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  1. Master of Arms Ryoma with Merchant Oboro (both from heart seals). Shiro can be a Spear Master
  2. Might need to grind. Don't have any experience with hard mode, but I had to grind on normal. Feed EXP to Kliff since Dread Fighter is an OP class and it can carry you regardless of character. If you don't mind playing slow both of the armors have a strong promoted class as well.
  3. The royals have no trouble dealing with dragons thanks to their skills, so don't bother with them. Even a trained Elincia is usually spamming staves instead of fighting, thanks to the amount of damage the dragons deal and their defense. I'd go with Haar or Jill, most likely Jill because of her lower strength than Haar.
  4. Looks pretty interesting! I'll try it out and when I get some experience with it I'll give my thoughts. Chapter 11. Well, it really didn't make a good first impression. Raven is joined by Leila for some reason, but the enemies are completely unchanged. This means that Raven has WTD against almost every enemy on the map, and Leila is dead weight. He also has an awful starting inventory, consisting of an armorslayer you don't want to use on generics and an innacurate iron blade which stops him from doubling soldiers. I really don't want to be too harsh, but did you even playtest this? I'm on Hector Normal so I don't even want to imagine how it is on hard. You should really either change the enemies or give Raven some sort of weapon reversal tool, because it's just not fun to get through. I've tried this chapter three times and I'm not even sure this is possible without heavy rigging. You should probably take this project down until it's ready to play properly.
  5. This map is pretty easy without Marcus. I'd like to see someone try chapter 4 without him, though. That would be interesting.
  6. 1. Astore. He's a great unit in Binding Blade, and just read his supports. They're among the best in the series. Poor guy. 2. Arvis. Yeah, yeah, he's the one talked about a lot and praised, but it's well deserved. Great character and design. 3. Leonardo. I'm really not sure why I'm so drawn to this dude. But I like what little backstory he has, and I really wish RD had actual supports so we could get to see more of him. I also brought him to the tower as a Sniper and at the end he was a level 16 Marksman, he kicked all sorts of ass. 4. Rutger. Gameplay-wise, he's your glimmer of hope in the dark world that is the fe6 earlygame on Hard Mode. Personality wise, he's just an edgy sword dude, but I always liked him. His supports are pretty good too, but they mostly make the character he's supporting with better, not himself. 5. Marcus (Binding Blade). Not only is he an absolute god gameplay wise, and a very well designed unit (unlike his younger incarnation), he's a pretty good character too! Love this old man. 6. Oliver. It's partly the memes that make me so fond of him, but it's also just how entertaining he is as a villain. From getting up close and personal to Ike, to his seductive speech toward the herons, he's just a funny dude all around. He was also the MVP for the final few maps in Radiant Dawn, and I kept his animations on just so I could hear that amazing battle theme. 7. Arion. I feel like he gets overshadowed heavily by Ishtar just because she's a hot girl in Heroes, but I find him much better as a character. He even has a mini character arc, and has a relevant appearance in both jugdral games. Also he saved my home castle on the final map. Thanks. (he's also hot too) 8. Matthis. This little wimp was always pretty funny to me. I've used him in every single run of fe11 so far, and once he was stronger stat wise than Cain. I'll never forget that blessed Matthis... or was it a screwed Cain? 9. Nolan. He's kind of like the Rutger of Radiant Dawn. He saves your ass in the early game, and he's just a likable dude all around. Despite what people say about dumping all your BEXP to Jill, I'll still give him favoritism. Too bad RD had no real support system, what little backstory he had and his personality would have amazing potential. 10. Finn. Not only is this dude the strongest character in the series mental-fortitude wise (without being a gary stu), he's also a fun unit to use in both games. Sure, his personality is a little generic, but I find it better than the other 5000 Loyal Knight characters we see in this series. 11. Leif. This little lord will always be my favorite in the series, thanks to how flawed he is and his great character arc in Thracia 776. Plus he saves your ass in Manster if you give him your stat boosters. 12. Jill. I like her PoR character arc, but she gets kind of bland in Radiant Dawn. Fun and good unit, too! 13. Gilbert. Being the only 3h character I actually like, he really stunned me, and I found him very relatable. Though his character arc is pretty poor if you support him with Byleth. Please don't do that, he's one of the few characters who can have genuine development without the Magical Byleth Touch (tm.) 14. Sigurd. He kicks all sorts of ass in gameplay, and he's a pretty interesting lord, too. I'll still think he's much better than Seliph, forever. 15. Soren. Loved his whole character and backstory. RD also didn't completely ruin him like it did many other characters (looking at you, Shinon!), and I always liked him in gameplay and story.
  7. The only one I can really think of is Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It gets a ton of hate for not living up to the original 3 paper mario game standards, but I think if you look at it as an individual experience instead of comparing it to three legendary games, I find it pretty enjoyable. Hell, I like it more than Paper Mario: Color Splash, which is a pretty unpopular opinion.
  8. Well, not every blind player is going to feed everything to leif. Most wouldn't, actually. Fair enough, but I don't ever recall actually being hit by Hel. Maybe I just abused terrain bonuses? Charm helps, too.
  9. I like Jugdral and Tellius, but they both have some glaring flaws. But the most liked game seems to be three houses, so it's fair to say I think it's overrated. I was hoping the hype would die down a bit over time, but it's still the main topic of many discussions. I'm not sure when the love for it will slow down, but I'm afraid it won't for a while.
  10. Ehhhh, not a huge fan about how it's a handicap only for the player and not for the enemy. I'd be fine with it if the enemy were also affected (it's possible, see: advance wars) but it doesn't seem like that will ever happen.
  11. That is definitely unpopular. Why is Manster so easy? I remember it being very difficult blind, but once I realised I needed to dump my stat boosters to leif it was pretty easy. Gen 1 units are technically worse stat-wise and skill-wise, but they're in a harder era. I'm not sure what you mean by that. Vika helps with the swamp map because she's the only flier. Fiona is just... bleh. Meg is probably worse, though. Nolan is good, Leonardo is debateable, but I'm a fan of him. Willing to admit he's pretty bad without babying, though Agreed. Definitely the most overrated game in the series, and I'm afraid that the future games will take inspiration from it.
  12. This old thread is still getting replies? Better throw my two cents in. Three Houses is the worst game in the series. I've played every game except Gaiden, Mystery of the Emblem, Awakening, and Revelations. yes, I enjoyed Birthright more than Three Houses. Binding Blade has the best map design in the series and Roy is a great lord (look in his supports!). Leif is the best lord in the series character-wise and a really good unit gameplay wise, if you know how to use him properly. I'm not a huge fan of sacred stones, but Ross is a decent unit without taking the tower into account. Lyn is probobly the blandest lord in the series and I hope if a Binding Blade remake is made she isn't included.
  13. Definitely not shooting yourself in the foot. You mentioned Wendy as a replacement unit even though Barthe is right next to her the turn she appears, and is much better. Percival, a paladin joining you in the middle of the game, is one of the strongest units in the game. Unit balance isn't really that big of a deal, unless it's lunatic-awakening tier. Sure, you can use all of the top tier units if you want. But there's so much more to the cast you ignore due to "Mr. Efficiency said they were bad, I better not touch them". Fun units like Gonzales may be bad in the grand scheme of things, but are a blast to use. Long maps > shorter maps. Example: Chapter 13, despite being one of the longest in the series, is one of my favorites due to all the choices you get to make. Do you want to go the top bridge or the bottom bridge? Do you want to split up your army to get both villages and all the experience or stick to one route? Do you want to take a few rounds in the arena at the end of the map? All of these choices they present to you make it far better than many other maps in the series. The "replacement units" rarely outright suck (Sophia and Wendy are just the prime examples people use, they're two units in a massive cast!). Noah, a cavalier joining you after getting Alan and Lance, is regarded as a good unit because of his high level and ability to promote fast. Shin, recruited after getting Sue (both of them nomads) is regarded as one of the best hard mode units and a good normal mode unit. If you close your eyes to all the potential the game has, you'll definitely be disappointed. Don't continue whining about how two units are terrible when the cast is one of the largest in the series; there's bound to be some units better than others. Edit: I'd like to add these low-res works of art: https://m.imgur.com/a/ZNN2Sqm
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