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  1. By the way, there's a new poll regarding enemy AI. Please cast your votes.
  2. Ok, I was planing on replacing that spell with a new animation anyway. You're right, I didn't make those animations. Community-made stuff tends to vary in quality. Tempest will have a new animation though. Never realized that. It should be using the same sounds of Excalibur. Will check it later. I think the skill system is messing them up. I have no idea what's wrong, so if the newer version of the SS doesn't fix this, I'm gonna have to remove those eggs from the game. Do you mean the final chapter of the campaign? The one you fight Fomortiis? Or the final floor of the ruins? Will check it out too. There are gonna be new magic weapons in the final version, and I'm gonna make it easier to obtain them. Yeah, SS issue. Pretty sure it's fixed in the latest version though. What glitch are you talking about? I don't remember anyone reporting this for the current version. Dumbass AI :/ . Will have to make him stationary... I'm planning on modifying some enemies in the ruins, dragons included. Well, floor 10 is meant to be difficult, since it's the very last challenge of the hack. Funny thing is, I already nerfed Fomortiis twice. Will try shifting skills and/or modifying stats. I know I usually take a long time to respond, but the feedback is greatly appreciated.
  3. Yes, there's an item called Magic Dust that does that. You'll find a few of them during the main story and you can also buy them in one of the secret shops.
  4. Apologies for the late reply. The vanilla RNG of FE 8 is known for being easy to abuse, so I used TR143's RNG randomizer in order to make it less exploitable. Basically, the RNG will have a different result every time you start a battle, so even Save State + Load State can yield a different outcome for a battle. Divine Pulse didn't cross my mind, but I believe some members of FE Universe are very close to achieving that for the GBA games. I would like such a list, yes. I'm not sure I understood your question. Which texture are you talking about? You're not the first person to complain about that. I might run a poll to see what people think about it. By the way, I have not updated this topic in some time, but I would like to say that work on the final update is progressing favorably. It will feature all the unarmed animations, new skills, new classes, updated balancing, updated spell animations, bug corrections and maybe some new items.
  5. Damn, this looks clean. Will be trying it out today.
  6. That's because you're playing an old version. Please download the newest one.
  7. Hey guys, it's been some time. So, I'm currently dealing with a lot of stuff irl and I'll have to abandon this project for the time being. I had planned to release a final version, since everything is basically done and I'm just polishing things up and adjusting difficulty. I haven't been able to finish quite everything I had in mind, but I'll release what's been done so far. Consider this a semi-final version lol. These are the changes from the last version: -Corrected some cutscenes envolving custom classes -Class bases and enemy growths have been reduced and are more similar to the vanilla values -Phantoms can now use their weapons properly -Some text corrections -Fixed HP values for some bosses -Made modifications to monster skills. Bonewalkers and gargoyles have different skillsets -Added leadership to tower of valni bosses -Reduced the amplitude of the random poison damage from 5 to 3 -Fixed Knoll's dark magic rank -Fixed basically everything related to the trickster class -Updated some magic animations That'd be all. Big thanks to everyone who stuck around with this project for this long.
  8. Hey guys. I recently took the time to actually play the hack and see how everything is performing myself. Naturally, I found some things that need to be changed, especially class base stats and growths. I feel like the changes I made, when coupled with the skill system, make the game considerably harder. It gets really bad during the later chapters once the enemies start getting their promoted skills, at which point any group of 3+ units becomes a serious threat. I'm seriously considering reverting class base stats and enemy growth rates back to their vanilla values. What do you guys think about this? I'm also reading all your feedback, but I have a few issues to handle irl at the moment, so it might take some time to address everything.
  9. You're welcome. Me neither lol. As I stated previously, I never intended to make these classes playable. I only did so after a lot of people requested them. The dragoon was supposed to be a promoted soldier that specializes in MAG and RES. I made it so to be a counterpart to the more physically oriented halberdiers. This class doesn't really work well for the player units because the ones that can promote into it have low MAG and RES growths. That's why I said that these special classes might require a heavy investment of stat boosters. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Even though I learned a lot with FEBuilder, I may actually use rainlash's Lex Talionis engine. As much as I love FEBuilder's practicality, I think I could make better hacks if I'm no longer limited to the GBA hardware. I'm not sure what you meant. Unless I'm wrong, summoners can summon phantoms from level 1. I think the phantom's weapon rank depends on the weapon it randomly gets when it is summoned. I overwrote the steel axe with the silver axe, so the game probably still thinks that the phantom is getting a rank D weapon instead of a C rank. I think there's a patch in FEBuilder that corrects this behavior. This would require an entirely new animation, and on top of that, I don't have any animation slots available (there's a limit of 255). So no, it won't be possible.
  10. Apologies, it was supposed to be level 2. Fixed it for the next update.
  11. I only have a main plot planned out. Still haven't started anything for real. A mere reskin/rebalance took me a year and half to complete, so don't expect an original hack any time soon.
  12. Yes, but it is trickier to set it up. You will need to install the "Battle Transforming Editor" patch from FEBuilder's patches section. These special classes that use transformations each require 4 animation slots. This is done in order to circunvent the limitation of 16 palettes per animation. The battle starts with its "transform finished animation", which is just the background. Then it switches to "base animation", which is the unit's appearance. In the dragon's case, its tail moves around and then the dragon drops down to the battlefield. Next is the "transformed animation", which is the animations for combat per se, such as the dragon attacking and dodging. Finally, "transform back animation" is the transition between the combat animations and the first animation, which closes the cycle. You also need to set the transformation sounds between each animation, otherwise the music will be muted. Also keep in mind that playable units have a limit of 60 HP. If you want to increase that, you will also need to use "Playable character HP limit" patch. Not sure if this is possible, I'm not very experienced with eventing.
  13. I posted a tutorial here some time ago, check it out.
  14. I'll wait some days to see if any more serious bugs are reported. I also need to finish the custom animation I'm making for one of the optional bosses. Animations are hard 😞
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