better indie artists than that.
  2. Man. It's not like I like the old art in anyway but the new art is a mile inferior in term of design, quality and details. Basically it's inferior in every single way.
  3. Oh interesting. Is this full version? I kinda want to play it. I have no trouble with emulator. How much improvement we have in IF compared to SMT II?
  4. Heavy attacks are definitely realistic in hand to hand combat. In martial arts like Muay Thai, Karate, boxing or taekwondo, a light jab or teep can only do so much. Without proper power behind the hits, you can hardly bring down your opponent. That is the whole point of light&heavy and combo systems in fighting games.
  5. As MHW and Yakuza O both have hiccup port. I am terrified for this game as well.
  6. I post what I want and I see no reason to stop. If you dont want to read my post then feel free to get out using the same door. Unlike you, I am a nice person so I wish the best for you and your journey on the way out. Edit: also you are wrong. I also praised Sky trilogy.
  7. CS1 was the starting chapter so even if the characters were not very good, it's still acceptable. CS2 is where thing get hot but none of the main cast has anything new to add to their personality. In fact, I have the feeling that they became even flatter. Everyone is the same, some even managed to become dumber. The story is lame, there's no twist, no interesting confrontation until the very end of the game. I have to say the bad guys in CS2 is probably the worst bad guys in Trait series and I have played the Sky trilogy and the first Kiseki game.
  8. CS2 was a big dissapointment in the term of story, character and pace. Not sure if CS3 is any better.
  9. Raw meat in Monster Hunter makes no sense. The whole monster is made of meat, why do I only get two at most from it?
  10. A fighting game or dance game spin-off would be fun.
  11. To be fair, it's not like they were any better in real life.
  12. But Breath of Fire 6 is the shitty mobile game. Unless there are two different Breath of Fire 6 games out there I think you are mistaken.
  13. If Zelda Musou works, anything will, even a FPS Zelda.
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