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  1. Ah cara, nem me toquei. Pensei que fosse gíria kkkk. Sou de Goiânia, capital de Goiás. Para fazer isso eu precisaria dar a habilidade Discipline+ pra ela, mas o slot de habilidade pessoal dela já está ocupado. A programação do jogo naturalmente limita o rank S a apenas um tipo de arma. Todas as armas são obtíveis nessa última versão. Eu queria deixar o melhor para o final, e também como incentivo para a galera jogar nas ruínas também. As animações especiais também estão inclusas quando os personagens usam as armas correspondentes. Conheço sim, ele (eles?) é bem ativo no FEUniverse. Só não curto muito o hack dele porque é meio bagunçado, mas essa é apenas minha opinião. Quanto à animação do Seth eu não fiz quase nada, só os frames e o script da animação crítica a distância. That is an idea for the future, but right now I'm very tired and I need to take a break from hacking. Yes, I would like more feedback on this. I do think +4 is pretty overpowered, but I mainly play on normal so I didn't experience it firsthand.
  2. Well, it's working fine on my end... Perhaps I just phrased the instructions poorly. Did you try to patch the ROM you are already playing? If so, that's wrong. I meant that you need to patch a clean ROM with the same settings as the one you're playing. In your case, patch a clean ROM with the dragonstone patch of random growths with minimug. Then get the stone, save and patch once again a clean ROM with the latest version. Sorry about the confusion, that was the only workaround I could think of. The save file will be compatible across all versions.
  3. New version is up! 😄 This update focuses on the Lagdou Ruins, which features every major antagonist from FE6 and FE7, all the regalia from those games, some new songs, and tons of nasty enemies. Most of the antagonists have custom animations too. I also made some enemies in floor 2 spawn as reinforcements in order to (hopefully) avoid the debuff glitch. If you have already cleared the main campaign, you will need to do the following before updating!!!!!!!! Myrrh now has two dragonstones she can use. The one she receives in chapter 16 is a little bit weak and meant to be used in the main campaign. I included a more powerful version which is obtained in chapter 21, so that she will still be viable in creature campaign. This means that if you have already cleared the main game and update to the latest version, you won't be able to obtain it. To avoid that, please download the following patch (for the version you're currently using) and follow these steps: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nr63x722msmgc6v/AABTvkfkKCgYN7AeCHAzfzOJa?dl=0 1. Start the game and go to Tower of Valni. One of the enemies there will carry and drop the dragonstone. 2. Get the stone, then retreat and save the game. 3. Now it is safe to update to the latest version. If you are playing an older version and still haven't made it past chapter 21, then you don't need to do this. The stone will be obtainable normally in chapter 21. Future updates will focus mainly on bug fixes and graphical improvements. I have yet to address the issue with secret shops showing broken items.
  4. Regarding the next update, there's just one more floor remaining. Idunn has given me more trouble than I expected and I still don't think she looks 100% good. Intelligent Systems used some background shenanigans in FE6 to circumvent the limitations of battle animations and that is really hard to replicate. Floor 7 is also taking a long time because I'm doing something different for it. I expect to have the next version ready by this weekend.
  5. Sangue? Haha, de que região é essa gíria? A atualização tá quase pronta, só falta um andar das ruínas. Essa captura é aquela habilidade do Thracia 776? Eu nunca testei ela no meu hack e não sei dizer sé é viável. I'm glad you like it! It's always nice to receive positive feedback on this project instead of bug reports lol. That is a scripting error of the animation. I know how to fix it, but it will have to wait unitl after the Ruins are completed. I noticed the same problem with Valter's Malig Knight and Amelia's soldier class. There is actually one for Ephraim wielding Siegmund, but I didn't include it for two reasons: 1) I wasn't sure if there would be enough animation slots available. Now that the hack is almost finished I can see that there are. I think I'll include it for the next update. 2) Eirika doesn't have an exclusive animation for Sieglinde, so I didn't want to do it for Ephraim and leaver her without one. There is another hacker by the name of Marlon who is currently working on an alternative Eirkia promotion and animation, so that may be a solution. Animations are very hard to make and take a lot of time, skill and patience. For now, we just wait. I also dislike the new palettes, but they were necessary because the author of those animations used that palette scheme for the staff animations, and the palettes must be the same for the battle animations. However, I think tha author has recently released a repalette more in line with the original ones, so I'll take a look and maybe change this. Ok, I'll leave hard mode bonuses as +4 then.
  6. There is also this: https://feuniverse.us/t/zoramines-bucket-of-many-random-things/6123 There are 9 tilesets in that thread.
  7. I recently learned that the game gives varying stat changes to enemy units based on chapter and difficulty. In the early chapters, the hard mode bonuses are pretty low, usually like +2 to every stat, but as the game progresses, these bonuses start growing and ultimately reach +4 in the final chapters. Given how I increased bases and growths focusing on normal mode, hard mode got kinda brolen in the process. For the next version, I'll set the hard mode bonuses to only +2 instead, so that enemies in the final chapters won't be excessively strong. I'll change some songs for the next version, but I don't intend to change the story. This project is supposed to be a reskin and a rebalance only. I don't know whether it is possible to make an empty chest, but enemies showing up can probably be set as an event. Thanks for the suggestion. Guys, I know you're excited about thee promotion options, but I don't know yet whether this will be possible. The patch alone could break something in the ROM and even if it doesn't, I would still need to check if there's room for the palettes. Don't count on that feature just yet. Yep. Phantoms can get pretty OP. I'm sorry, I didn't understand that. Thanks for the feedback, will check it.
  8. That is definitely not supposed to happen. Just checked the data and it's totally my fault. I put Ursula in a charachter slot I shouldn't. Will be fixing that shortly.
  9. The characters don't get their skills if they are already past the level in which they learn them? That sucks 😞 . I know that the enemies don't have such problems because their data is generated when they load, but if I recall correctly, the playable characters have their skills saved so they can keep the skills they learned, so this may be the reason. Ah, yes I've been wondering that lately. I haven't made it to chapter 19 myself to test it, but something I noticed while making my modifications is that in the vanilla game, a lot of the reinforcements are unpromoted enemies, and I remember beign concerned that turning all of them into promoted units would make it too difficult. Based on your feedback, I guess it did. I think I should reduce the number of enemies on that map to make up for the fact that all of them are promoted and have skills. I had to do a similar thing in Ephraim's chapter 13, because even on normal and abusing Duessel's provoke and Seth, that chapter was still hellish because of the enemies being stronger and having skills. Whoops, I forgot to edit the phantoms, so shame on me. They are completely vanilla and that's why they feel weaker. Yeah, I was thinking of how to make the skeletons a little bit scarier without just buffing stats and turns out this skill fits that purpone very well. I got the idea from those annoying thieves (ninjas?) in Fates' DLC chapter where you fight alongside Chrom, Lissa and Frederick. This skill makes it so just unleashing a unit near a mob of them will often result in said unit getting cornered and stabbed to death. As to the next update, I'm happy to say that I've learned how transformations work and managed to successfully import Idunn, the Fire Dragon (FE 7) and the FE 6 Manaketes to the game. Lagdou Ruins just got spicy 😛 And talking about spicy, I'm also attempting to make a custom battle animation for a certain FE 7 villain that is gonna be featured in the ruins... Still very WIP, so we'll see how that goes.
  10. Thanks! The last level of the Ruins was a placeholder, I was still testing it out. There will be something similiar in the next version, but more balanced. I'm sorry about some classes not having their skills in the old patch, the data seems to have been deleted because of me expanding the class list and editing fragile data. The latest version fixes that, so I recommend updating to it, the save file will be compatible. Regarding the three promotions, I do intend to implement it, but only after finishing the ruins and making sure that applying it won't break something else in the ROM. The ruins are done up to floor 3, and I actually currently have a good amount of spare time to work on the hack because of the corona virus pandemic. Give me one or two weeks and I think the hack will be completed.
  11. An advice: you should keep all the updates of your project in the same thread. Pretty sure something likes this should be in some other section as well. By making a new thread with every update, you are littering the page and evoking the wrath of the mods.
  12. I don't know how the randomizers work, as I've never used them. You will need to either ask their creators or try it yourself. However, I'm pretty sure it will mess up the palettes for most of the custom classes. Thanks for the video. I'll run some more tests when I get some spare time. Lagdou Ruins is still being worked on. That issue is caused by too many enemies being loaded at the same time. Please be patient for the final version.
  13. By the way, if the secret shop issue persists, please tell me exactly the position of the items affected in the shop list. If, for example, it starts with item number 15, 16 or 17 and onward. I'm starting to think this may be like the debuff glitch that happens when too many enemies load at the same time (except this time, too many items). As a last resort, I may have to cut the selection of items beign sold.
  14. Hey guys, sorry to drop another update so soon. It has been brought to my attention that some classes aren't getting their skills, so this is the reason for this update. That's what I get for extending the class list and editing fragile data, right? Aside from that, it brings some icon updates; some tweaks to magic tomes; the separation of the energy ring in energy drop and spirit dust; hopefuly the fix of the secret shops; and I don't personally like it, but the majority of people voted for Canto to be replaced with Canto+. I did it, but only for the promoted and special mounted classes. The class Ranger also gets a new skill because Canto+ was part of its learnset. The patches are availbale on the same link as always. Yeah, the data for that and some other classes was simply gone. Prbably due to me editing fragile data. Pretty sure it's fixed in the update I just released. As I stated some posts above, I tried to replicate this issue but it didn't happen on my end. Hopefuly, I indirectly fixed it by editing something else and it may be ok in the latest version. I'm not entirely sure what's causing that, but it seems unavoidable. Luckily, it does nothing aside from just looking bad.T hanks for the feedback and the kind words!
  15. The dread fighter is supposed to be an enemy only class. As LettuceAway said, they only managed to get it for Marisa by hacking the hack 😛 . That beign said.... There's a patch in FEBuilder which allows 3 promotion options for the playable units. I've been thinking about implementing it, but I'm afraid to do it because it may break something. It would also require me to make palettes for every character's third option, and I need to check if there's enough room for that as well. This is just a low priority idea though: my focus right now is finishing the Ruins.
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