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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  2. I beat the trainers on route 3 and then brought the Magikarp in the pokemon center. I named him Posidon, which goes well with his serious nature. After a bit of grinding for Posidon, I decided to catch my Zubat so I could grind both at the same time. I named her Betty. After what seemed like forever, Posidon learned to fight so I went into mount moon. Inside, Rose evolved. After making it through mount moon, I taught Mega punch to Petal. After then spending what felt like a year (Magikarp) I grinded everyone to level 20, Causing Posidon (who shall be renicknamed to Fish at a later duck date) to evolve. In Party Pokemon Nickname Ability Nature M/F Lvl HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spd Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4 Item Ivysaur Rose Overgrow Bashful F 20 58 30 37 39 39 35 Tackle Vine Whip Leech Seed Sleep Powder Butterfree Bianca Compoundeyes Rash F 20 57 28 30 44 34 40 Confusion Tackle Sleep Powder Supersonic Pikachu Petal Static Lonely F 20 45 29 19 29 22 49 Thundershock Slam Mega Punch Thunder Wave Gyarados Posidon Intimidate Serious M 20 71 56 40 32 45 50 Bite Tackle Splash Zubat Betty Inner Focus Hardy F 20 52 28 21 19 23 34 Leech Life Astonish Supersonic Bite [/Code]
  3. I'll try that sometime. Thanks grass buddy.
  4. I'm wondering, how do you do those trades between roms? I think I'd like to start a playthrough sometime using shiny spearow and a shiny poliwag I got on another rom.
  5. Life is so unfair. I just caught a shiny spearow on my rom. I didn't draft Spearow though.
  6. I got bored so I decided to start playing. In game, I'm a girl named Snivy, BTW. My rival's name is Dale. I decided to choose Bulbasaur because Grass starters FTW and since I already have 2 water types and Flareon is all I need for a fire type. My Bulbasaur was a girl (after a bit of savestating) and she had a Bashful nature, which I'm fine with. I named her Rose. During the battle with Dale (very quick battle) I realised I forgot to get the potion. Luckily, I was faster and beat the Charmander with only 3hp left. (he only used Scratch, much to my suprise) Got to veridian city, almost getting owned my a pidgey along the way. I delivered the parcel an returned to veridian city to catch caterpie. I called her Bianca and saw her nature. Rash. That is perfect for her psychic attacks. I went into the foorest to try and find a Pikachu. Whilst I searched, Bianca evolved. After what felt like forever, I found a pikachu. I caught her, naming her Petal. She's lonely natured, which will help her with moves like slam and mega punch. Pikachu is amazing for the earlygame. (apart from Brock) It starts by killing everything with good Electric STAB (when there are many Pidgey and Spearow everywhere) and good powerful moves later on. It only starts falling behind really around Celedon, which is where it can easily evolve to catch up. Anyway, after a little Pikachu grinding, I decided to do the unimportant rival fight. Petal beat Pidgey while, with a little help from Bianca, Rose beat Charmander. After more grinding, Bianca evolved once again. After grinding everything to level 10, I decided to fight through the forest. I quickly went through and decided to attempt the gym in Pewter city. VS Brock: Bianca solo'd the geodude with 2 confusions but went down to Onix in one hit. Then Rose OHKO'd Onix with Vine Whip. In Party Pokemon Nickname Ability Nature M/F Lvl HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spd Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4 Item Bulbasaur Rose Overgrow Bashful F 12 35 17 20 22 21 19 Tackle Growl Leech Seed Vine Whip Butterfree Bianca Compoundeyes Rash F 12 38 18 19 28 21 24 Confusion Tackle Harden String Shot Pikachu Petal Static Lonely F 11 29 18 11 18 14 27 Thundershock Quick Attack Tail Whip Thunder Wave [/Code]
  7. Snivy used calm mind! Snivy calmed down.

  8. just realised I drafted 2 water mons. Oh well. I can use slowpoke for psychic moves. I'll go with Zubat, I guess.
  9. Venusaur used Worry Seed!

    Snivy worried about the FR/LG draft!

  10. FRLG, your turn.

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