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  1. That's because of the commonly cited, yet misleading, 2.94m figure for Fates sales. It counts all three versions -- including when bought as $20 DLC -- which drastically inflates the total, counting each individual purchaser up to 3x. In reality, Fates did not beat Awakening in terms of individual purchasers, and Three Houses is already the best-selling Fire Emblem. Between upcoming holidays and upcoming story DLC, it should handily sell over 3m copies, making it the best by a wide margin.
  2. This was a fun chapter, but a relatively easy one for me. It's been speculated, but to confirm: after the initial beast transformation, subsequent ones are proximity-based, not turn-based. Therefore even if you can't eliminate the first would-be beast unit and thus nix the map's beast mechanic entirely, you shouldn't have to deal with any subsequent ones as long as you're mindful of positioning. Just have a high-MOV unit -- or Edelgard with Raging Storm -- ORKO each would-be beast unit (they're the immobile ones) before it transforms.
  3. Unlike a lot of Fire Emblems that have an inverse difficulty curve (harder in the beginning and easier once your units gain statistical momentum), Three Houses seems to have a more natural difficulty progression whereby it eases players in. The first half-ish of the game can be approached (on Hard) with basic bait strategy, outside of a handful of exceptional situations. I'm probably a little over halfway, doing Blue Lions, and the last few maps have genuinely been fairly challenging, complex, and epic.
  4. No one knows. Probably in the next month, judging from FEH's expedited patch. As you say, Byleth has almost no dialogue in the game, though — just infrequent comments when leveling up and stuff — so I don't think it would be very jarring to hear their voice change midway through.
  5. While it's true that Cup of Tea has a history with 8-4, it's been long confirmed that 8-4 did not localize Three Houses, ergo it's almost certainly Treehouse.
  6. This is completely false, conspiracy theory level nonsense. The site simply doesn't accept the commonly-used free email addresses that would facilitate easy duplication for trolling/spam. There's no real name tracing, no "background checks" (lol), or anything of the like. The rules are pretty clear, and any warnings/bans are publicly attached with clear reasoning. Been a member since its creation and never been warned or banned. Pretty easy if you aren't engaging in bigotry, trolling, or other forms of bad faith / disingenuous arguments. I won't pretend it's flawless, because no forum is, but it's a considerably more comfortable place to be than 4chan / most subreddits if you don't want to be around bigotry.
  7. ...Totalitarian? If "totalitarian" means "aren't allowed to use slurs or otherwise express bigotry," sure. If anything, the place is too lenient with its punishments, with bans largely being very short durations. 4chan is a hellscape of edgelord incels and children where every other word is a pejorative against some minority.
  8. It is wrong, no could be about it. Appreciate the care for other people's experience, though. Gone through days of 4chan archives. There are no spoilers, there are no street dates broken, no datamining — nothing. People can be at ease for now.
  9. There is no actual evidence for this that I've been able to find. It's a game of telephone that likely originated with the screenshot of the Chinese player online on Three Houses, but they had had the game for 9 days, so were clearly a reviewer. Remain vigilant over the coming days, of course, because the street date will be broken eventually, but it doesn't seem to have been yet.
  10. The main article has now released, containing a review of each route: https://www.famitsu.com/news/201907/18179141.html
  11. Your mind is the only place the "real score" exists. Wait for that review.
  12. Famitsu's scoring is... notorious. What'll be much more interesting are the longer written reviews of each route.
  13. Kusakihara's 80 hour "no rushing" estimate looking more and more plausible.
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