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  1. I dunno about you guys, but this game's noted mechanics and revolution around a school worry me. Do you guys agree at all. What are your concerns?
  2. Seth is the second best early pre-promote in the series. Seth has good growths and can easily OHKO certain enemies. Sigurs does that, but BETTER! Sigurd was, imo, the first lord that was broken. If the game was just about him, he'd be neutered to Magvel and back (and Magvel for the time is an OUTREALM!), but it isn't, so they were like, "F*** it. He's only going to be in the game for less than half of it, so let's give him great bases, godly growths, and a silver sword!" Even the god Seth can't say that. Also, Seth overplays the loyal knight thing. Sigurd is a noble who is trusting and protects those he knows and loves.
  3. The Lord of Lobsters, Ryoma. He may not be the best as a character, but he's broken AF!
  4. Berkut's the best, but he wasn't on there, so Lyon it is! XD
  5. Okay... so I have a rom of Thracia 776. I have the project exile patch. That's all fine and dandy. NOPE. I can't use Lunar IPS because SNES 9x doesn't allow patches. I know there's a way to use patches with SNES 9x, but I can't figure it out. Can somebody please help me?
  6. By "during", I mean not at the beginning of the era. I was alluding to fates. I know that Awakening had durability
  7. I'd say Alec's only positive is that he can double.
  8. Even though the top 10 I'm going to reference is outdated and has been revised, Blazing Knight was wrong about Artur.
  9. On a gameplay perspective: Takumi, Ryoma, and Master Ninja Corrin. They're SO BROKEN On a gameplay and character perspective: Sigurd. He's broken and a great character. On a character perspective: Lyon. He's broken too (in an emotional way)
  10. I'd try to hearken back to the old formula, and have an epic story spread over 70+ chapters. That might seem like mostly filler, but the story I'd tell, which I'm creating into its own game, would use it all. I'm sorry for seeming vague, but I don't want to spoil my project. I'd either do that, or make an epic that ties Elibe and Magvel together.
  11. The DS era was a real waste. We should've gotten some kind of new game. The only American game we got was a shoddy remake that could've done so much to stand out and make it a hit. We should've gotten more than what we did.
  12. The youtuber Tall Fox brought this up at the end of his review (he had the same gripes), but that artificial difficulty actually fits in with the theme of the game: starting out with nothing and no support and having to escape a lot in the early game until you can defeat an empire. Speaking of narrative, the bad design is probably also because Kaga didn't know what to do with a story, because Thracia was a side story that ended up becoming a whole game.
  13. I feel like I'm obligated to say the Radiant duology, but in all honesty, it's a close tie between them and the SNES Kaga era.
  14. What emulator are you using? I can't get patches to work with SNES 9x.
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