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  1. All of the names for characters, weapons, and items in the Thracia 776 guides should probably be updated to more recent FEH or Project Exile localizations.
  2. 1. Lyn in my first FE7 playthrough had capped everything except defense (yes, she capped strength and resistance) 2. Wil, in that same playthrough, capped strength and speed 3. Leif had 11 movement at the end of my first Thracia playthrough (3 movement level ups + leg ring) 4. Seliph leveled everything, including 2 HP, 2 times in a row one time 5. I got Marth to 4 resistance at level 21 in Shadow Dragon, without stat boosters None of these were the result of screwing with RNG.
  3. I live in Mokena, Illinois. It's a suburban area next to Chicago. The only thing I'd say is special about it is that the Mokena where I live is the only Mokena that exists.
  4. Wait a sec... why did 2 of my post just show up??
  5. My communications classes--oddly enough--prohibited speaking...
  6. For me, easily the scene when Sigurd and his army got incinerated by Arvis and his troops. It's so dramatic, and the irony makes it a heartbreaking moment especially for a game. It's one of those moments where you wish you could just jump in the game and fix things, for me at least. All the conversations the characters have before it happens makes suspense, and the sudden turn of events that this scene is adds a "nice" element of surprise.
  7. Favorite - Seliph. He has great growths, a great promotion, and he gets a great holy weapon. Sigurd isn't far behind though. Least favorite - Roy. No, I'm not saying this because everyone else is. He can only use swords, and his promotion is too late (Basically all the points people here mentioned already). He was also the only lord for me to get 1 stat boost on his first level up (+1 HP).
  8. First unit I ever benched was Alec from Genealogy. He's not a particularly good father, and his growths and bases are pretty bad too. At the same time I benched Arden, for pretty obvious reasons.
  9. My Seliph capped all of his stats when I played FE4. Then he gets Tyrfing.
  10. Oh, didn't know that since I've never actually tried selling a holy weapon before. Thanks for the info though!
  11. I'd say all those pairings you listed are the best, except maybe Ayra-Lex. I've played FE4 three times, pairing Ayra with Lex, Noish, and Holyn. All three have their quirks, Lex giving the kids paragon, Noish giving them good skills, and Holyn giving them major Od blood. The worst of these is Holyn in my opinion, because even though having them able to use Balmung sounds cool, they already have great skill and speed stats, and Shannan needs the sword more than them. Then between Noish and Lex I'd say it's a tie. Gaining double EXP is enough to match the power of critical and accost, so it's really up to you on this. I think Lex is easier to pair with Ayra compared to Noish, though, and Noish goes really well with Briggid as well.
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