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  1. Miranda may be "bad" but this is Thracia if you want to use a unit they will be good if you just feed them. Olwen has better availability and comes with a mount so even disregarding dire thunder of course she's better, but the point of Miranda being better than we thought is true somewhat, obviously her availability is ass but she's not really hard to use or bad if you can get her to promotion
  2. reading through the first few pages of this thread is pretty fun
  3. Farina. Sucks that she's locked to 1 mode. Very underrated awesome cute character. also a breadwinner!
  4. I'm not gonna lie as somebody who's pretty decent at FE games (despite playing all of them I don't feel like im excellent at this stuff at all) fe12's prologue chapters were just incredibly frustrating and I wish they did not exist My only tips are that taking your time and not trying to rush your units in to danger when they don't need to be is a good strategy. Other stuff you don't want to do is rely on risky 60% hits or 20%-30% crits to bail you out of trouble as this is not worth ending your entire chapter over when it doesn't work out There's also nothing inherently wrong with turtling, if it makes the chapter doable, then just do it, there's no reason to play like you're playing ranked when you're in a casual playthrough
  5. big metal fan, my fav bands r Burzum, Katatonia, My Dying Bride, Opeth, At the Gates, Sentenced, Dissection, Marduk, stuff like that.. also a super big fan of metalcore, Underoath, Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, love them glad to see some goth metal and melodeath fans in here i do like that stuff a lot, mostly stuff from the 90s tho for those on both fronts
  6. I agree with moeblobs potentially being problematic but Felicia happens to be pretty awesome though (and i agree on nino, shes super cool)
  7. this always bothered me, nearly all the awakening translations are bad and full of shit (Quan? Raquesis? Seriously?) and most of the CYL names are kinda absolute bullshit (Yuliya should be a crime.) DSFE had some bad ones too, like as you said caeda, but I think Castor is the biggest offender... Changing his entire name to something that barely sounds like a name lmao
  8. Heroes is a better strategy game than Awakening or Echoes
  9. I really don't like either of their designs and usually would rather pick the female version, like I do for fates (who has plenty of hot guys) and awakening (also has hot guys) but honestly in 3h i mostly like the girls better so sometimes i'll pick male.. even though i dont like his design that much. considering I have the dlc, i get femleths good outfit instead of the utter shit they originally designed for her so that's a plus I guess. but yeah, I always pick female avatar in the other games.
  10. hah I agree w both these takes. That being said FE7's endgame was a very challenging and good chapter, and Crimson Flower 17 was a unique map with a difficult boss, so I did find at least some positive... but yeah, fe7 is overall pretty boring and 3h past timeskip is an absolute snoozefest.
  11. i'll start FE1: havent played FE2: havent played FE3: Chapter 15: Return of the Prince FE4: Chapter 10: Light and Dark FE5: Chapter 14: Open Fire FE6: Chapter 21: The Sword of Seals FE7: Endgame: Light FE8: Endgame: Sacred Stone FE9: Chapter 17: Day Breaks FE10: Part 3-Endgame: From Pain, Awakening FE11: Endgame: Chosen by Fate FE12: Chapter 15: Return of the Prince FE13: don't have one FE14: Chapter 10 Conquest: Unhappy Reunion FE15: don't have one they're all bad FE16: Chapter 17 Crimson Flower: Field of Revenge
  12. I can think of many situations where it sure would be nice to have the Berserk staff in PoR and RD. Status staves are some of my favorite parts of the series, I think they're really fun and make your early game staff units more useful than they would be. I loved what FE5 did w status staves, they last till the end of the map so you need to bring restores or just go without a unit, and I also liked the 100% accuracy because it basically guaranteed your more powerful magic users weren't going to get sleeped/silenced/berserked so that you always retain your restore staff user. The biggest thing I liked about status staves in thracia was how freely you could obtain them, and use them. FE6 with even more status staves, and warp / rewarp enemies would be a blast I loved the Fates staves tho I wish there were more. Elise's freeze staff is so goddamn helpful in the conquest earlygame.
  13. CBA to read through this entire thread to see if people have already said him, but... Stefan stefan's bases are endgame viable and he's a terrific bosskiller despite being one of the worst classes in PoR
  14. also note that if you let a unit die in PoR, they will still live in RD also there's some interesting story stuff that occurs if you transfer saves (most notably if you send A supports over, like ike x soren among others)
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