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  1. That's not the question. The question is: Do YOU feel better now?
  2. Something about this statement being written without a capital letter strikes me as ironic. @Shin: Thank you for being far more amiable to a bad joke. :D
  3. You will LOVE Nino for your EXP rank. Trust me. Having done this challenge before, she feels like the best thing since sliced bread if you're on the borderline of a 5 star.
  4. Ah, alright. I guess concerning torches, though, if there are both, do you distinguish with any adjectives before the word? Always found the differences between British and American styles of English interesting, at least.
  5. I was always curious. If you mistakenly call a flashlight a torch, what do you call an actual torch? Also, how do you guys ask somebody for a cigarette without appearing homophobic?
  6. The ones I think you're referring to (the reduction of most base stats, increase in tome MT) pretty much will result in the same same numbers for damage. The difference is the fact that the less changed base LUK will bump up player hit rates a bit and lower enemy crit rates, a phenomenon which I could completely eliminate if enemies actually could come with a base LUK above 0. In the end, it makes no practical difference besides allowing characters more room to grow stat-wise and giving me more room to change growths/bases.
  7. So I was doing some thinking looking at Cam's vid, and I'll make a few changes this weekend before I release: - Merc in C6 will be deleveled a bit. - Skeles in C6 will cary iron instead of steel weps (to make them less brutal). - STR, MAG, DEF, SKL, SPD down by 5 for everybody. Player LUK base down by 2. Essentially keeps all the damage and accuracy calculations the same except for a small buff to player hit (~6% buff) and a slight decrease in enemy crit (~0.5%). - The previous change allows this next change: I will vary up character growths substantially more without breaking caps. Fast units are faster, tanky units are tankier, and so on. - MT of tomes up by 6 (to compensate for no change in base RES). After all is said and done, magi will hit for 1 more damage early game post-changes. - For enemies (and a loose guideline for player units): LUK growths reduced by 5% across the board. RES growths buffed by 5% for all melee units, and HP growths buffed by 5% for all magic units. Magic has a little too low base damage, but scales a little too well. The changes here aim to address that. You get a dark spell named after you. I may also change Bazba's death quote to reference the bug, a joke which only people in the know will get (not kidding ).
  8. KoT Patch video was released w/ C6 goodness. Enjoy! I'm thinking of either releasing a patch with latest balance changes and up to C5x-6 (as promised), or going up to C8 and then releasing a patch. You guys decide!
  9. KoT Patch video was released w/ C6 goodness. Enjoy! Cam takes on Chapter 6. Hilarity ensues. Also known as the moment Cam loses all will to live. Note to self: Give LP'ers save files that are not HM next time.
  10. I was thinking that it's possible that ENUN could be used in place of _0x0228 0x7 (I haven't tested this, it's just conjecture atm), based mainly on the fact that he uses it in locations similar to those I find _0x0228 0x7 needs to be placed as well as the distinct lack of ENUN in vanilla FE8 events that I noticed in certain routines; this may even suggest that _0x0228 0x7 and ENUN serve similar functions. I don't have time right now (midterm tomorrow), but the theory would be easily tested.
  11. I was going to make a post on this a while back when I was working on C6 for FEE3, but I'll just add what I think I know to what you found -- most of this is copied from a text file I made while testing these events. 1) Reinforcement events are almost always set like so (pretty much what you found): 2) _0x0228 0x7 before ENDA (or immediately after _LOAD1, VCWF, etc.) avoids that annoying black fade-in associated with most functions (LOAD, etc.)! 3) Not sure what first line does, but these lines always seem to be paired. Y is the text ID (from Feditor). _SETVAL 0x2 0x2 _SETVAL 0x3 0xY In this next code, 0xFFFF is whatever text ID is set up in the previous code -- i.e.Y from _SETVAL 0x3 0xY. TEXTSHOW 0xFFFF TEXTEND Note that a few varieties of this exist. 4) The below is a character present condition; 0xZ is the condition ID and 0xY is the character ID -- 0x13 is Artur, 0x1 is Eirika (this is from Ch. 4 Lute recruitment), for example. Seems to go right to ENIF is marked as true. _SETVAL 0x7 0xY _SETCONDITION 0xZ 0xC 0x7 5) Similar to character present check in #4, but it is used for the AREA events, not villages. In other words, check to see if the character that proc'd the AREA event is the one you're checking for (think Eirika in Ch. 1 FE8 -- she must proc the AREA event for reinforcements to come). Considering what the OP found concerning SETVAL, may be the same thing as #4. _SETVAL 0x2 0xY _SETCONDITION 0x0 0xC 0x2 6) The below looks like the "is character dead?" condition; 0xY is the event ID and 0xZ is the condition ID. _0x0322 0xY _SETCONDITION 0xZ 0xC 0x0 7) The below looks like the "is this event ID unused?" condition; 0xY is the event ID and 0xZ is the condition ID. _0x0321 0xY _SETCONDITION 0xZ 0xC 0x0 8) _0x0221 0xY sets the event ID Y as unused! Note that it is _0x0221, while the conditional to check if an event is unused is _0x0321. This can't be a coincidence. 9) _0x0221 0xFFFF is similar to #8, but it's awesome in that it marks the event ID that was associated with the event as unused. I've manipulated this command for my reinforcements in Ch.6 (which should be shown in FEE3 soon), so I know that this works. 10) I don't yet know what marks an event ID as used. Maybe _0x0220 0xY? (Untested at this point) I NEED TO KNOW. GAH.
  12. Happy Birthday Int!

    1. Integrity
    2. Integrity


      wait holy shit i just realized who posted this you're still alive?

  13. Alright, project submitted to Arch. Disaster averted.
  14. Alright, not a problem, Eclipse. Hopefully you won't run into that problem the next time you play it. Now it's 11:30 P.M. on the day before FEE3 is due, and I need to play through my hack one last time to get my .sav file ready for Cam to LP. RUSH RUSH RUSH! Hope you enjoyed playing through it!
  15. Odd, I can't replicate it; not sure what sets it off. Maybe something I did in my new patch fixes it, but we'll see. Due to crunch time for FEE3, I can't look into it for a few days, but it'll be top priority after then.
  16. Playing through NM, I noticed that it is quite a bit easier (surprise, surprise). I think Bazba's stats are a decent bit lower in NM than in HM (where his SPD after HM bonuses might be like 13-14 instead of 12, for example); but what she's saying is that her NM Bazba had like 16 SPD, which scares me a bit, because I never touched HM bonuses or C3 events.
  17. Sure, please let me know if you can proc him. As for me, this is what is see when I get to C3 normal mode: Everybody else has like 10-12 SPD. So, tbh, I wouldn't know what's going on, since I didn't mess with C3 events.
  18. Odd, considering she said she was on normal mode. Maybe it's a bug associated with the "No Easy Mode" patch?
  19. Alright, this is DEFINITELY something going wrong. Nightmare has his (pre-HM) SPD at TWELVE.
  20. Yeah, I remade it because the map design of prologue is TERRIBLE in vanilla. Like it's horrendously bad. I'm glad people enjoyed the MOV boost on Gilliam. I really did. So, concerning Bazba... He is the type of boss where I wanted the player to think about how to trash him easily. What I do when I test run the chapter is to get Seth next to him with a sword the first turn, luring out his swordreaver (he SHOULD have been tuned so that he can't OHKO any units at base). Then I bash his face in with Neimi and three guys with lances; then I'll have somebody trade with Franz and get him to wield a sword that way, keeping his swordreaver equipped. In that way, he dies in 2-3 turns. I've reduced his DEF by 1 to make things easier, but keep the basic challenge intact. So, uh, what you're seeing is the result of me not uploading the changed animations for a new class I'm introducing in future editions (and was keeping under wraps); it is the Heretic, the dark magic counterpart to the Valkyrie. It'll be replacing the Bishop, and makes it so that all healers will promote into mounted, single-spell-type magi and your combat magi will promote into foot, dual-spell-type magi, with the appropriate abilities that allow them to specialize in staves and tomes, respectively. As a filler animation until I get more groundwork down, I'm having it look a bit like this (prototype): Like I said, I SUCK at art, so it'll be hard to make a proper and unique one. So a few things: - Haven't touched C5x in the patch that's out. - Paladins don't have any base stats atm, because I don't know what promo bonuses I want to give enemy paladins yet, so Orson's stats are probably LOLbad. - The other guys have different stats because I changed Cav bases in this patch; their personal bases would've been untouched. - Enemies in the patch I have out are way weaker than what you're seeing there. I made it so that monsters are as strong as other enemy units, so Ghost Ship will be modified appropriately. No 4 million enemies anymore. Notes on characters: - Franz has been buffed a bit -- he's now a bit faster, and starts at a higher base level. - I'm shocked that people didn't think Garcia is crazy good. I was almost convinced I'd have to nerf him from my experiences. - Your last sentence on Neimi implies that you think certain people are quite bad. Can you specify so I can fix that? - I messed a bit with the C4 magi; you should find that Artur and Lute are both more useful in the new patch. Yeah, I tried to keep the hit rates higher to prevent you from dying to stupid RNG. - Again, surprised about the poor performance of Garcia. Found him to be an axe version of Gilliam in a lot of ways. I'll look at him again. - As for the defense-giving weapons, I designed them to help make enemies specialize in holding a chokepoint or allies stay alive through enemy phase (you'll get one soon). Nice from a design perspective, but I'm trying not to hurt it from the player perspective. - On Joshua, I'm worried he's a bit lackluster (technically, his 20/20 stats are quite nice), so I'm bumping up his starting level by 1 and see if that helps. Oh, I agree. Your stats seem to be a little more tightly grouped that the average, but it is true that there is less variation for SKL, SPD, STR, and DEF, mainly because it's proven almost impossible for me to have characters have too much or too little of the stat without being OP/UP/niche/easily abused to become OP and carry. A second culprit comes from a side effect of an awesome feature of the hack, which is that every character can promote to either class choice without "wasting" stats at 20/20 due to their caps, helping to make every choice viable (you'd pick one based on your needs and how they've leveled up to that point). I've actually made Eirika less defensive, but faster, Gilliam is slower, and Franz is rearranged as well to make him very distinct from his bro. So I HAVE made some progress on this issue. Bazba shouldn't be impossible for even a team with all characters at base, unless normal mode is acting funky with you (esp. when you said that everybody is getting doubled when, in my runs on "Difficult", only the archers risk doing that against your slowest guys -- send me a pic if you can? Want to fix it ASAP if it is happening). Thanks for the encouragement; I know I posted late, but I was actually watching your post as you updated it in real time, and appreciate all of the comments from you and Dragon Boner (never thought that I'd ever say that I appreciate a dragon boner). And trust me, Orson will not be CLOSE to that bad in the new patch.
  21. I find it almost impossible to balance them, which is the problem; they tend to be too good or too bad, so balance with them is on a razor's edge. If I bump up the MT of the weps, it's way too easy for magi to get a couple of levels and then dominate, because then they get durable enough to abuse 1 range and then scale well with ATK because of the low RES of many enemies. They stay about average most of the time; they don't need to do more damage all of the time -- they're good 2 range damage (which doesn't exist aside from archers and magi) and can counter in EP; the intended purpose of them is to be better than archers against high DEF targets and worse against low DEF targets. For example, in C5, I remember Lute doing about double the damage to the armor knights than Neimi did; I also tend to deploy both magi in that chapter to deal with the wyvern riders. Hopefully they'll look better when you get a few more levels with them and get a siege tome to work with. If not, I'll change it to make it so. And the Sarissa skeles are immoble on purpose.
  22. C5 is the last chapter. I have C5x and C6 done, but I'm polishing them up and running them through FEE3 before I'll release them. Which mage(s) in particular are you unsatisfied with?
  23. I will say that my hack is nearly finished for the event. *Technically* I have every change I want before FEE3 done; I simply need to play through it one more time for testing purposes, and then I'll upload the .sav file for the playtesters. And Klok, if you want, you can LP my hack. Unfortunately, my FE8 has a shortage of skittles.
  24. No, no I won't. This obviously wasn't a blatant attempt to manipulate the fact that I share an acronym with somebody
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