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  1. We can't really tell at the moment, what if she is just following her mother step to become the new archbishop
  2. That would be so cool I can imagine that, in my head Byleth wasn't a teacher anymore after the time skip
  3. Sadly in fates world a female character and a male character can't be best friend, it was only possible between characters from the same sex
  4. It would be very interesting, I think she's more her daughter. I really hope she's going to be playable after the time skip.
  5. So Edelgard could be best friend with Linhardt only ­čśé
  6. Personally I really want a profile for Flayn, she seems cute and she intrigues me because of her ressemblance with Rhea
  7. It's possible that they marry during the time skip, but she can s rank the others after it But it would be weird if she only have Linhardt as an option I don't remember it if it was confirmed not possible, sorry if that the case
  8. Maybe´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐, but then ´╗┐Edelgard can marry no male from her house beyond Linhardt. Prepare´╗┐´╗┐ for some noise if that's the case.´╗┐´╗┐ Or she can marry only him before the time skip
  9. I think it's for showing that the S rank is after, I guess.
  10. Honestly I think that finally I'm going to start with Black Eagles... I 'm so in love with the new design of Edelgard. And I also want to keep Dimitri and Claude for last.
  11. His design is not my cup of tea. But it may change if he has a great personality .
  12. S tier : Edelgard, Dorothea, Bernadetta, Dimitri, Felix, Ashe, Sylvain, Mercedes, Ingrid, Claude, Hilda, Lysithea A tier : Hubert, Ferdinand, Caspard, Linhardt, Petra, Dedue, Annette, Marianne, Leonie B tier : Lorenz, Raphael, Ignace Honestly i don't really hate any characters (I'm so bad at making tier lists) Even Lorenz, he's going to be a funny character
  13. Yeah..It will be okay if she just likes reading books not writing some fujoshi things like nina
  14. Or maybe she just have a big crush on Sylvain ? ? Let her be pure please
  15. Yeah same for the little we saw of her she has a really great design, now let's hope she's also interesting
  16. I hope they will change his name in the localisation For the exact same reason
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