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  1. Hey guys, new version is up. I included some new skill activation animations made by Mikey Seregon. Also changed the spell animations of static (now called thoron) and elthunder, since the previous one was randomly causing the game to freeze. Also fixed chapter 17 opening cutscene and adjusted some cutscenes to properly show the new custom classes for the campaign enemies. Regarding the weapon ranks, I gave up on trying to figure out why characters kept gaining wexp after achieving the first S rank and decided to do what @Street Herosuggested and applied the patch to allow multiple S ranks. Consider it a reward for me making weapons only give 1 wexp point. I also corrected the moving sounds made by enemy flier units (I think). No worries about save incompatibility. Let me know if there are any bugs.
  2. Glad to hear it. I'll release an update soon to address some minor issues I found while playing Eirika's route, so no need to download the current patch yet. PS: Quite a coincidence you being from Portugal. I was very recently studying in Bragança and I didn't find a single FE fan over there.
  3. The bugs just never end, do they? I'll see if I can do something about it. As to Riev, I just think that story-wise it makes more sense for him to have a better mastery of light rather than dark, since he was originally a Rausten bishop who got banished and then started serving the Demon King.
  4. Yeah, I'm aware of this issue. It's something about the spell animation that is freezing the game. Luckily, someone recently released a cool thoron animation and I'm thinking about replacing elthunder with it. I'm almost done playing the hack and I am going to release another version fixing some minor incoveniences I found during my playthrough.
  5. Guys, a player reported an issue to me on FE Universe. Apparently, the game may glitch on chapter 19. I went to check it and found out that the druid who is supposed to attack the rausten knight at the beginning of the chapter had a different character ID from the scripted event, so I had to change it back. It's that Pablo situation all over again. I've already uploaded a new version with the fix, so I advise downloading it.
  6. And here I was thinking that this issue only happened to me. Even though you're the first person to report that, I experienced something similiar. On chapter 7, Forde reached level 10, learned discipline and I had him trade a vulnerary with Ephraim. He then learned Rightful king after receiving the vulnerary, a skill that is not even in his learnset. So yes, I'm aware of this issue, but I can't really do anything about it because I'm not the author of the skill system, I just implemented it in my hack. It is still a WIP and often gets updated, so the authors might already be working on a fix. My bad, will update the list in a minute.
  7. Thank you! Sacred Stones was also my first FE and this project is something I've wanted to do for a very long time. The reason it has seen the light of day is because 7743 made rom hacking so easy with his FEBuilder tool. I've updated the original post with the skills of every playable class, so help yourself. Enemy skills are a surprise though
  8. Glad to hear it! I guess I should've made that list after I released the final version. Give me some time and I'll post it.
  9. Not a bug, but actually a feature. I forgot to mention that the skill system comes with the "stylish finisher" feature where the last blow that kills any boss will always be displayed as a critical hit. Gonna edit the OP.
  10. Are you using a US ROM? It must be an unmodified US ROM to work. I'm playing the hack myself and I didn't have any problems patching it. I used NUPS to patch the UPS file. You're also the first person to report this problem, so it may be an issue with your emulator, not the ROM.
  11. Just click on "Extended list", select the amount of items the shop will have from the menu that pops up and then choose each item individually.
  12. It's not like they made a shitton of money with FE Heroes so they could hire more artists.
  13. Final version is out guys, It's been fun, but I'm getting a little tired of this project. If I don't finish it now, I'm never going to stop tweaking it. One major change from version 2.6 is the addition of map songs from FE6 and FE7. There should be no compatibility issues using a save from 2.6. Enjoy the hack, for I know I will ^.^
  14. I really like how the playable units are red and the enemies are blue. Really does make you fell like the bad guy. This picked my interest. Gonna try it soon.
  15. It means a lot to me receiving positive feedback for my effort. Thanks a lot! :) After I am 100% done with this project, I'll play it, take a litlle break and maybe start an original hack. I already have some good ideas for an interesting plot. We'll see how that goes. Hey, I already used that meme here xD Damn, that mini box actually looks very sexy. One question though. Why is your Garcia a woman? lol
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