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  1. But then again, you can write a good story by covering the usual bases. Only hard part is the execution. Like Garon actually coming to his senses on the throne, Iago throws an tantrum and channels the power of the ancient dragons. I should be a writer, tbh.
  2. I fucking called it. But the thing with Xander is that he's just following orders, although the prologue shows that he has limits when it comes to executing prisoners. There's more, but I'll let someone else humor you. And as an aside, the moderation for this site can easily get a lot worse. In a way, it's a kind of generic for a twist. But Hans is a bloodthirsty criminal who has no remorse...And Iago is just another scheming right hand...with an insanely rigged map on Conquest. After, who else can we blame for Garon's downfall within the scope of Conquest? The loss of one of his wives at the hands of the Hoshidans?
  3. Personally, I'm in the camp that Garon shouldn't be an puppet for a senile dragon because it would've been more tragic for when you actually have to kill him. Who knows, you could probably blame Iago for turning him evil and have him secretly worshipping Anankos.
  4. Honestly, I was under the impression that the game's theme was loyalty to your family vs doing what's right...Until it was revealed that Garon was a puppet.
  5. My advice? Drop the persecution complex, this ain't a hill worth dying on.
  6. I don't know, man. You've kind of dug your own grave, here. And @Specta gave out some useful advice on how to improve your approach to debating people.
  7. Dude, what you've described is literally a small part of what I had to do in high school literature. But at any rate, it was nice knowing you...
  8. You've could've locked the thread and said "This is shitshow. I haven't banned anyone yet. But thread is locked because it is shitshow and I'm too busy to sift through it."
  9. Who can forget the "Justice is an illusion" line towards the end? Of course, it never came up when it needed to, three chapters later. But it meant something when Xander said in the capital city of Hoshido.
  10. Yeah, I really don't understand politicians, nowadays. It feels like the country is getting dumber, at times.
  11. I think it was in one of Elise's supports. Probably with Leo.
  12. Because he was an nice, loving polygamist before Elise was born
  13. Only if you're playing Lunatic. But seriously, the skills that Merchant has doesn't really pan out in Conquest unless you're grinding DLC for gold bars.
  14. FWIW, I think the plot of Conquest is kind of great on it's own, especially when it's compared to Awakening. But after the big revelation over Garon being a monster, the suspense has started to slowly die out, for me. But killing Hans and Iago was worth it!
  15. Whoever devotes enough energy to argue over the plot. Granted, the story deserves to be analyzed, but I'm in the "seen it all" crowd and I'm in my 20s.
  16. It's the same deal, unfortunately...Except an different guy is starting the thread. It's kind of hilarious on how angry you guys get, in a way.
  17. In another edition of extreme laws that haven't passed, yet; we have a draft that enables the government to acquire $80 billion worth of farmland through eminent domain...And redistribute it to anyone who can prove that they have African ancestry. On one hand, it's fair from a certain point of view. But I'm leaning towards that this is kind of extreme and that the current residents wouldn't go for this.
  18. You guys are aware that Garon's "replacement" has been around since Elise was born, right?
  19. It's kind of hard to replace judges, though. I mean, it isn't exactly an easy job, even if you're working for a county that's in the middle of nowhere.
  20. Go see an psychologist and get diagnosed @the actual real soul it'll open a door or two for you, which is a lot more than screaming into the void would accomplish.
  21. So, what are the odds of this passing? Granted, we're overdue for an reform of the criminal justice system. But I'm not sure that getting rid of the federal prisons and life sentences is a good thing. I mean, there's an handful of people that could be considered irredeemable, in there.
  22. Not really. Mostly because there's hardly anything worthwhile coming out for the Switch, lately. But even then, I would wait for the price to go down if it's something that I'll probably hate.
  23. Yes, but do you genuinely expect for them to get everything right?
  24. Is it really worth it to get this pissed off over a game? I mean, I hate the plot of 3H, which is the main reason why I didn't buy it when it came out; but you don't see me writing a thread on how I think the plot was rushed.
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