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  1. so far from my experience, i never got an enemy recruit from capture. however here is what i found: - Unit captured can be traded with (usefull to obtain weapons/items) - Unit captured, if released, will disapear - Unit carrying the captured unit will suffer some penalties (similar to rescue) - Unit captured will not be avaiable as a recruit after map completion
  2. code: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, START it allows you to control enemyes and green units manually. use the code again to go back to normal. My sugestion: only use it if you are stuck fighting an enemy you cannot damage/push no matter what
  3. in battle, press up ,up ,down , down ,left ,right ,left ,right ,B ,A and then START. You will then be able to control the enemyes and grren units on their turns. to turn it off, use the code again
  4. None.... I see the problem xD soooo well RIP Garcia skills. Meanwhile in another randomizer run: Garcia (again) the Light & Dark & Anime & Staff Sage. When you really need to cover all the weaknesses xD
  5. Quick question: In one of my playtroughs i got Garcia as a Knight with Lumina as one of his skills (Allows the use of Light Magic). So i went and bought Lightning for him (Light rank E weapon), but it seems he cannot use it. what gives? am i missing something? xP
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