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  1. Glad to hear it. I'll be sure to leave a warning about promoting units with equipped items. FE ROM hacking has many limitations, and this issue was likely caused because of all the new animations I've been including in the hack. Since there's a limit of 255 battle animations, I had to overwrite unarmed animations with the custom ones, so I guess that's why units shouldn't promote without equipped weapons. However, I discovered another thing while looking into this issue. Many of the new map sprites were buggy, so I ran some tests and found out that there's also a limit of 128 map sprites. Going above that number is causing some units to glitch out of existence on the map, so I'll need to remove the exceeding ones.
  2. To change the title screen on FEBuilder, just use the patch "256 color title background editor". To change the stat screen, just use the "status background" patch. Sure thing. I only made a few assets myself though. The majority of assets I used were made available by their authors on FE Universe's Repository. I still need to properly credit everyone for their work. Thanks for the feedback, it's being worked on. Thanks for the feedback. Which version were you using? Yep, these are pretty major issues. I think I have a solution for them, but it's gonna take some time. Read post above, please.
  3. Alright guys, I got bad news, good news and then some more bad ones. After a lot of testing, I figured out what is causing the berserk glitch. It's the patch that allows summoners to gain EXP when their phantoms battle, which I installed way back in july. The bad news here is that FEBuilder does not allow me to remove the patch safely. Doing so makes the game crash on EVERY battle. This means that if I want to remove it, I will need to go back to a version prior to the july update and then apply all the modifications I did to the game since that day. Regarding the debuff glitch, it *seems* simple enough to solve. Turns out I can uninstall the current version of the skill system and install its very first one from 2017. That version has the debuff glitch fixed. However, the selection of skills will become very limited, because there weren't many back then. So, I guess I'll go back to the july version of my hack, before the summoner patch, install the old version of the skill system and add all the updates I released in the last few months. This may take some time, but it will fix the game breaking issues you've been reporting. PS: Some people have been reporting issues when promoting some units, but that has never happened to me, so I do not know where to start looking.
  4. @eclipse or any other moderator, I'm having problems editing the original post of this thread. None of the changes I make are applied after the captcha thing. Is there a limit to the number of edits?
  5. You are the third person to report this issue, so I guess there's something wrong with the new custom animations. I reset them to vanilla, so try out the new patch and let me know what happens. Sorry, I know it sucks 😞. I'm checking for updates regularly, so as soon as a fix comes up, I'll upload a new version with it. By the way, new version is out. Just some graphical corrections and less enemies for Ephraim's chapter 11, because the difficulty spike was too real.
  6. That's because the patch was made for an older version of the skill system and is incompatible with the current one. Honestly, if I knew updating the skill system would cause so much trouble, I would not have done it. And now I can't even go back to the previous version without making the game crash. Nothing much to do except pestering the authors to release an update correcting those issues.
  7. New version is out guys, pretty small update. I replaced Dozla's personal skill with another one because heavy strikes wasn't working as expected. I updated some map sprites and item icons. There are new palettes for Fado and Vigarde. Corrected the palettes for the classes reel that plays in the opening sequence of the game. Thanks! I did test it, but I eventually got used to the idea of not having that skill in the game. Some bosses have more than one item to make them thougher, especially since the inclusion of the passive booster items, so allowing the player to steal items would make the bosses weaker and to have access to powerful items too early. The short axe has been fixed in the last update. I tested it recently and it is working fine. The new animations do give a much better look to some playable characters, don't they? Not so fast! I just uploaded a new version, so be sure to download it instead.
  8. I've had a few people reporting this issue for a long time now. Problem is, this has never happened to me in any of the versions I tested so far. I would like to look further into this, but the more detailed you are, the easier it will be for me to find the problem. What version are you playing? A save file would also be very helpful. No. Heavy Strikes is Dozla's personal skill. Ross's is Puissance. I'm currently playing fixed growths mode. It is good because 1) It prevents units from getting RGN screwed and becoming weak late game. 2) It also prevents units from getting RGN blessed and wrecking game balance. Me too, before I realised I screwed that up... I simply forgot to include the axe throw animation for the short axe, that's why the game was freezing at that moment.
  9. I just took 7743's word on it, so I've never seen it work myself. It probably never did. Still waiting for his reply though. Yes, that is very likely. Unfortunately, a new run will be required if you started on that buggy version. Yeah, he is missing the +15 crit from his zerker class. Another bug with the skill system 😕
  10. I gave her the "Fury" skill because she has it on FE heroes lol. Just a placeholder while "Boon" is being fixed. By the way, if you're gonna change that yourself, you should also replace Fado's personal skill (currently also set to Boon) to "Bond"
  11. What the hell, Myrrh still has boon in her learnset. FEBuilder seems to be ignoring some of my edits 🤔 Gimme one sec
  12. Which version are you using? Myrrh had the boon skill prior to the latest version, so if you're using a save from back when she had it, it may very well be the cause. And I just released a new version to fix yet another bug. I forgot to include the axe throw animation for the short axe, so whenever somebody used it, the game would softlock. Also gave new animations to male brigands.
  13. It sure did. I was way more annoyed when I got hit by sleep staves and forgot to bring restore staves, so the unit was basically dead for the entire chapter lol I did, but it should've been working. I'm gonna have to ask 7743 to look into it, since I don't really don't know ASM magic. That was.... an interesting workaround. Yeah, I used the "modify the maximum number of supports" patch made by 7743 and set the value to 9. I removed him from the prologue, so no worries. What did you mean by the first chpater of the monster? Chapter 3? I just played through it and he wasn't there. Seth and Duessel have similar map sprites, albeit a little different. I think the saves from the previous version should work fine.
  14. Ok, so I screwed up with yesterday's update. There was a wild Innes on the prologue (which strangely nobody noticed) and there were incorrect map sprites for Seth and Duessel. Also, 7743 helped me to temporarily remove the "Boon" skill so the status ailment bug is gone, YAY!
  15. Hey guys, figure I'd release an update with all the new battle animations since I don't really know when the authors of the skill system will update it. As always, you shall be the guinea pigs brave testers who shall report any bugs you may find. Aside from the graphs, I made a substancial change to Myrrh. I felt like she got nerfed too hard, so to make up for that fact, her dragonstone now has 1-2 range to increase her survivability. There is also a second type of dragonstone in the game that she can use. I also updated weapon icons and some map sprites. There is now a boss in Lagdou Ruins that drops a hammerne staff, since they are fairly rare. I also switched Seth's and Orson's battle animations and map sprites, as I felt like it fit them better. Have at it. Are you absolutely sure she can't get any more supports? I know for a fact that the game will display the maximum number of supports as 5, but I think you can get to 10 regardless of it.
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