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  1. Probably because it's a remix of Those who Carve a New History. That song is good.
  2. Here's the thing though, weapons are forgeable once per chapter meaning that you can have a more powerful javelin if you want. But it's not cheap to do so.
  3. What fe12 did about this was make them very low Mt. Javelins had 2 and hand axes had 3 iirc. Maybe take inspiration from that?
  4. Sex sells, that's about all there is to it. Not sure what else to add to this discussion.
  5. Zetsubo

    Hey guys!

    Thanks man, you too. Anyone who ends up here probably likes fire emblem too much hahaha. They call it lunatic for a reason!
  6. Also here's a cursed image for all of you. Luckily my Luke is blessed, otherwise I would be in a very bad spot. I made him an armor knight to get past to prologue. He'll be a fine dracoknight but getting him there is.... Rough, to say the least. Edit: Heading into chapter 7. I want those master seals, Marisha is almost level 20 now so she will promote soon. Draug will be a berserker. I may make Caeda a falconknight but more likely she'll be a paladin or dracoknight. Linde is rather underwhelming, so I'll probably just use Etzel instead.
  7. Also the desert maps were not fun on hard, so I'm kinda afraid of lunatic lol. Any tips for them?
  8. It's in Fire Emblem Heroes. The banner units are weird and underwhelming. I wish for all Japan-only FE games to be localized.
  9. You have to play FE12 as though everything will hit you, because it will. I just wish it was easier to bail out a unit without being forced to use the rescue. Insofar as RNG goes the only major problem with it is that your hit rates are simply not as high as the enemy, and if you miss on H3+ you're not gonna have a fun time. Imo this game could have used some hard mode bonuses on characters like Sirius or Ogma. Saving Jubelo and Yumina on that chapter is not fun, and my Ogma died too. Castor wasn't recruited either. That aside I appreciate that FE12 punishes you for turtling, hard. You have to play to your strengths.
  10. FE12 is an FE game that is close to my heart, for some reason, but playing it on Lunatic has made me question its balancing choices. Do you think it's broken or do you think it's the pinnacle of resource management, or are you somewhere inbetween? Shall we discuss?
  11. It depends really. As far as mechanics go Heroes of Light and Shadow is a mish-mash of old and new Fire Emblem chiefly because of the avatar. That said, FE12 lacks the polish newer FE games have, and its mechanics are pretty archaic. One thing people don't usually note is that Katarina does in fact have a kiddie crush on MU which of course is part of the power fantasy thing, especially considering how OP MU (usually) is. I would even argue that some of the music in the game for the new additions took a bit of an "anime" sound (See Tearing Shadows). That said the game plays like an old fire emblem, for sure. So FE11 and FE12 are the middle children that nobody pays attention to.
  12. Celica and Alm join the Smash Bros roster, but they are broken and everyone hates them. FE12 gets a balanced port to switch with no bugs and plays well, and gets translated to english on the eshop.
  13. There have been some interesting weapons and items over the course of Fire Emblem history, and I feel like 3H is in a special place as far as weapons and items go, given its departure from 3ds art style and constraints. Geosphere, or something like it (FE11) In Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, there is an item that deals damage to everyone on the map called the Geosphere. It's 20 Mt damage dealt to all units, and I feel like an item like that could be useful for strategy. Now, 20 Mt might be too much or too little, but I think the idea has some interesting potential uses. Shaver Tome In NMoTE and Shadow Dragon there is the Shaver tome, which aside from being effective on fliers also has the distinction of being what is essentially a "killing tome". I love and hate killer weapons, but I believe that is the point of them. I like the idea of mages being able to crit as well as melee classes. There are many more, but those are my initial hopes to see return. What do you folks want to see come back?
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