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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. You can also try Sylvia/Azel, Tiltyu/Claude (Magic user children). Personnaly I like the pair Lachesis/Lex...
  4. FE1: Linda FE2: Sonia FE3: Sheema FE4: Arthur FE5: Misha FE6: Sophia FE7: Lucius FE8: Lute FE9: Nephenee FE10: Haether FE11: Nagi FE12: Michalis FE13 (never played): Azure & Emelina
  5. WHAOU!!! I so much want to play... I think I discover who are secret characters and enemies... Sanaki, Lehran, Lyon, Othlin, Chrom then Michalis, Alvis and Camus/Zeke/Sirius. About Ephraim... I think I should wait until the fully color mug to see if the result is weird... End to conclude:
  6. Princess (FE2/FE4): Sword, Magic. Staff Skills: Charisma, Corona Free Knight/Forest Knight (Jugdral serie): Sword only (Horseback) Skills: Cancel, Casanova (Like Secluded Lady for boys) Halberdier (Tellus serie): Lance Only Skills: Fortune, Impale Gold Knight (FE2): Lance, Axe, Bow (Horseback) Skills: Demon Slayer (usefull against Revenant & Entombed), Resolve Ballistician (FE1/11): Bow Only Skills: Long Range (Bow range +2), Shade Baron (FE4): All except Dark (Armour) Skills: Provoke, Defence +10
  7. Degel: I know she can promote directly from Knight to Great Knight but I hate Knight, they're so slow (in both meannings). Moreover, i can reclass her right after her recruting (since she begin at level 10, if i remember well). About Discipline, If she max out soon, I can trow away Discipline instead of Defence+2 Selena: I agree with you with how low damage she'll done... It's pretty hard to find an utility for her since I have so many "Swordmaster": Lucina, Azure, Wood and Mark (in some way). But I'll for sure redone her. Noire: As an archer, she is not supposed to get attacked. So Vengence and Miracle are just a security. But you're right, Vantage might be more useful, I'll perhaps exchange her father and Selena's... I'll think about it. n_n: Honestly, I had forgot that Frederick have to be at level 10 before reclassing. So you're right I'll keep him as a Great Knight and pass down Luna. EDIT: There is the changement... I hope it's better! Selena (Dark Knight) Noire (Bride) n_n (Manakete)
  8. This is my "2nd generation" ideal team. Lucina (Swordmaster) Wood (Demon Fighter) Azure (Swordmaster) Brady (Sage) Degel (Great Knight) Cynthia (Dark Pegasus) Selena (Dark Knight) Jerome (Griffon Knight) Chambray (Taguel) Loran (Sorcerer) Noire (Bride) n_n (Manakete) Mark (Trickster)
  9. Happy 23rd birthday!

  10. oh its you.

    Happy Birthday

  11. But MU can have Mark, can't she? Can Mark be a Taguel?
  12. I think Soiree (or anyone else) have an automatic S-rank with Krom if they are a child together, then Soiree can't have a S-rank with Frederick (and then a child)... And it's not at the start of chapter 13 but at the end of chapter 11... We must be fast!
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