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  1. +1 KKtelo very fast and safely packaged. Thank you!! ^_^
  2. +1 to jiayejoe Very safely delivered quite a lot of cards - thank you so much!
  3. +1 to ChibiToastExplosion Thank you so much for the trade, and for being so helpful in kickstarting my collection! all the cards arrived safely and well packaged +1 to Interlude47 A very fast payment, and good to chat to as well, haha
  4. Hello! I recently got into cipher with series 15 and as I'm only interested in Jugdral cards, I have a lot that could find a better home. I'd ideally like to trade for more genealogy cards, but will also take a sale if you don't have anything on my want list. That said, what's on my want list are the ones I've prioritised looking for - if you have any Jugdral cards from series before 15, I'll most likely not have it, so just offer! Thank you for looking! Want Have I hope I've formatted this fine/not broken any rules. Just shoot me a message here if you have something you want to trade for - I'm based in the UK so you may want to factor that into shipping. Thanks again!
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