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  1. Anyone else expecting the voting gauntlet to be Hero Rises vs Fallen Heroes?
  2. Because that's what an Arena Assault build does. Arena Assault allows you to counter pick your opponent's team, meaning it is valuable to have a unit that is guaranteed to win against a handful of common threats. You see that unit on your opponent's team, and you know that you are guaranteed to take that kill. Fair point, thank you for the explanation. Another fair point, I totally neglected her magical bulk.
  3. Ok then what is the point of running an enemy phase build if it only counters 3-4 units that the player phase build reliably kills without sacrificing Roy's utility (Especially since firesweep bow is fairly common for 2 of them)? My whole point is that building the enemy phase build that way overspecializes Roy to the point of being useless if there are no archers (or fliers, I guess) on the enemy team, and it's overkill unless you are running +0s against +10s for some reason. You don't want dead weight in Arena Assault that's why I offered a much more versatile build. It doesn't handle those two units you designed the build specifically for as well, but it's not useless if neither of them are on an opponent's team. Even a neutral atk LA! Roy one shot's neutral def/hp Lyn before she can get the second shot after hone cav. Again, with an Atk boon and hone cavalry Roy (at +0) can one-shot BH! Lyn up to +4 at = def/hp, and up to +9 at -def/hp, the two most commonly taken banes. And no one would ever use a 3 charge special and heavy blade with mulagir, Lyn doesn't have the defenses to run a set that requires a trade to proc her special. It would also keep her from always proc'ing against units that can't counter. As for heavy blade heavy buffed units, yeah no one can reliably tank those (unless they ignore buffs), but the deadliest in the meta right now are fliers and get blown up before their special goes off, and a fair few of the non-fliers are squishy enough to get one-shot by Roy after hone cav. I guess I'm just trying to understand why you think a build designed to handle only 2 units is somehow any good for a mode like Arena Assault.
  4. After about 60 orbs on Love Abounds, got a +Atk, -Spd LA!Hector! That's probably my luckiest IVs in a loooong time. I still have a spare Nephenee around from my absurd luck on Dauntless Crimeans too. Hmmm double wrath shenanigans is pretty tempting.
  5. That guard bow set is kinda niche, neglecting his fantastic res by running bowbreaker, and moonbow is a pretty big waste of the fantastic damage LA! Roy gets from Iceberg/Bonfire. QR + Iceberg suffices against most archers, and anyhow straight wrecking bows is something Cecilia already does better anyway. I think a more generalist tank build is better for him with the guard bow, considering , and he doesn't need bow breaker to deal with other LA! Roy or BH! Lyn. With an Atk boon and hone cavalry Roy can one-shot BH! Lyn up to +4 at = def/hp, and up to +9 at -def/hp, the two most commonly taken banes for high merge Lyns, and anyway both BH! Lyn and LA! Roy get blown up by quick riposte Iceberg Imo a Guard Bow set should look something like: Enemy Phase Tank (Horse Emblem Arena Assault/Generalist) Roy @ Guard Bow+ Atk+/ Res+/ Def+ Spd- Refinement: +Res/+Def Assist: Reposition/Flex Special: Iceberg A: Distant Defense 3 B: Quick Riposte 3 / Cancel Affinity 3 C: Cavalry Buff 3 / Flex S: Distant Defense 3 / Quick Riposte 3 With this set Roy reaches either 48/48 or 45/51 defenses on enemy phase, capable of shrugging off ranged attacks with ease, tanking doubles and firing back a nasty extra 24/25 damage iceberg on top of his already amazing base atk. +Res is probably the more useful refine as mages are more common and tend to output more damage per hit than bows. After fortify Cavalry Brave Bow users running Luna need to hit 54 Atk to kill neutral def Roy (-25 from Luna + 3 x 4 = 37>36) At +0 vs +10, at +Atk with Death Blow only Bridelia and Leon have the Atk to hit that 3 damage per round baseline necessary to Luna kill LA! Roy with a quad unbuffed) (Other LA! Roy cannot quad unless they have hone cavalry or non spd- and you don't). They have to hit 57 if they are packing moonbow. Obviously like any horse unit Roy performs best with access to Cavalry buffs, both hone and fortify being of great use to him. Also with fortify support you have the option of shedding a distant defense layer to run Cancel Affinity and QR as a seal, which allows Roy to tank and defeat TA-Raven mages, only leaving Thani/Keenwolf, and the rare Non-TA Raven tomes as a magical threat.
  6. Ah I was running my maths at a +6 buff that's why I missed those guys. Yeah if you're not packing Dark Aura or Attack Tactics support you definitely want to be able to handle those guys.
  7. I think dragon fang is worth a mention (IMO it's his best option) in conjunction with Heavy Blade, as it only costs Alm a couple of KOs against a few bulky blues, and gives him massive OHKO potential, allowing him to retain his offensive presence even with Double Tiger offline. With it charged he picks up every almost every kill he forfeits, even with Double Tiger offline. And with a +6 atk buff only Shiro, Subaki, and W!Robin avoid the OHKO at neutral, with Lukas and Effie also surviving at +Def. It also has the benefit of allowing him to 1-shot any TA Nowi build when charged. And if both Dragon Fang and Double Tiger are online, pretty much everything dies. (He one rounds every neutral unit in the game after a +6 attack bonus) If you only need 1 KO out of Alm on any given turn Double Tiger is online, Draconic Aura and Glimmer are probably better options but Dragon Fang allows Alm to make use of dancer support and snag multiple kills, or stay out on the front line and snag an OHKO on enemy phase. Overall it makes Alm less tied down to needing full hp and gives him a little more flexibility in how you use him.
  8. How does Firesweep Bow stack up against Brave Bow for Bridelia? Pulled a +Spd, -Hp one and I don't really know which to give her. Leaning towards brave bow because I only have the one Faye, but it's not a dealbreaker if Firesweep is a better choice.
  9. So I've pulled 2 more Celica from the legendary heroes banner (both -atk, which makes 3/4 of my celicas -atk rip). Gonna merge them to my +1, +def, -hp, But I want to make sure that +speed, -atk isn't any better than +def, -hp. Considering the Atk+3 seal is available it seems like it might be. A quick check on the calculator (LnD/Moonbow/Atk+3 Seal) puts them at about equal performance, with +spd doing a bit better against fury boosted units. Any thoughts?
  10. Hmm, I guess the question is then is a +1 Brave Ike worth more than steady breath inheritance? I do use Ike almost always in the arena, but I've managed to stay in tier 20 without him being merged, so I'll probably go for it since it seems like a pretty darn fun combo. Now to decide whether to keep the +HP, -Spd Ike or the +Spd, -Def one lol.
  11. So, after godly luck from Dauntless Crimeans (4 Focus heroes and 1 off-focus 5*, spending ~40-45 orbs) I have 2 spare nephenee. I also have a spare BIke from last focus. Thinking of doing Steady Breath + Wrath on the Black Knight, but I want to make sure that there isn't another unit that utilizes that combo significantly better.
  12. First pull from banner jeez. Both Nephs are plus res lol but hey 2x of my favorite PoR unit and one's not minus attack! And Elincia is +Spd, -Def lmfao this is by far my best session ever. Luck was so good I went Yolo with the last five orbs to see if I could nab Oscar and finish out the banner and got a second Tana. 4 golds for 20 orbs kinda want to know the odds on that one. Well I certainly get to hoard orbs for a while now.
  13. ID:Dingus 9717828461 Need some Team Maria friends!
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