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  1. Thank you. Although on second thought maybe you linking the smc file wasn't the smartest idea.
  2. Also on another note, because I'm too lazy to search for it, can anyone provide me with the link to the latest English patch file?
  3. Hmm.. actually kinda unfortunate. I liked weapons not having weight for a change. Sometimes you just want strict upgrades to weapons.
  4. Wait, weapons have weight in this game? They didn't in the remake, so I assumed they didn't have any here too.
  5. Well, the page on the game from this site, seems to be helping quite a bit, but I would also appreciate people describing their experiences and informing me of things to look out for.
  6. Pretty self-explanatory, I was just wondering if anyone could link me to a good guide on OG Mystery of the Emblem so I can have all the knowledge I need to start off correctly. Thanks in advance.
  7. Yeah I agree that Nintendo is milking the system a bit in terms of recent time. The problem isn't me getting the console itself, since I already have a New 3DS XL, it's the fact that games like Fates and Awakening which are several years old are still 40 dollars, which is really what kills it for me.
  8. I played a good amount of Awakening and a small section of Fates not too long ago, just didn't have nearly as much fun as any other FE game I've played. Also the fact that I can't get them easily since it requires me to go back and invest in a seemingly dead console kinda kills it for me
  9. After reading the responses, I've started to lean more towards playing some of the DS titles next (especially New Mystery of the Emblem), then I'll go to the Tellius titles. Since both New Mystery of the Emblem and the Tellius games are mechanically similar to both 6 and 7, I'd probably have the most fun going there next. The 3DS titles I'd probably play dead last in terms of the series, mostly because it's the only 3 games in the series I can't easily get, and also the fact that I've tried playing the 3DS titles via a friend a while ago, and I didn't have nearly as much fun as any other FE title with it. Sorry 3DS era fans.
  10. As I said before, I'm tempted to go to those two next, but after remembering some of the features more exclusive to those series, like the huge maps (especially in FE4's case), makes me a bit hesitant. But I don't know, maybe the big maps won't be an issue. After all, I play FE6 a lot, which also has some pretty hefty maps.
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