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  1. THE DEBUFF GLITCH IS BACK AND IT'S CAUSED BY TOO MANY ENEMIES ON THE MAP???? Man, I was about to flip the table and give up on this hack. I've been pestering other hackers on FE Universe for some time now and nobody told me I could just reduce the number of enemies to avoid it. The stupidest thing is that the number of enemies is the same as vanilla, I just changed classes and levels. Also, the latest version of the skill system was supposed to have fixed this issue. Well, guess I have some corrections to make. Seriously, I could frigging kiss you for this solution, man. Yes, that's exactly it. The ballistae occupy 6 class slots (67 to 6C), and maybe I could replace them with the custom ones. Killing civilians is also a possibility lol I'll take your suggestions on the custom classes. Not sure about Eirika though. I never really liked any of the alternative animations I used for her, they were just there because Ephraim had a cool one haha. I might run a poll to see if people want her back and which animation specifically. Hey, thanks for the feedback! That is indeed a valid observation. I'll swap their skill sets for the next update. Alright, I'll run some more tests and see what's up with that. I can take a look at that Ross issue, but the second one is because of the skill system. I remember reading somewhere that the original ASM for the HP bars had the option to be turned ON or OFF in the game menus, but after it was imported to FEBuilder and incorporated to the skill system, there might be some leftovers conflictiing, so that's not on me 🙃
  2. I've been thinking about this. There were 8 custom animations on that version. In the current version, there are 6 class slots that are occupied by ballistae. Maybe I could ditch them and use the custom animations instead? I would create a weapon with similar stats of the ballistae and assign them to stationary archers where the ballistae would normally appear.
  3. Well, that was weird. Glad it's not persisting. Any thoughts on the hack so far?
  4. No, the requirements are still vanilla. He should join after defeating 200 enemies in the same tower run.
  5. A lot of trial and error...
  6. Part 3 And now for the final details. Your custom class is nearly done, but there are some other things that need to be done. You must select the appropriate movement sounds for that class whenever it moves on the map. Go to the "movement sounds" editor: Select the class and an appropriate sound from the drop-down menu: Next is the promotion branch for the class. If it is a base class, you must set its promotions. If if is a promoted class, you need to set from which class it promotes. Go to the "promotion branches" menu. Select you custom class and the class(es) it promotes to/from. In my example, the king is a standalone class, so let's use the cavalier instead. Ok, so now the game knows what classes promote from/to to your custom class. But it also needs to know what item will let the player do so. To set it, go to the "promotion item" editor. Here you can quickly set the promotion items and what classes use them. Lastly, you need to set item effectiveness against your custom class. In my example, I want the King to be considered an armored unit, so I will need to go to the weapons that are effective against armored units and include the king class. And with that, I think we're pretty much done. Your custom class is fully integrated into the game and ready to land some critical hits on random bandits. I suggest downloading my Sacred Trilogy hack and opening it with FEBuilder so you can mess around with the examples I gave in this short tutorial. Have fun.
  7. Part 2 Let's move on to the "promotion gains". These are the additional stats points a unit will gain when they promote into this class. The "base wlvl" determines what weapons the class is able to use, as well as the wlvl points a unit will gain when they promote into the class. Never mix physical weapons with magic without using a patch. If you do it, the game will get confused and won't know if the unit has Str or Mag. 0 means the class cannot use the weapon. 1-30 means E rank. 31- 70 D rank. 71-120 C rank. 121-180 B rank. 181-250 A rank. And 251 for S rank. Do not set multiple S ranks or things will get glitchy. The abilities are self-explanatory and are better explained when you hover your cursor over them, so I will not go over them. Now, the right column. Let's skip the "animation pointer" for now. The "movement cost" determines how the class' movement will vary depending on the type of terrain. You can click on it to open the editor and assign each value yourself, but honestly, I just copy the movement type of a closely related class. For instance, my king is using the same movement cost as the general. "Rain" and "snow" cost are leftovers from FE7 and unused in FE8. Terrain AVO, DEF and RES is the bonus the class will receive when standing on defensive terrain. This is especially important for flying units, which don't receive them. The ??????? field is better left alone, but some classes like pirates, berserkers and mages have some value assigned to it, so it must have something to do with sea, mountain and desert tiles. Alright, now let's mess around with the animation pointer. Click and you will be taken to this page: This is where you set the battle animations for the class. The upper part shows the class ID's and the animations "attached" to them. The lower part shows all the individual animations in the ROM. The ROM has a limit of 255 (from 01 to FF) battle animations, and you cannot go above that. Before attaching the animations to the class in the upper part, you must import the individual animations to the available slots in the lower part. In my example, the Eckesachs animation is set to the slot CC, the lance animation to the slot CD, the melee axe animation to CE, the throwable axe animation to CF, the sword animation to A6 and the item (unarmed) animation to 95. You can set animations for individual items (like I did with Eckesachs and throwable axes) or for weapons of a category (swords, axes, bows, etc.). In the GBA games, all the throwable axes must have an individual animation assigned to them, which is different from the melee axe animation. That's just how it works. After importing the individual animations, it's time to "attach" them to the class. To "attach" the animations to a class, select the class ID in the upper part and click the "extended list" button to its right to reserve a number of slots for the animations. In my example, the king needs 10 slots: -1 for swords -1 for lances -1 for melee axes -1 for unarmed -1 for Eckesachs -5 for all the 5 throwable axes in my hack Now you can edit each slot to tell the game which animation it should use. If you want to set an animation for a specific item, do as I did for Eckesachs: 1. Set the "animation ID" to CC, which you should have imported in the previous steps. 2. Set "Special" to 0=item specification 3. Now select the specific item. Egg Sacks is using the item ID E6 in my hack. Remember that you will need to do this for every throwable axe in your hack. To set animations for a category instead of a specific item, do the following: 1. Set the appropriate "animation ID" 2. Set "special" to 1=type designation 3. Set the appropriate weapon type. (0= Swords; 1= Lances; 2= Melee axes; 3=Bows; 4= Staves; 5=Anima; 6=Light; 7=Dark; 9=Item (Unarmed)) And I hope you've been remembering to "write to ROM". One last info here: in this page you can set the palettes for generic units using the class. You can set them for player units, NPC units, enemy units and gray units. Just click the "palette" buttom to do so. You can also edit the battle animations here to add and remove stuff like sound effects and frames. Click the "editor button" to do it. This is more advanced stuff though. And we're done with the battle animations and the class editor page. Yay! But that doesn't mean your custom class is ready to shine just yet. There's still a couple of things you need to set. To be continued.
  8. Implementing custom classes is kind of a long process, but I guess I can teach you the basics. First go to the class editor of FEBuilder. Here, you will need to choose one of the ID's for your custom class. The GBA games support up to 127 classes (from ID 01 to 7F). ROM hacking has many limitations and attempting to go above that number will most likely cause other things in the ROM to break elsewhere. Therefore, you must choose an ID that is either unused or that you intend to replace in your hack. In this example, I will be using the King class (ID 73). The ID 73 in vanilla Sacred Stones is Fado's class from the prologue. You can see from the screenshot that I already replaced it with Zephiel's class from FE6. You will need to edit everything in this page for your custom class to work as intended. Most of those things are self-explanatory and are also explained further by moving your cursor on top of them. To assign a name and a description to your class, just click on each of them and you will be taken to the text editor: Type the name of your class and then click "Write to ROM" to save it. Afterwards, do the same to the description. If the text is too large, FEBuilder will warn you. Back to the class editor, the "promotes to" is kinda useless because you set promotions in another editor of the FEBuilder, which I will explain later. Next, set the hover map animations by clicking that field. You will be taken to this page: Here, click the "import image" button to import you animations (duh). FEBuilder will specify the dimentions of the file. You can find many free to use resources on FE Universe's repository. Next, click "jump to moving map anime". In the following page you can set the animations of the class for when they are moving (duh). Always remember to click "write to ROM" after every edit, otherwise they won't be saved. Back to the class editor page. Next, set the class portrait for generic enemy units assigned to the class. Again, click "import image" to set a custom portrait. Remeber to also set the "state" field to 1=Normal. Write to ROM. Back at the class editor. "Movement speed" should be set to 1 for heavy and armored units. All else should be set to 0. The "sort order" is the order the unit will be set when the player calls for the unit list in the game. Keep in mind that this is an hexadecimal value. The "skill" will only be available if you have installed the skill system patch. Here, you can set a skill that every unit using this class will have. I set the skill armor march for the King. The stats are self-explanatory. Keep in mind that the final stats any given unit will have is the sum of the class base stats and the character stats (which can be edited in the character editor). The "enemy growths" are used for generic enemies assigned to the class. To be continued....
  9. Just a quick patch that was requested by another user. This is vanilla FE8 with the fixed gowths patch made by TR143. Get it here.
  10. I meant that it is very easy to implement the fixed growths mode patch to a vanilla FE8. Give me a sec and I'll do it. Link to the patch:
  11. It does, I just tested it. Each star increases hit by 5 and avoid by 3 points. Since the enemies also have those bonuses, they might be canceling each other until you defeat the enemy leaders. Not feasible. Seal didn't use FEBuilder to create Sacred War, and implementing things from my hack would certainly break some of the stuff they did. Glad you like it! I gave her that iron sword because I hate having to waste the rapier with those fighters lol Strange, I'll check what's wrong with Artur before I release the next version. That sounds like a lot of work :S I'll first finish the current version before deciding what to do next, but I must say that I'm already feeling a little burnt out with this project and I'd like to take a break after I'm done with it.
  12. New version is out. Had to fix an issue which caused units of different classes to share the same skill set. This would start happening on chapter 16. Also did Lagdou Ruins 5, 8, 9 and 10. Only ones missing now are 6 and 7.
  13. Well, the fixed growths mode is a feature of my Sacred Trilogy hack. If you are interested in playing that mode with vanilla FE8, TR143 made a patch for that and it can be done in like 2 minutes.
  14. Are you using FEBuilder?
  15. It surely has. I could implement the str/mag, but I'm already using all the class and battle animation slots, and I can only include 3 more weapons, so there's really no point in doing that. Me too 😞 Unfortunately, due to how the creator of FEBuilder updated the skill system I am limited to 127 classes and can no longer afford to keep the unique animations. Let's hope Yeti will finally release FEXNA so we will no longer be limited to GBA hardware. The fix for the skill system debuff came with the price of me being once again limited to 127 classes, due to the GBA hardware. These animations had to be cut out, unfortunately.
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