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  1. I'm generally fine with all of the changes you listed, and I'm fine with 2/3 of the class changes listed, but changing Isadora to a cavalier?. There's no real reason for that, and it just comes off as a change for no real reason. Could I get some reasoning on this? Otherwise, I'll keep this hack somewhere in my "watching out for list" until it comes out.
  2. I suppose that's fair. I did use Elen a whole lot, so she already filled the staff utility slot for me, and since I use Lilina, it would've been pretty inconvenient to use the guiding ring on Sophia of all people, especially when her survivability is worse than Elen's, and the best way to keep her alive is to just not give her a tome in her inventory. Good to know someone else got good use out of her.
  3. Not sure if this counts as necroposting, but I just felt like saying a few of my thoughts/feelings about this patch. I'm about halfway through and recently reached Arcadia, and I've been loving it. I never actually beat Fe6 HM before, but I feel like a lot of the added features like prfs and Roy's army wide support bonuses make things super convenient, and make Gonzales less of a pain to use. The Flame Brand and Tower Bow were also pretty great, until they broke, and the latter kept Dorothy relevant up until she fell behind better units, but that was two more chapters that I used her for compared to vanilla, so that's a good in my book. However, despite making Dorothy more viable, as well as other characters, I feel like Sophia is even worse off than before, considering she comes in with stats of a level 1 unit at level 9. Sure, she's got some staff utility now, and will have the best movement of any mage after promotion (without using Boots) but her stats are downright terrible, and it feels even worse now that she's level 9. The main stat I'm talking about, of course, is her speed, because she 4 speed, 3 con, and flux has 5 weight, meaning she comes out with -1 attack speed, so anything with more than 4 AS doubles her, and considering her low defense and hp, means she's basically dead the moment combat starts. Granted, these problems are all from vanilla fe6, and not your edits, but I feel like she needs a lot of the buffing help you've given other units more. Not anything major that makes her not fragile, considering you've still got too escort her, but considering how everyone else is better and she's lost out on 8 potential levels to catch up with at least unprompted enemies, I think some stat raises are in order to at least make her more like a level 9 unit.
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