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  1. Being a spooder man Why can't my dog recognise me through FaceTime?!?! :( :( big sadd
  2. Awful. Goddamn awful. Literally vocaloid and Azura and maybe Shigure as dlc. Thats it Will I do well on tomorrow's exam.... :( ?
  3. no because there is no other way to breathe but in space. is it a bird? is it a plane?
  4. Because your skin reacts to the sunlight and darkens its own cells. Its your own skin that makes it darker, not the sun. Whereas this does not apply to hair. Who do you think will win the final gauntlet?
  5. It seems as though Morgan has three times the amount of supporters than Soren, which means that Soren would get a ton of multipliers. Soren people might want to wait until the multiplier is higher before splurging. On the other hand, Morgan people might want to spend more liberally throughout the gauntlet to drain those flags. My forecast is that Soren would get multiple consecutive weaker positions throughout the gauntlet. With a 3:1 ratio, I don't think there's going to be a lot of Same in the final. Keep an eye out!
  6. Oh! I see it! I've always missed it! Yeah, I got bumped up from the 1000-5000 range to the 1-1000! Extra feathers, yay!
  7. Well technically there are two Morgans... so Morgan F alt and Morgan M alt? Why is training towers so tedious but Feh still tells us its the most efficient way?
  8. @Rezzy Is it possible to see your rank while the scores are being calculated? I splurged a ton on the last multiplier and I'm kind of curious to see where I'm placed.
  9. because you forgot to cook them and drown them in soy sauce. why is existence so futile?
  10. Because he best boi! What do you call the thing when a lamp shade casts a shadow in the shadow?
  11. This is good intuition! Usually I would agree to this, but we're at late game. With the multiplier being so high for both teams, it's going to be really hard for Morgan to overshoot such that Lewyn would be weaker for the next two rounds. Morgan would probably get a higher margin than Lewyn did in the last round, both because of a larger team and a larger multiplier, but I don't think she'll overshoot for consecutive weaker Lewyn. Both scores would end up in the 24 trillions, which means the 10% margin is really wide. This could either mean that they'll be in Same because the 10% margin is too wide to recognise an advantage, or they'll exchange multipliers and Morgan would get the 7.5x.
  12. @Rezzy Good luck! At least there's another round after this to spend flags! haha!
  13. That's true, though with 7.0+x I don't think Lewyn would get two in a row because he has quite an army too. It's not like with Saias who had less than a tenth of Morgan's supporters. Morgan's been gaining by 30M increments in Same, so if this keeps up, she'll push Lewyn down to Weaker in two hours... if my maths is correct. Then they'll probably exchange multipliers and Morgan would get 7.5. But it's always possible that Lewyn would pump up his flags in Same and keep Morgan at Same enough to get the final 7.5x. Who knows?
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