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  1. Your entire comment chain to both my post have been rather mean spirited and rude as you could offer to open a dialogue instead of being accusatory. The people who engaged with me had no issues with the format or content of the post, and if it was a serious infraction you as a moderator could've PM'd me or tried to open a discussion about what you personally would like me to do. Simply offhandedly in a rude manner saying "advertise in your sig" 1. means nothing to a non user of the forums or foruming in general and 2. was unbelievably standoffish for no real reason as I wasn't being obnoxious or disingenuous with my reasonings and actions for doing so. I quite clearly state not only in the original post that I have no idea how to mechanically navigate and respond to people that I would like to, and in this post say quite clearly I would appreciate actual dialogue about how to go about posting around here and not simply be "referred" callously elsewhere by a mod who doesn't seem to care about the actual contents of the post or the surrounding people who decided to engage who voiced 0 issues with my method of posting and sharing. So if you would like to actually discuss this I've already said I was open to doing so, but if not I'll just leave my interaction with this forums in the past due to your specific attitude and handling of this situation.
  2. Hello, to those of you who commented on the first post I want to take the time to thank you for being gracious with your time and energy. Unfortunately I wasn't able to respond in the forums themselves because I don't know how to navigate properly. However, I did try and respond to you all in kind with the video series I'm making so if you want to hear me speak to you you can check that out. The next part will be about just asking about this community in general. How is the general air around this Fire Emblem community? I received a warm welcome with my first post and thank you for that is it usually like that? More importantly what are the ideas about fire emblem that have been discussed with the most fevor and excitement? What excites you most about a Fire Emblem discussion? Now for a more Sacred Stones oriented question that I'll follow up on in another video and I'll do my best to respond here (if anyone willing to teach me how to respond to post that'd be sweet). The Sacred stones has the biggest issue of contention that I've seen out of almost any other FE game due to the stigma on "grinding." What is your general definition of grind? Is it simply the ability to gain exp through out a playthrough like many other RPG's? making the entire experience a "grind" or is it more specific and practical such as halting your immediate progress to do a secondary goal? Let me know what your thoughts are if you're up for it. Link to the video:
  3. Not going to lie I have no idea how to reply and post on the forums so I hope this gets out correctly. Thank you all for posting and giving feedback if I can somehow figure out how to reply en masse I will try to get back to everyone. Thank you all again.
  4. Hello, I wanted to go over a topic of discussion while doing a playthrough of FE8. The topic of discussion is the word, Casual, and the implications and applications that can come from it. It seems to me that the immediate ideas that come up when this word is used is to conjure feelings of defamation and negativity. More or less used as an insult but there are other ways to use it that are neutral or positive such as the phrase "Casual LTC" or simply "Casual playthrough. In Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones especially it seems to be the former as it's generally regarded as the easiest or one of the easier of all the games. However, what do you think of the word and how you you apply and use it. Playthrough link:
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