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  1. One of them is a lot less opinionated than the other
  2. Well I guess people aren't using the CYL as means to gauge popularity anymore.
  3. Damn, this thread wasn't started by Coolmanio. That's a shame. Loving Helbindi's design.
  4. Bravo, you sure showed him. Sanctimonious users like you are a dime dozen. And to actually be on topic, the reddit leak looks alright
  5. I don't see the problem at all with DQ, but since the Smash Bros fandom likes to blow things out of proportion bcuz it's another animu swordsman I now welcome our Toriyma's six face hero. Still pretty happy about B&K's inclusion, never that would be a thing.
  6. I suppose she should look more like Dragon Crown's Amazon if we were to emphasize power. And I guess the All-Father Odin won't be coming anytime soon.Unless that being Loki mention is supposed another alias
  7. Thorr's design & this mode isn't nearly as bad people made it out to be. If anything else, this probably one of the more engaging modes this game has brought.
  8. Thank God he's not a Red bow unit. That would'vebeen so stupid Yea, because Elincia would be a god awful decision
  9. None at all, just saying it's amusing. That's about it. Cut what out? I'm not trying stoke anything here.
  10. Well on top of the daily quests taking about 4 hours at a minimal to complete, certain items being prohibited, force to play with a very unwelcoming community, & basically ruining one of my favorite Star Wars game, but I'm sure I'm overreacting. No, that's exactly why I kept my subscription all those years. I needed to justify all those money being spent & it took an incredibly long time for me to finally cancel my subscription. I don't know how else I'm going to have to phrase this, I already know that I only had myself to blame for this. I don't need someone tell me that how idiotic it was to spend all time on a game I came to hate at the end of the day.
  11. SWTOR is an MMORPG that more than once tries to make you subscribe to them & I eventually relented because I got sick of not being able use hot keys. I spent over $200 for a that fed on my addiction to the story & trying to keep up with everyone. It was one of the worst experience in my entire life & a lot of the complaint I hear here has an uncanny similarity to it. All I know that the end of the day, Heroes never peer pressures to buy orbs in comparison to becoming a subscriber for SWTOR.
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