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  1. You can also try Sylvia/Azel, Tiltyu/Claude (Magic user children). Personnaly I like the pair Lachesis/Lex...
  2. FE1: Linda FE2: Sonia FE3: Sheema FE4: Arthur FE5: Misha FE6: Sophia FE7: Lucius FE8: Lute FE9: Nephenee FE10: Haether FE11: Nagi FE12: Michalis FE13 (never played): Azure & Emelina
  3. WHAOU!!! I so much want to play... I think I discover who are secret characters and enemies... Sanaki, Lehran, Lyon, Othlin, Chrom then Michalis, Alvis and Camus/Zeke/Sirius. About Ephraim... I think I should wait until the fully color mug to see if the result is weird... End to conclude:
  4. Princess (FE2/FE4): Sword, Magic. Staff Skills: Charisma, Corona Free Knight/Forest Knight (Jugdral serie): Sword only (Horseback) Skills: Cancel, Casanova (Like Secluded Lady for boys) Halberdier (Tellus serie): Lance Only Skills: Fortune, Impale Gold Knight (FE2): Lance, Axe, Bow (Horseback) Skills: Demon Slayer (usefull against Revenant & Entombed), Resolve Ballistician (FE1/11): Bow Only Skills: Long Range (Bow range +2), Shade Baron (FE4): All except Dark (Armour) Skills: Provoke, Defence +10
  5. Degel: I know she can promote directly from Knight to Great Knight but I hate Knight, they're so slow (in both meannings). Moreover, i can reclass her right after her recruting (since she begin at level 10, if i remember well). About Discipline, If she max out soon, I can trow away Discipline instead of Defence+2 Selena: I agree with you with how low damage she'll done... It's pretty hard to find an utility for her since I have so many "Swordmaster": Lucina, Azure, Wood and Mark (in some way). But I'll for sure redone her. Noire: As an archer, she is not supposed to get attacked. So Vengence and Miracle are just a security. But you're right, Vantage might be more useful, I'll perhaps exchange her father and Selena's... I'll think about it. n_n: Honestly, I had forgot that Frederick have to be at level 10 before reclassing. So you're right I'll keep him as a Great Knight and pass down Luna. EDIT: There is the changement... I hope it's better! Selena (Dark Knight) Noire (Bride) n_n (Manakete)
  6. This is my "2nd generation" ideal team. Lucina (Swordmaster) Wood (Demon Fighter) Azure (Swordmaster) Brady (Sage) Degel (Great Knight) Cynthia (Dark Pegasus) Selena (Dark Knight) Jerome (Griffon Knight) Chambray (Taguel) Loran (Sorcerer) Noire (Bride) n_n (Manakete) Mark (Trickster)
  7. But MU can have Mark, can't she? Can Mark be a Taguel?
  8. I think Soiree (or anyone else) have an automatic S-rank with Krom if they are a child together, then Soiree can't have a S-rank with Frederick (and then a child)... And it's not at the start of chapter 13 but at the end of chapter 11... We must be fast!
  9. Thank you Othin for your answers. I have an other: which of the following couples can get a S-rate? And did they are special support between siblings (of the 2nd génération), and between relatives (cousins, niece/aunt, ect...)? More generally, did they are support between people of the first generation and the 2nd generation one, other than parent/child ones?
  10. I have a question about support. How many support (and at what levels) can a character have? Is it like in GBAs games (a total of 5 levels), Radiant Dawn (only one) or New Mystery (all possible accessible)? And did they are commun ending?
  11. Without any hesitation, Celice! I love Yuria, and Arthur. And all major blood inheritor. I'll recruit Ishtar too, even if I had to kidnap her :D My job in the army? Matchmaker :P
  12. After a long reflexion... My couples (if someday i have the game):
  13. Thank you very much Tomoyo and all the Holsetyscan team for this new chapters. I LOVE you're job, it is wonderfull. I hope you will continu the scantrad until the very end... and beyond!
  14. It is deliberate. We don't know who he is the first time we meet him, so it's a clew. His parents are only mentionned in special events. Moreover he, Therpsichore and Ayami only appear in a Gaiden Chapter. More informations in my deviantart: http://appolionos.de...allery/34195955 Update: This is the eyebrows correction, I also correct the contours and Vylon's face (the first one) and Anita's neck (pink haired girl). I hope it's better now... Edit 2: 02:25 pm And there are two new characters who (almost) fit the Aran/Samson archetype: Alfiona (Lance Knight): An honest loyal knight of Lenster Ra (Wyvern Knight): The most famous knight of Thracia
  15. Thank you for all your advices, they were really usefull. @Kratos Aurion: Merci pour tes conseils (et en français c'est encore mieux!) Voilà le résultat: @Florina: Thanks. I'll correct this later, I promise. In fact the eyebrows is the most difficult part, for me. I already try to correct Maeve (the one with the collar). Is it better? About the problem of colors, I'll try to correct this latter, once I'll complete the Army (only 18 peoples left). Once again thank you very much!
  16. Some new faces in Vylon's army: Last line (from left to right): Therpsichore (Dancer), Salamander (Fire Mage), Ayami (Wyvern Knight), Damas (Free Knight), Godiva (Troubadour), Wazn (White Shaman), Rahna (Pegasus Knight), Cnossos (Wind Mage) For the one who know FE4/5 Therpsichore is Trabant's aunt, Salamander is Alvis older half-brother and Hilda's father, Godiva is the twin sister of Elthosian's mother, Wazn is Linoan's grandmother and Rahna & Cnossos are Levin's parents (Rahna actually appears in FE4).
  17. Voted! I wanna add the pairing Lyn/Rath to parenting Sue and the (unofficial) pairing Oswen/Serra for Bors & Wendy's parents. I'll love also to know what was the fate of the inheritor of the house of Cornwell (Raven, Priscilla + Lucius & Erk?). They should appears in some new chapter (at least as NPC). Some other characters from Blazing Sword should also make a brief comeo (Pent, Louise, Vaida, Harken, Isadora, Geitz, Wallace, Renaud) You should also introduce the Tactician in the story.. I'll loved to see some joigned ending as FE7 and FE8's for the most important pairing (for exemple Fyr/Noah, Igrene/Astol or Sue/Shin of they get an A-support) I appreciate the fact their's no longer Splited path... That's something that frustrated me in most Fire Emblem. For the case Lalam/Elphim I propose you to "change" the classe of Elphim to a "magic" bard (like Levin in FE4) or as a Monk (FE7 Lucius & FE8 Arthur's class) Seperate Magic and Strenght is a wonderfull idea (in my opinion). To take more benefit of it, you should create more magic sword (and some Florete like Mist's in FE10). This also need units which can use both (like FE4 Mage Fighter/Knight or FE4/9 Valkiries) And Canto is a benediction! As well as Roy earlier promotion!
  18. OMG! I can't wait for the next demo release!! I wanna see their new face!! I wonder who's secret's characters are.... I wonder some Valencia or Akaneia inhabitants because there so few of them... or Krom/Liz/My (new) unit (girl?) from FE13... However, good luck for you! PS: Did you notice that Celice's portrait is next to Celica's?
  19. CeliceXCelica isn't crazy but in my opinion we need several sort of support (the crazy, the romantic, the tragique...). This is something I like in Fire Emblem, the character devellopement and the way to write some part of the story ourself (via pairing). Moreover, I like this Crossover because it is the occasion to let this people met. I'm pleased you put some of my suggestions in your list and you're not forced to do so... Do the support you inspiring you. In my case, I prefer Celica-Celice pairing over CeliceXMia (To be honest, I don't think I'll play, at least the first time, with other characters than Lords). One last thing, you should chose which pairings will have a common ending. And don't forget: VOTE FOR: (I'm jocking)
  20. I desagree, they should have a lot of things in commun. This is how I imagine their support: C: Meeting between them and joke about their name. B: They speak about their similar past (hidden orphan prince(ss) raise in a small village). Celice think she's remember him his surrogate mother and sister (Aideen & Rana) A: Celice (alone) want propose Celica but he know she love(d) Alm. Celica turn up and notice the ring. She accepte to marry Celice even before he ask her to. and don't forgot: VOTE FOR:
  21. VOTE FOR CELICA - CELICE COUPLE I really like this couple! I'm pleased to imagine that, after their adventure, Celica leave Valencia to Alm and become the queen of Jugdral (sorry Yuria).
  22. I LOVE this supports!... However I would like a support between: Celica & Celice... because the "nearly same" name must be very funny... and also because they will both inherite a country and they are prince(ss) who was rise in little village far away their hometown. Deirdre & Ninian... They're both grow up cut of the world and they're the cible of their respective villain (which is one of their relative). Deirdre & Cyas... He is the son of her (futur) husband Yuria & Cyas... Step-sibling Celice & Cyas... Both are Yuria & Yurius step-brothers... they should want protect her and kill him. Levin & Julian... The merchant and the thief, it must be funny Levin & Ninian... She is a dragon and he is possessed by Holsety (a dragon) It should be an interesting back story Levin & Jaffar... Jaffar is an assassin and Levin is already die (during the battle of Barhara), they should speak about life and death Levin & Nils... 2 bards who infact wasn't bards... Alm & Ike... 2 mercenaries who are the "lords" of theirs games but was commoner (Alm does'nt know is royal origin) Marth & Chris... It's obvious... Sigurd & Leaf... The first should be the mentor of the second. Linoan & Cyas... Both are connect with Barhara royal family and sacrifice their private life for their people. Alm & Pelleas... "hidden princes" Deirdre & Pelleas... She as Dark blood and he use dark magic, he should try to make her proud of her blood. Roy & Ike... Rivality because of Super Smash Bros: Roy was kicked out in order to let Ike in Lyn & Pelleas... They both are but in their country throne and doesn't know how to govern, and in their endings, they leave it. Stefan & Deirdre or Sigurd... He mistakes their holy blood mark with some branded's That's all I think... I hope it will give you some ideas...
  23. I know it. Thats why I use FE8 colors only for some eyes (this far, only Mathilde and Hydra have Fe8 eyes, and I like the result) Ordal face and bust don't have the same color because she wear a mask (you can see some skin around her eyes), but I agree with the fact that something look weird with that mask. Maeve's mouth look huge because she have lipstick, in fact It's exactly the same mouth than FE7Vaida but I could try to reduce it. I'll try... There's the result: Better?
  24. I get them from other FE6/FE7 characters for exemple: Mathilde skin was FE7 Guinevere's, her hair color is Igrene's and her clothes colors are Ninian's. I don't use FE8 colors except sometimes for the eyes (it make nice glowing eyes like Mathilde's)
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