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  1. I don't want to get my hopes up too much and I don't really know enough about how Intsys spaces things out to speculate, but an SoV banner with Tatiana or a Sacred Stones banner with Cormag and Vanessa would make me happy. Come on Intsys it's my birthday get me something nice.
  2. Cameos for Anna and maybe the Cipher characters sure, anyone else besides as noncanonical amiibo or DLC bonuses definitely no.
  3. Probably Bernadetta or maybe Leonie, assuming I go for M!Byleth on my first playthrough; I'm not sure right now if I'll go M! or F!Byleth. Assuming neither of them is romanceable as F!Byleth, probably Claude if he is (for that matter, if he's romanceable by M!Byleth I'd consider that too). If not I dunno, maybe Sylvain or maybe I'll see who the game's designated bi/gay girl option is. Probably that plus maybe a little bit of wishful thinking and hoping for it. Anecdotal certainly but, at least out of those who are interested in Fire Emblem to begin with, most of my gay friends are pretty into Claude.
  4. Uhh... Why though? As far as I know there's not exactly much evidence that any of the settings in Fire Emblem mirror real world medieval sexual mores and a fair bit of evidence to the contrary, even beyond F!Corrin being able to marry Rhajat and M!Corrin Niles; it certainly didn't really come up if people in Shadows of Valentia were particularly prejudiced against Leon, and I believe that one of the paired endings in Sacred Stones implies a couple (one of them the future King no less) possibly having a child out of wedlock and it being accepted by society broadly, which would certainly be a big issue in pre-modern times. Fodlan is a completely new setting certainly so, like, it could be different, but... I don't see much reason why it would be.
  5. Fireemblemwiki.org gives his full name as シルヴァン=ジョゼ=ゴーティエ (Shiruvan Joze Gōtie), which appears to be the same as what is used in the Japanese trailer both from the text and the audio, so essentially the same. The pronunciation of "Jose" though is closer to what it is Portuguese than Spanish which, though it's hard to tell since the audio mix for the English trailer has the character dialogue much quieter than the Japanese trailer for whatever reason, I assume will be the pronunciation the English dub will be using.
  6. For me personally (a liiittle bit tongue-in-cheek); Black Eagles; Pros: Bernadetta and Petra are my favorite units so far. Dorothea is ok. Cons: Likely evil, probably Edgey. Edelgard is ok but not my favorite of the three lords. Dorothea's hat looks like it was added on in photoshop after the fact. Everyone's picking them. Blue Lions; Pros: Uuhhh... I guess I like blue? Annette and Sylvain are ok? Cons: They're a big fat meh to me. As is Dimitri. Their country has the silliest sounding name. No Bernadetta or Petra. Golden Deer; Pros: Claude is the best lord and the best guy so far. Leicester is the most interesting of the three countries. Blue is my favorite color but in a pinch yellow will do. I like Leonie, she lowkey reminds me of my D&D character a bit so I might go thief!Leonie even if it turns out it's a class she sucks as. Hilda's ok. Cons: Still no Bernadetta or Petra. No Petra is doubly disappointing because seeing as she's the only other student so who doesn't look lily white I thought she'd be from Leicester like Claude, but no such luck evidently. It's gonna be a tough call for me between Black Eagles and Golden Deer.
  7. It's an... interesting choice they made to move M!Byleth's belt buckle crest thing to F!Byleth's bust. The crests are to blame once again I suppose.
  8. I wouldn't call it necessarily unrealistic; the first thing I thought of when Leicester was described was the historical Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth which, while it had a monarch, also had a strong parliament which represented the nobility, which was a significantly larger class than in most European countries of the time and had a lot of influence vis a vis the King. I assume it's more likely that position Claude's family holds is simply hereditary (I'd love it if Intsys put more nuance into the politics of Fodlan than we've seen in recent games, something more like the Tellius duology I suppose, although I have not had the fortune to play those so it's a little harder for me to comment, but I don't really expect it), but it's not impossible it's an elective one that perhaps is informally hereditary. Several countries historically (notably the Scandinavian countries, and evidently this was the practice in Poland as well) had elective monarchies nominally where in practice the throne usually went to the son or otherwise chosen successor of the King, albeit generally because it was common practice for Kings to abdicate and help install them on the throne rather than reigning until death. In the case of Poland the royal family also held the hereditary title of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and there was desire among the electors to preserve the union, which was an incentive to elect the heir to Lithuania the King of Poland as well. ...Sorry, I kinda geeked out and went off on a tangent that isn't all that relevant to the subject at hand there.
  9. That's certainly true. The school setting just feels like a larger departure to me than I noticed, say, going from Sacred Stones to Awakening, possibly because it's a very up front stylistic/story structure change from the past games' usual focus on the lord of a specific country, sometimes in conjunction with their advisor/confident. Of course, we still don't know that much about the game's broader story so it may end up still hewing pretty closely to the usual Fire Emblem lines. All that said, it is somewhat hard for me to say I suppose only having played through three of the games so far, so I may be off base here.
  10. First time posting and still pretty new to the series, so; hey guys. I think most of my thoughts about the game are things that have already been mentioned, but I suppose I'll add them. My biggest takeaway is that it seems very different and... kind of weird. Not necessarily bad, but it strikes me as a game that's going to be one of the bigger changeups of the formula (with the caveat that I've still only played a handful of Fire Emblem games, so it's a little hard for me to judge) in the series' history. So far it's more stylistic changes to how the story will unfold and the role the player has, but I imagine that when they elaborate more on things like squads that there will be some significant mechanical additions too. I'd say the direct has me kind of both more worried about the game in some ways and less worried in others than I was based on the pretty scant info we had before; more worried because the seeming heavy focus on Byleth is a bit of a red flag and I think I would've preferred them to take a bit more of a supporting role than they seem to be, plus I feel like there might be more potential for missteps with all the new ideas being tried out than there would be with a game that's more of a refinement of the basic formula the series has been following for some time. On the other hand, there's a lot that does look good and interesting. One thing I haven't seen mentioned as much is the free-roaming segments, which I'm really excited for; after playing Sacred Stones and Awakening, one thing that really stood out to me in Shadows of Valentia was how it was able to give much more of an impression of a lived-in world than those games with their more narrow battlefield focus. I hope we get more of that in Three Houses, especially since the setting seems neat. Even when we basically just had portraits to go on, Claude stood out to me as the most interesting seeming of the main lords, and while we didn't really get much more of an idea of Edelgard, Dimitri, or Claude's characters, Leicester does seem like the most interesting faction. Unfortunately the two units we saw who made the most impression on me (Bernadetta and Petra) both appear to be Adrestian, so I'm anticipating it's going to be a tough choice for me. Faerghus and Dimitri interest me the least so far, but they also seem to have been touched on the least out of the three so we'll see. I do wonder how significant the split is going to; will we still be able to recruit at least some of the students from the two other factions in a single playthrough or will it be a more complete split? One thing that I've seen other people mention as well that seems like it could be really hit or miss is the raising sim angle. It seems like it could easily get way too micromanage-y, and while it certainly has potential I personally preferred the more fixed promotion paths in Sacred Stones and (for most units) SoV to the almost unrestricted reclassing in Awakening, which felt a bit overwhelming early on and which I largely didn't take advantage of in my playthrough, so if the majority of our units are academy students I'm not sure how I'll feel about that. Although there appears to only be about eight playable students in each house, which shouldn't be too overwhelming. I agree that, for better or worse, Byleth will almost certainly be able to romance their students; assuming otherwise based on the lack of direct evidence for it when we still have fairly little information on the game in general seems somewhat like wishful thinking. I hope that at least they won't try to shoehorn children in unless they're doing a true twenty year or so timeskip a la Genealogy; which would certainly be interesting, especially assuming Byleth remains the protagonist; we'd get to see them both as a twentysomething rookie instructor and as an older, much more experienced (and potentially married) character. It would also be nice to see more gay options in the game compared to Awakening's none and Fates' very few. Hopefully that's something they add, especially if there's only one generation; I wouldn't be surprised if at least a small part of Intsys' reasoning, besides just cultural conservatism, for only having limited options in Fates was because "unlocking" the child units was a not insignificant part of marriage in both Awakening and Fates. Even if there is a second generation, it would be interesting to see them perhaps add something like Genealogy's substitute characters in the form of adoptive children of the first-gen couples.
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