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  1. dondon has this right. IIRC, this rank is determined by % of battles in which you KO the enemy. Did not know, interesting. That's an odd sort of name, but certainly not the strangest in the series, or even in this game... Lol, true. Confirmed and very much appreciated. Randomly noticed a typo in Ch. 9 intro: missing "to" between "uneager" and "send". I'm guessing FEditor is too ROM-specific and haxxed to dump the script for this patch? I'd like to do more proofreading and it's a lot harder to do with the actual game as a distraction.
  2. Up to chapter 6 now, just wanted to say that overall it looks really good. I'm especially loving the new chapter titles ("Ensnared" is perfect). I've been checking out the villager lines and even those are mostly noticably improved, nice work. I'm not so happy about "Klain", especially since the name is, well, a German word that was spelled correctly before. But I guess it's the same sort of deal as before. Deke and Shanna are great, thanks NOA. Wade I could go either way on. Jodel looks weird, but it beats the alternative. I assume Oujay will properly be Ogier now?
  3. asdf My fault for ignoring this project for so long, probably this was already discussed several pages back but Ellen->Elen. Why. ;_; It was a perfectly fine name that real people actually have (you know, like Allen and Lance) but now it just looks like a typo.
  4. The game's code will only allow you to align the mouth in certain spots - to an 8x8 tile boundary, basically. You can drag the mouth around to a different spot, but that's not the problem here (it's off by less than 8 pixels). Basically, you sliced it wrong when you made the spritesheet.
  5. I think that part is mainly about shop and chest contents.
  6. Well, why exactly is that? Just what kind of setting are you trying to create?
  7. Chapter didn't end when I murdered Derkin. Is this the current end of the hack?
  8. Just taking out all the special-case hackery, e.g. the tutorial versions of characters would be nice. Maybe a nicely configurable workaround for the permadeath thing? Even just an event to say 'revive character X if dead' that can go into the opening events for chapter Y or something. Maybe this already exists? One of the ideas I tossed off you before was a "shell" where, among other things, the original game chapter data is nuked and replaced with a minimal placeholder, similarly for game text, characters etc. so that the really major hacks can actually start from scratch and never risk running into the old game data if they glitch. :/
  9. I... guess I shouldn't be surprised by any of that, really. :/ There are still optimizations that are possible on the instrument tables, I'm sure, but whatever. It wouldn't add up to much.
  10. zahlman


    How hard would it be, as an anti-RNG-abuse measure, to make the game use the secondary RNG when it repaths arrows for movement?
  11. zahlman


    True. Unless someone else wants it done. And I sure don't.
  12. zahlman


    Okay, so I started playing around with this, and I don't think the tiles will be a problem. The boxes could all be made with a subset of the existing tiles for boxes (in fact, that set includes some duplicates, at least for FE7 - or rather, things where they could have used tile reflection but didn't, even though they reflected the same tile somewhere else). The chibis, similarly, would take up barely more space (16 tiles vs 14) than the tiles used to write weapon names in the base game; however, any overflow here would not be overrunning anything dangerous from what I can tell (looks like that space is otherwise used for the text in UI menus, which won't be present at the same time, and will get refreshed next time it's needed anyway - the base game is already partially overrunning it). I guess that would still require some adjustments to the tile IDs for the code writing in unit names, which would be a minor pain. However, trying to actually make the mock-up, I found that there are much bigger problems in terms of physically fitting all the sprites inside the boxes. Once you add all the borders and corner frills and stuff that the actual game art has, things just don't fit so neatly. (FWIW, the diamond checkerboard in the base game doesn't actually line up properly between tiles, i.e. some of the tiles are just plain not drawn properly to make things line up pixel-perfect. Or rather, it has tiles that seem to have been made by just flipping another tile, even though they shouldn't actually be like that in order to line up right. The root cause of this is trying to make diamonds of odd width using tiles of even width.) Anyway. This is the best I could do and honestly I think that's pretty bad. (The HP bars are 4x20; never mind that they're completely full for no reason, lol.) What about instead modifying and reshaping the name frames at the top to contain the chibis instead of text?
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