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  1. Yeah! Supah Hawt Fiaaaa! Why do people schedule exams so late in the evening? :(
  2. Get a day job. Why do we call cereal cereal when clearly it's a soup?
  3. Because 789 What part of society is the most environmentally unfriendly??
  4. True. They have some for Forging Bonds. But I think they don't want to award too much because then you can get strong merged units or fodder and the sort too easily. Argh! There's no good way!
  5. Totally agree! It's weird to put grails as rewards for higher tiers because the higher you go, the more likely it is that you have better units than GHB/TT. So the higher you go, the less you need the grails... It's a reward that gets less valuable as you rise in tier. Granted, I'm not quite sure how else they would reward grails.
  6. Same reason why you aren't considered a vegetable, given that if you eat chocolate the chocolate becomes part of you. What isn't life?
  7. Plot twist: you don't Does anyone else like sweets?
  8. Hah! My eyes look weirder the more you look at them! Look! Look!
  9. Hello and welcome! We're all really excited for Three Houses, so you'll fit right in! Glad to have you here
  10. Was reminded by Jesus that if one doesn't sin, he died for nothing. Boba. any kind
  11. This is a really good point! Makes me wonder if that's the reason why we have so many vibrant hair colours. There seems to be less natural-coloured hair in this game, but I could be wrong.
  12. At least the -20 damage is a huge (and painful) mistake. 20 damage is a lot! It's more than half for some mages.
  13. Yes because we want to evade the possibility that if a fork were made of warios it would be warioware. If I stitch a cap only the back of my collar, would it become a hood?
  14. This would be rather clever. Considering that FEH is meant to be a spin-off to promote the main series, they could add a compatibility that if you link your Nintendo account with Three Heroes, you get extra orbs/feathers/accessory in FEH.
  15. Because God was wearing EarPods and couldn't hear the sounds of the cheese's imminent creation. How can snow be a dry wet?
  16. Good question! It is not actually the water itself that makes the fabric darker but the light reflected from it. When water is spilt onto fabric, it adds more molecules into the fabric, so it is more "molecule-heavy". When light hits that wet spot, it slows down because it has to pass through so may molecules. This slowing down of the light reflects back into our eyes in what we see as a darker spot. Why is thesaurus not a kind of dinosaur? Or is it named after a dinosaur?
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