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  1. In chapter 1-9 a priest used a Torch staff and for some reason the game is now softlocked. I didn't see this in the bug tracker so I'm just reporting it here. Everything looked normal to me but it just softlocked for some reason.
  2. This definitely helps balance out BEXP. But BEXP was a better system than straight up farming. Farming is boring, mindless, and broken. BEXP can be given a hard cap, and creates an incentive to do extra stuff in a map, or impose more challenge.
  3. I'm kinda biased, but I'd say Ike. Mainly because I related to and empathized with him pretty hard. He just felt very grounded in reality, and his actions reflect his low birth and life of dealing with work and combat. The actions that he takes and even the way he speaks to other characters all reflect his upbringing and ideals instilled in him by not only his father, but his lifestyle.
  4. Tellius Continental War would be an awesome story to explore. There are many options, all pretty great. Either the Tellius Continental War, Zelgius' past, or even just going all the way back to Ashera's Three Heroes could work.
  5. Tellius is my favorite FE series. However I feel other games deserve the whole "Echoes" treatment first. With Tellius, it doesn't need a full remake, an HD or Remaster would do. Games like FE6 and the Judgral series deserve full remakes before Tellius for sure. At least we have Tellius legally worldwide. The graphics could simply be updated, but keep the same weighty animations and dynamic camera angles for fights. No weightless slow-motion stuff.
  6. Definitely earlier promotion, and his dad got a horse so why not? A horse is worth so much more in FE6 than in FE7. Most Lords promote after a big story event or major event that causes them to grow as a character. And I'd say a good promotion point would be Chapter 16. It's a big story moment, and gives Roy time to grow as a promoted unit before the Binding Blade is acquired.
  7. So on my first run through this game (on a reproduction cartridge, not emulator) I got a glitched Hugh? Mind you this did happen over a year ago, just curious about this. I only realized he had glitched stats when I checked him on chapter 19B. His Magic and Skill stats were both maxed out, but all of his other bases were normal for the price I bought him for, which was the lowest possible. Of course I used him from that point on, especially after figuring out he was Canas' son. But just wondering if this is a common glitch, or if anyone else had similar experiences.
  8. I have many faves, don't make me choose! FE6: Perceval, Clarine, Rutger, Melady (or whatever her real name is). FE7: Eliwood, Canas, Pent, Oswin. (Dorcas gets honorable mention for being a devoted husband.) FE8: Cormag, Neimi, Ephraim, Seth.
  9. Probably Seth and Eirika. It was nice to see a softer, more compassionate side to the stern and powerful Paladin. It genuinely made me smile seeing him confess his love in such a poetic way.
  10. Hmm, well... - I genuinely dislike Fates. - Bow units aren't that bad. - Lyn just isn't good, character-wise and as a unit. But she still deserved more closure. - Roy isn't that bad pre-promote. - FE6 isn't as hard as people make it out to be. It's annoying, but the only real "difficulty" is the amount of time each chapter takes on average. - Sacred Stones, even without abusing Tower of Valini, is the easiest game in the franchise. Yes, even easier than Path of Radiance. - Not every unit needs to be viable.
  11. Hey! I used to just lurk and read threads and such about FE here. But I figure it'd be fun to try forums again and chip in on discussion. I'm a fan of GBA and Tellius Fire Emblem games.
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