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  1. Ah true! Anyway the one at 0:20 is definitively a wyvern since someone is riding it.
  2. In this trailer at 0:20 and 0:22 we see what seems to be a white wyvern. At 0:22 you can see the wyvern's leg hair which is orange-ish. That and the fact we saw Claude on a wyvern pre timeskip in the other trailer, showing us a potential strength are enough hints. I think we can say that once again Thany was right.
  3. Definitely Sylvain! He's the male character with the best design to me. And he seems to be a good guy. Also, I just thought about it but I guess there will be (high) bonuses when lovers are next to each others. It was like that in Genealogy/Awakening/Fates so I think it'll continue. I wonder which kind of bonuses it will be. Fates/Awakening's stats bonuses or Genealogy's avoid/hit/crit bonuses?
  4. Yeah I was thinking the same. Edelgard would want axe and whatever else if she was recruitable. If she's indeed "recruitable", it would just be something like her only helping during pre time skip battles as a bonus unit since she can't leave her house. Anyway I'm pretty sure we can't recruit any lord.
  5. Gosh I hate it when people doesn't credit the artist... (I'm talking about the original poster on 4chan) I didn't found the artist of the other pic tho.
  6. It's the class after myrmidon. Y'know, with the high crit and avoid. Assuming you're French (or at least speak French) because of your username, swordmaster is "bretteur" in French. In Three Houses, swordmaster is not gender locked but hero is (like before Genealogy)
  7. Yes I know, I wanted to mean "considered as a noble in the game mechanics" instead of "technically a noble". Yeah true, it would be an interesting backstory!
  8. Yeah but is Catherine confirmed to be a noble? Having a crest do not mean being a noble (Mercedes). She could be from a not so important branch of the family since Lysithea seems to be from the main one. Or she could have left the family to live as a knight for the church since she's supposed to be loyal to Rhea, not to her family. It's too soon to bury the fish I think, except if I'm wrong and she has been confirmed noble. If that's the case, woops, ignore me. But yeah Cyril may not be related to her, but I don't know, he may be adopted by someone from the church?
  9. Would be cool but I kinda think that Cyril is related to Catherine. I really think that kids are related to the church staff: I don't see why they would leave their home this young and if they're related to the staff, it makes sense since their home would be the church. Edit: Cyril's base class is commoner so...
  10. Oh I hope I'm not too late in this conversation but I wanted to give some advices and I hope it'll help. Tools: It's obviously pretty important to have good tools but the "good tools" are the tools you're comfortable with. Some may says that pencils are the best, others says criterium are the best. I personally am more comfortable with criteriums. About the eraser, you must not put it in the same place than a pencil sharpener or it'll won't be white anymore. Traditional art and digital art are really different and none is better than the other. To have a clean drawing, digital art is great but if you want to give some watercolour + salt effects for example, it'll look better with true watercolour + salt on traditional art. Watercolour is a great tool but it is pretty expensive. If you have watercolour, I'd recommend you to put water without colour on the part you want to colour (let's say the skin of a character) and then add colours. You can give a cool effect by putting big salt on it (if there's enough water). Ink is affordable I think. You only need cyan, yellow, magenta, dark gray (black if you don't find it) and white if you want pastel colours. I think ink is pretty cool to use. For markers, I'd recommend alcohol markers. It blends easily. The paper needs to be adapted to the tools you plan to use. Tips: First how to make not-too-dark colours when mixing: always use the lighter colour as a base. For example, pink is a white base and you add red until it looks pink enough for you. Orange is a yellow base and you add red until it's orange enough. Base priority: white>yellow>magenta/red>cyan/blue. Also, brown is orange with a black drop in. Sorry if this tip is dumb but I saw a lot of people not knowing that and I find it really important. Eraser is not really a friend. It's like a video game when you're supposed to do your homeworks. To practice, it's good to make doodles with a pen to avoid the eraser. It really helps to minimize mistakes and it's how I improved the most. See the pen like the permadeath mode. One big mistake and woops let's begin again. For a serious drawing, eraser should only be used once: to erase the sketch. Because the paper doesn't like the eraser, whatever its lb is. Try some exercises like drawing with a single line. You draw without breaking contact between the paper and the pen. It's nice to do it with references (like a landscape, an object or a human being for example) instead of imagination. About references, you need to understand how things works, not just copying it. Look at yourself, it's great to check things like how long the arm is. The best is really to observe the world to give more natural poses to your characters. While sketching, draw a little sun where the light is supposed to come from. It helps to make a proper shading. Don't be scared of experiments. I like to take my sketchbook with me when I go to the aquarium because it's great to draw what you see and fish moves a lot so I must be quick. Finally, the not-so-secret secret is practice. Drawing is a bit like a sport. You use your hand and you need to draw once per day to not lose the muscles.
  11. [Not FE related] Shinobu Kochou from Kimetsu no Yaiba: I'm a big kny fan! I really love this manga. I'll stop to put a spoiler tag because now I'll post my drawings one per one so it would be silly I think (I'll obviously put a spoiler tag if I draw spoilery things tho)
  12. UPDATE: Cyril, Solon, Thales and Kronia added + Linhardt's, Ingrid's and Leonie's names "completed" (I have no clue about Linhardt's surname) Thanks!! I'm really glad I'm not the only one who find this kind of stuff interesting!
  13. M!Byleth looks way colder from the FE protag archetype. And I actually see the Byleths like a Ephraim/Eirika choice: cool guy or cute girl? I think you're right, F!Byleth may draw in new gamers but it's also true for M!Byleth, the cold, ruthless, anime character/protagonist. And it's also true for every characters because FE characters always looked like anime characters with big eyes, colourful hair/eyes and art which looks like animes from their times. So like I said it's because people has different tastes. You said that you prefer M!Byleth's face, fine! I personally prefer F!Byleth's face. It does not mean I'm a teenager who wants a otome game character. It just means that I like cheerful characters and honestly I would feel awkward and annoyed playing a stoic one since I don't like these kind of characters and they're the total opposite from me. Also some people thinks the Byleths faces are due to the demon Byleth mythos (it appears either as a scary looking guy or as a cute girl) but I didn't searched sources about that so I don't know if it's true. Anyway I think we should stop talking about that because it's pointless to argue eternally and a bit off topic. We're still talking about Byleth, yes but not answering OP's questions which were already answered.
  14. I'm actually glad that Lysithea didn't grew up so much. Petite women exist and trust me, being adult do not mean having a big breast and being taller than 160 cm. There are women who stop to grow up around they 15, so yeah, Lysithea's case makes sense. Anyway I'm glad that time skip appearances are diversified. And I'll definitely recruit Lysithea!
  15. Because she secretly is Togame from Katanagatari. More seriously I think it's due to the harsh lighting but it would be interesting if she changed eyes/hair colour.
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