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  1. Good for NG+, bad for NG Axes have such a low hit rate that you won't want to risk a miss in maddening. and grind axe rank to C or to get death blow would actively hampering your capability to promote your units to a class you want. It's very good on snipers, gauntlets/brave weapon users and those who can learn swift strike though. Bonus 12 damage on top of possible crest procs is no joke.
  2. Ah now you are mad. Love it when you parrot me back. And Byleth being a mute means Edelgard is right? That is for the players' to decide, not the game. You think she is right, others don't. That's the point of a polarizing character. I will ignore what you have to say next simply because it's unrelated to your original post or you are moving the goalpost, yet again. No wonder people feel like going in circles while arguing with you. I'll stop now when you can't even back yourself up with actual events surrounding the context of the story as a whole while using your headcanon as an argument. Stop embarrassing yourself. Lol you are pointing fingers at me. Is this your hyperbolic argument with no logic at all at work?
  3. Sure thing champ Your explanation for the first point is completely irrelevant to what I meant. She knew fighting the church means plunging the continent into war but she did it anyway. Regardless: I don't know you are defending Edelgard or not by using this argument. Tell me anything that Edelgard is any different from this. Hint: Replace "dragon lady", "false religious doctrine" and "she is the word of god" with "Edelgard", "her ideals" and "she is the only one who is right". Also moving the goalpost to Rhea is kinda petty. The church never condone the Crest system, the TWSitD and society as a whole do. I don't know what you get this idea from. Hypothetically if they try to fix it, someone like you would spin the church into a control freak. Very nice headcanon there. Please stop moving the goalpost again. Woah there champ, your dopamine is hitting the roof right there. Get your head clear and look at the context around the Duscur incident again. It is explained very clearly in AM, unless you haven't played it. Yep, they stole and spread them around Yep, but that's Rhea's damage control because she don't want to make people think anything god related is bad. She had to lie for several reasons, just like Edelgard had to lie too. Very big laugh from me, champ. At least in AM and VW you get to kill the slithers on-screen. If those are not enough of a proof for you then how can some line of texts can? And yet you are turning a morally grey character into a mary sue character by making a thread to downplay her declaration war. First is "she had no choice", now is "it is necessary". Very epic
  4. Yep, you've proven my point that anything that can shake your flimsy headcanon will be ignored and instead focus on the most incidental thing to help you produce some dopamine. And psst, hey, I never say you said that.
  5. It's OK dude you've shown your unending love for Edelgard on Reddit already, please stop. She's a fictional character that happens to be very polarizing, everyone has their own opinion and you cannot force your opinion on people by going "N-no, you're wrong and here's the only one point why!". Also tell your good friend SigurdVII guy to keep his Japanese scripts to his own and don't over-analyzing to the point that your biases makes you blind from seeing other people's perspective. I actually read this whole wasted thread and only see you ignore the most important point that Edelgard clearly knows what she was doing but proceeded to do it anyway. TWSitD is the star puppeteer of the Fodlan theater and any atrocious act can be traced back to them. There are plenty of reasons to love and hate Edelgard, but you seem to push a very specific agenda of "Edelgard is a good girl she dindu nuffin wrong cuz she cute squeak and other people would do it anyway". Criminals who kill other people doesn't justify you killing anyone.
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