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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a weeks late!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. Orange Star - Day 1 : So, any ideas on how to take out that fortress? : Nope! No ideas at all! Vince: At least your honest. I'm going to try and get some intel on that thing. : Vince, why aren't you commanding these troops? Aren't they from Yellow Comet? Vince: I believe that your more suited for this mission, Andy. : Really? Vince: Yeah. Anyhow, I'm leaving. Gotta gather info. *leaves* : For now, let's attack together, Andy. Black Hole - Day 1 : Heh heh heh... they won't stop us here. Well... they better NOT stop us here. Yellow Comet - Day 1 : Let's bring it to them! Orange Star - Day 3 Vince: Alright. I'm back. : So, any vital information? Vince: The fortress is powered by the surrounding buildings attached to it. That's how the fortress is draining all the water. : So we should just shut that place down! Vince: We just need to capture those buildings. : Leave that to me! I AM the capturing specialist after all! CO Power Quotes: : Let's capture as many things as we can! : I'm sure I can help out here! : Hsssssssss! I won't let you near this fortress! Go away! Tactics: : Welcome... to yet another... episode of... A sign appears on the screen, showing: --Adder's Tactics-- Sudden Ripping Sounds Vince, Andy and Sami are ripping off the Black Wallpaper in the War Room. : Hsssssssss!! ...WHAT do you think your doing!? : I prefered the War Room when it looked like this. *rips off wallpaper* Vince: I don't think it need a change in scenery. The War Room is fine as it was before. : WHAT!?! Who said you could just ruin MY scenery!? : We all took a vote. We agreed to take it down. : I'd prefer it if you people would leave my scene alone. Vince: ...and I'd prefer it if... Vince kicks Adder out of the War Room. Vince: ...you were outside the War Room. : Have a nice day! Andy slams the door to the War Room. : I hate all of you. *leaves* : Now that the War Room is back to normal, let's discuss some tactics, shall we? Vince: Yes. It's now time for another session of...-- : We're running out of time, Vincent. There isn't time to introduce ourselves! : You can still handle the tactics, Vince. Vince: ...But I... fiiine. Vince: Although both the Orange and Yellow teams have a slow start, Orange Team seems to have a lot of funding in the east side. Vince: It's up to you Sami, whether you want to share some cities with Andy, or use them all for yourself. Vince: As long as Andy covers the bottom section, and Sami covers the top, Adder will have to continously break up his forces to get rid of both of you. Which he will have a lot of trouble doing so. Vince: Also, try to capture that middle base, Sami. If you can't, build a Rocket Unit on the other side of the pipe to halt the enemy from capping it. Vince: Watch yourselves... capping the surrounding buildings is the hard part. Vince: ...and I believe that's all. : Woah! Excellent deductions! : I'm still amazed from your tactical decisions, Vince. Vince: Thank you, thank yo-- : Nope, we don't have time for thanking either. Let's cut the Tactics session here. Vince: ... *sigh* Defeat: : This... is... BLACK HOLE! I've always wanted to say that. Gunshots. Restart Mission 5 - Part 2 Victory: : Heh heh heh... you may have won, but this isn't the end. Mark my words. : Wait for us, sir! : Woo hoo! We won! Vince: Well... : It's not the end yet, Andy. We still have a lot more to do. : Sir! Commander Nell is patching through. : Alright! Let's report. : Well done, Sami, Andy. I didn't expect any less from you guys. : Aw, thanks. : You too, Vince. I didn't think you would have done this much for us. Thanks a lot. Vince: No problem. I'm here to help, after all. It's my job. : I've received reports that Black Hole is causing chaos in Blue Moon. I would like you three to head over there as a team and help out. : We'll get rid of anything Black Hole throws at us! : That's the spirit! Vince: I'm sure we can't lose. Let's go. Proceed to Mission 6. ============================================= Well. Copy/Pasting Missions isn't as hard as I thought it would be. Although it would be nice for some feedback, I suppose.
  4. Mission 5 - System Draining - Part 2 Orange Star - Macro Land - Northern Desert : I didn't think you'd get here so fast. As expected from one of Orange Star's top commanders. : So, this is what your using to drain the water from our land?! : Heh heh heh... Yes it is. : But it looks like any other regular fortress Black Hole builds. : ...just forget about the looks! It's not important! : Sigh. : Commander! Vince and Andy are arriving now. : Hey, Sami! How's it going? : I'm fine, Andy, as you can see. Vince: Hey there. : So, your the new Yellow Comet CO I've been hearing about... apprarantly quite skilled in your work, or so I've heard. Vince: Am I becoming well known already? Heh, alright. Let's focus on the more important topic. : I see that Flak has failed utterly yet again... I really should stop depending on him. Vince: Black Hole CO Adder. You attacked Yellow Comet a year ago. The horrible things you've done to my country... : Heh heh heh... you must have heard great things about me. Any news about my face? Vince: The only part of the news related to you that I liked was your downfall, actually. : ...Attack them at once. : ...Really, sir? Is it because you didn't hear anything about your face? : Just attack. : Alright! We've got to shut down this facility! (Orange Star) [Player] + (Yellow Comet) [Player] VS (Black Hole) [COM] Turn Order: [Orange Star] -> [black Hole] -> [Yellow Comet] Objective: Capture the 8 surrounding buildings to the Black Hole Fortress in 25 days! Fog of War: Off Enemy AI: Assault ---Playable Map--- Well. The settings are the same and the map is the same. Except, replace the Black Hole Fortress with 4x4 Pipes, instead. Outside the map, you should have each army HQ. Make sure that Adder goes after Sami. Have Adder have an Oozium (or any other unit) outside the map so that when you rout Adder on the map, he doesn't lose (so that the only way to win is my objective). If you can't tell what buildings are under the Black Hole rockets, they're just Black Hole cities. Have a nice day. TVK's Personal Record -> 23 Days
  5. Mission 5 - System Draining - Part 1 Orange Star (Macro Land) - Northern Desert : This is quite the problem.. : What appears to be the problem, Commander? : Black Hole draining all the water in Orange Star. It doesn't make sense. Why would they do something like that? : I'm not sure myself... : Oh. How's Andy and Vincent doing? : They should be here soon, as from our last report. : Great! Wait... something doesn't feel right here.. : ...huh? What's the matter? : I'm going to head over there to check something out.. Stay here and wait for Andy, okay? : Yes Ma'am! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ : I knew it! Black Hole is in this area! I guess it's up to me to stop them since no one else is here.. : Heh heh heh... so it begins. I didn't think you'd find us here. : Adder! What do you gain from draining all the water? Is there a purpose for this? : That's for you to find out... But I won't let you anyway. : How do you intend to stop us? : This bridge will be blown up in approximately 25 days, along with our plans... : Oh. Thanks for telling us. Listen up soldiers! We need to get a unit to that bridge in 25 days! : Oh cra--! I guess it doesn't matter. Attack, quickly! (Orange Star) [Player] VS (Black Hole) [COM] Objective: Get any unit to the bridge tile in the bottom left corner in 25 days. Fog of War: Off Enemy AI: Assault --- Playable Map--- Same settings as actual Mission. TVK's Personal Record -> 22 days. Orange Star - Day 1 : We can't afford to waste time! We have to move quickly! Black Hole - Day 1 : Heh heh he-- ...What? Why is there a Rocket unit trapped in those mountains? : I don't know, sir. It somehow ended up there! : Hsssss! It can't JUST end up there! It's like trapping a battleship a landlocked lake! : What can we do about it, sir? : Just forget about it! Prevent them from reaching this bridge! : Yes sir! CO Power Quotes: : Anything resourceful should be captured. It's beneficial! : Quickly! Fend them off! Now! Tactics: Opening the door to the War Room. The walls in the War Room are black. : I feel this... weird aura going on in here. Adder sipping a cup of tea. : Heh heh heh... nothing but a nice change of scenery... to discuss tactics. : ...I think I'll go back to HQ to plan my tactics instead. Sami leaves. : Heh heh heh... leave the discussion to me. : Capturing as many bases as you can is the fruit to success here... : Heh heh heh... don't forget to built Anti-Air to fend off air units. Such is the idea of my face. : Use units that move fast to reach the bridge. Like tanks and APCs... : You've officially creeped us all out, sir. : Hssssssss! You were here this whole time!? : Ummm... I'm sorry sir! Defeat: : I believe you know too much. Goodbye! Gunshot Restart Mission 5 - Part 1. Victory: : Quickly! We need to discover the true cause of the water drainage! Proceed to Mission 5 - Part 2.
  6. Mission 4 - Shrouded Mysteries Orange Star (Macro Land) - Eastern Lake Vince: Is it really okay for me to use these Orange Star troops? : I'm sure it is, sir. You do have the authorization to do so, even if your a Yellow Comet CO. Vince: If you say so. It'll be the same as using Yellow Comet troops, I'm sure. : Oh, by the way... I've got some good news and... bad news. What do you want to hear first? Vince: The good news. : Commander Andy has successfully defeated Black Hole at the Western Mountain Ranges! Vince: Is that so? That's excellent news. : As for the bad news... Orange Star is losing all of its water! It's being drained at an incredibly fast rate! Vince: What?! I bet Black Hole would be the cause of such a crazy idea... Anyhow, What's Commander Sami currently doing? : She's currently investigating the area where you planned to meet up with her, sir. Vince: Alright then. Let's investigate this lake. : Yes sir! Vince: Water, huh... what could Black Hole's purpose be in draining all the water...? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vince: This isn't a lake! It's a swamp! It must have been... : Sir! Black Hole troops are here! The drainage of water must have made the lake turn out to be a swamp! Vince: I knew it... Order all troops to engage in combat, immediately! : Right away, sir! Vince (Orange Star) [Player] VS (Black Hole) [COM] Objective: Capture the enemy HQ or destroy all units! Weather: Rain Fog Of War is on. (Due to the Rain) AI is set to Assault. ---Playable Map--- Same settings as actual Mission. Except play as Sonja instead of Vince with two towers OUTSIDE of the map. This represents Vince's D2D in fog. Good luck. Orange Star - Day 1 Vince: Fog is still fog, even in rain. Being a master of fog, I don't plan to lose here. Black Hole - Day 1 : Sir! Orange Star troops are attacking us! : ...I see. Who is the enemy CO? : I believe it is the new CO from Yellow Comet, sir. : Yellow Comet... huh? I believe this is a good chance to test his skills. Attack the enemy right away. : Yes sir! CO Power Quotes: Vince: Loss isn't acceptable here. I'll show you that! : To be backed into a corner is simply not the end of the fight. Tactics: Vince: It's time for yet another grand session of Vincent's Tactics! I'm Vincent! : ...Hawke. Vince: Your the kind of person who doesn't really say much, aren't you? : Yeah. Vince: Okay. Let's get to business! Vince: It's sort of a stalemate at the beginning, actually. My actions depends on what I want to do, whether I should hold my position and defend, or push straight in. When I get hit by Black Storm, I should probably be on cities, prepared, so I can heal off the damage straight away. : Check woods and reefs. Vince: There's a weirdly positioned Piperunner on top of a base. If I do decide to take it out, I should probably sit a unit on top of it so reinforcements don't come out. I should probably use the woods to my advantage, as well. : ...not bad. Vince: Come on, you've got to say a lot more after all this discussion... well I guess it wasn't really a discussion. : ...well done. *leaves* Vince: Is that guy an oddball or what? I think he only said Ten words total. Defeat: Vince: Tch. I'm sorry, Andy. I won't see you later. : ... Restart Mission 4. Victory: : So, your not too bad... maybe you have a chance to defeat Black Hole... Vince: You... your Hawke! So you survived the collapse of the Grand Bolt in Omega Land?! : That is correct. Vince: What are you doing here? Are you the cause of the water draining in Orange Star?! : Calm down. I'm here on my own accord to investigate. Vince: Investigate? Don't make up such a stupid lie-- : There are just some matters that need to be looked into... in order to be cleared up. *leaves* Vince: Hawke, huh... Your a really hard CO to figure out, you know. : Shall we go meet Andy, sir? Vince: Yes, let's go.
  7. Black Hole - Day 25 : ...Fire! The last mortar is fired. *Explosion* : What?!? Report, worms! : Sir! It's like I predicted! We can't fire anymore! : GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! WHY!?! : We can't sir! The Black Mortar's system overloaded! It's now unable to fire at this stage! What should we do now, sir? : ....Crush them! Quickly, while they're weak from all the mortals! : Yes, sir! THEY'RE MORTARS, SIR. Orange Star - Day 26 : Commander, the enemy weapon seems to be disfunctioning. It looks like it won't be able to fire anymore mortars. : Woo Hoo! Here's our chance! Come on, men! CO Power Quotes: : Your mortars are nothing when I do this! : Why fight when you can use Mortals!? ...and SMASH! Tactics: : Welcome to another session of Vincent's Tact-- Oh. Vince isn't here. Ahem.. : Welcome to a session of Andy's Tactics! I'm Andy! : ...and I'm Flak! Guest appearance by yours truly! : ...Who let you in here? : Neutral ground, worm. Anyone can come in and out anytime they want. : ...okay. Want to help me with some tactics today? : Despite being your enemy, alright, Worm! : For the time being, you should capture as many properties as you can, worm! You'll be shelled by Mortals for a while every 3 days. This shouldn't be a problem, because on some days, you can heal it off with your CO Power! : When the Mortars stop firing, you should take your chances! Use your big tanks to blow up the Black Mortar! : Also, It would be a nice idea to capture those two bases below you! You can attack using two fronts at once! : Any questions, Worm? : Excellent tactics, I didn't think you'd be that smart, Flak! *leaves* : Thank you, thank-- ...Wait... he was insulting me!!! That WORM!!! Defeat: : Now it's your turn to get mortaled! : I'm... sorry, Vince. I failed... *Explosion* Restart Mission 3. Victory: : Are you... serious...? Even with the... Black Mortal? Retreat! Argh! I'll get you next time, Worm! : Sir, wait for us! IT'S A BLACK MORTAR, SIR! : Woo hoo! We won! : But all our troubles aren't over, yet. : That's right! We need to meet Vince at that spot! Let's go! : He's always cheerful, isn't he? But he's a good commander at the same time. I'm glad that we're on the same team. ======================================================== Black Mortar Sprite Design by TVK A new Black Hole weapon. It's structure is similar to the Black Cannon, where it's weak spot is exactly the same. It fires a Mortar dealing the same damage as a silo and the same range as a silo every couple of days (can change). ======================================================== Finally! This took a while, but it's here. Playtesting wise, here is the map you have to copy exact detail onto your AW:DS Cart, if your interested. Same settings as the actual Mission. Except you can't play as Black Hole. Replace them with any other army. The 3x3 pipes are to resemble the Black Mortar, where you blow the door up (or we can call it the pipe seam). The Mech to the side of the map along with the Pipe Formation allows the Black Mortar (the bunch of pipes) to function properly. It works exactly how it does in the Campaign, firing off a Sil-- Mortar every 3 days until Day 20, where it fires off a Mortar EVERY Day (the 5 silos in a row) until Day 25, where it just stops. I've made it near impossible to win by Rout or HQ Capture (Unless you put a rocket in that right spot and shoot the enemy mech, because I did overlook this, please don't shoot the Mech) so you have to win by blowing that seam. Good luck. TVK's Personal Record - 35 days TVK's Secret Notes: Actually it's a Piperunner cannon stuck on the Black Cannon. Don't actually think I have good skills when it comes to Sprites. I don't. ========================================= I am TVK, if your wondering. Also, I had to delete some dialogue. Apparantly I posted too many images. Which is why I had to split into a double post. Such liars.
  8. Since the smileys work from the other forum, I can just C/P a mission like magic. ========================================= Mission 3 - The New Weapon Briefing Orange Star - Macro Land Vince: Andy, I've received reports of Black Hole developing something big in the mountain range west of here. : Something big? Vince: Yeah. They've also gathered up a big force to the east of here. So, could you take out the Black Hole force to the west? I'll handle the one in the east with a small force of soldiers. : Where should we meet afterwards? Vince: Take this map, I'll meet you in the desert around the northern parts of Orange Star. : Can you stop them on your own? Vince: I'd actually ask you the same thing. No matter what, I'm going to meet you at that point in the desert. Promise me that you won't lose, Andy. : That's a promise! I'll see you there! Vince: I'll see you later, then. Orange Star - Western Mountain Ranges : The enemy doesn't seem to be in the are-- : Commander Andy! Commander Vincent was right! Black Hole is testing out a new weapon they've developed here! : Alright, let's stop them-- : It's you again, Worm! : Oh. It's just Flak. : Don't 'It's just Flak' me! That's it! I'm DEFINITELY going to smash you today, Worm! : ...and you'll lose, just like every other time! : ...Just wait until you see the power of this new weapon, Worm! (Orange Star) [player] VS (Black Hole) [COM] Objective: Destroy the Black Mortar! Fog of War is OFF. AI is set to Assault. The Black Mortar is set to fire a Mortar that damages units in a diamond similar to a silo once every 3 turns starting from Day 2. From Day 20, The Black Mortar fires a Mortar every day until Day 25, where it stops functioning. The Black Mortar still needs to be destroyed after that. ---Playable Map, Yay!--- Read the comments after the mission dialogue to find out how to play this mission. Orange Star - Day 1 : Any ideas on what that giant cannon does? : Most likely blow our units up or something sir. It's aimed into the sky. : I guess so. They don't have much units or resources deployed at the moment, though. Black Hole - Day 1 : Sir, the Black Mortar is currently charging. : When will it be ready, Worm? : It should be ready to fire tommorow. : Excellent, worm! Black Hole - Day 2 : Black Mortal, Fire! The Black Mortar fires a Mortar. : Hahahah! See the look on their faces! Let's crush em, Worms! : Yes sir! ...sir, it's a Black Mortar. Orange Star - Day 3 : Woah, What the heck was that? : It must've been that cannon, sir! : Do we have any intel on it? : Intel reports that it fires a Mortar once every 3 days! We have to cut it's source of power! : If it's the same as a Black Cannon, we should target it's weak point! Cursor at the Door of the Black Mortar. : We need to take out that door! Come on, men! Black Hole - Day 20 : Worms! Why aren't we winning? We should have them on the run with the Black Mortal! : Sir! It's a Black Mortar They're fighting back as much as they can! What should we do? : Make the Black Mortal fire a Mortal every day! Starting from today! But... but sir... that will overload the-- : DO IT NOW, WORMS! I DON'T WANT BUTS! I WANT RESULTS! I WANNA SEE MORTALS EVERY DAY! : Yes, sir! Wait a minute, did you just say fire a Mortal every day? Orange Star - Day 23 : That Black Mortar thing has gone Crazy! It's fired three days in a row now! : It looks like it's going to overload in a few days, actually. : Okay! Let's hold out!
  9. I can tell you that it actually is infact an old version that hasn't been updated for a while. Sorry about that. I think that picture is about a year old, actually. I Copy/Pasted from my old thread on another board. I should know. ================================== Mission 2 - Flak Attack 2 --Briefing-- Macro Land - Orange Star : Vince, how much experience have you had as a CO? Vince: Not much, in terms of real warfare. I practiced a lot. I also watched a lot of videos about past battles, such as the final battle in Macro Land against Sturm. : Yeah, that was a tough one! Vince: It's interesting to see how Black Hole continues to go through such meaningless battles. Do they ever have a proper purpose? : It doesn't matter what their purpose is! Vince: Oh? How so? : Whatever they throw at us, we're around to stop them! They'll never take over this land! Vince: Confident today, are we?... Alright. I agree. We can't let them do as they please. : Commander Andy! Black Hole is in this region. We can intercept them if we need to. : Let's go! Vince: Alright, alright. ========================================= : Hey! It's that weird CO who likes worms! : Huh? Your THAT worm! The worm who ruined Black Hole a year ago here in Macro Land! : I thought Black Hole given up on attacking countries ever since Omega Land! Why are you guys doing this? : Black Hole never gives up, Worm! I'm mostly in it for the revenge, upon you! Vince: Your Black Hole CO Flak, aren't you? The one who attacked Orange Star a year ago. : Huh? Another worm? Vince: I'm not a worm, I'm Vincent of Yellow Comet. : ...Ah ha! The new CO! I'd like to see how you'll do-- Vince: Unfortunately, I'm on Intel Duty today. Your facing Andy. : This'll be like old times! Where I- : Lose to us? : Yeah, exactly! Wait... You worm! That's it! I'm going to win today! Vince: ...and thus we have to face someone who's intelligence is the size of a peanut. Interesting. (Orange Star) VS (Black Hole) Fog of War is off. Objective: Destroy all enemy units or capture their Headquarters. You lose if your Piperunner gets destroyed. AI: Strike Andy cannot build Units that cost over 10000G in BASES. All units that can be produced from the Airport are allowed. The enemy is allowed to build any units. ---Playable Map, Yay!--- Same settings. If you DO play this map, please obey the the 10000G or lower rule. I know, because I was tempted to build Rockets/MD Tanks. Don't build them, if you want to have fun. TVK's Personal Record - Mission 2 - 18 Days Orange Star - Day 1 : These are bases, right? Vince: Yeah, they are. We can start deploying more units now. However, I don't think we have the materials to build anything big yet, so we're restricted to what we can build. But in Airports and Ports, all air and naval units are available. : I can't help but notice that Black Hole has pipes in this area. How do they even do that? Vince: Yeah, it's quite weird... Huh? What's that? Sitting on the pipe. : Oh, that's a Piperunner. Vince: A Piperunner? : An Indirect-Combat unit that moves by riding on top of Pipes. Deployed from bases. Vince: I have to say, the concept is interesting. But it's the only one we have right now, isn't it? We can't develop them in our bases. : I guess we'll have to protect it then, right? Vince: Excellent. I did plan to research them eventually, but I'll take that chance after this battle. : Let's go then! Black Hole - Day 1 : Prepare to be squashed, Worms! CO Power Quotes: : I won't lose, Flak! : Flak SMASH!!! I'm gonna beat the stuffing out of you! Tactics: Vince: Welcome to another session of Vincent's Tactics. I'm Vincent. : Hi! I'm Daisy! Andy! Vince: It's that time of the day. : Alright! Vince: You start with one Piperunner. They start with two. Seems like a disadvantage? Not really. The two piperunners will blow up that seam in the beginning, so you only have to deal with one of them. : Why would they do that? Vince: I'm don't know. Because Flak is stupid? Anyway... Vince: Now, you can't do much about the enemy capturing the airport in the middle, but your Piperunner can either....moved over the seams to be utilized efficiently, or shooting the air units that come out of the airport. Vince: Since you can't build any big units, you'll have to use your Piperunner and other Indirect Units to deal with Flak's big units. Oh, and you can build any Air Units. So capturing that Airport would be a big plus. Vince: Any questions... *cough* cause I'm out of breath now... talking too long... : Nope! Vince: Off to the battlefield, then... *cough* Defeat: : How's that?! Eat that Worms! : Darn... Victory: : ... : Now get lost! : I'll remember this, worms! *leaves* Vince: Now then, I'm going to look up information on this Piperunner unit. : Where do we have to go next? Vince: The northern parts of Orange Star. The desert area. Not much to see, but-- : Alright, let's go! *runs off* Vince: ...and off he goes. I was going to tell him that we're meeting up with Sami up there. But I guess he can find that out when we get there. ============================================== ...Why are the smileys working? Eh? Odd.
  10. I've actually played FE4 (and FE5 for that matter). I'm bad at both games, or I'm just lazy. Maybe a bit of both.
  11. Advance Wars: Shades of Darkness --------------------- Contents: 1. An AW Campaign on a Fire Emblem Board? 2. Custom COs go here 3. Campaign Start! ============== 1. An AW Campaign on a Fire Emblem Board? It's genius, right? Advance Wars on a Fire Emblem board! If Fire Emblem can be posted about in an Advance Wars board, why not the opposite way around? No. It's not a ROM hack. I have no skill in the field of Advance Wars ROM Hacking. However, SOME of the Campaign Missions posted will be playable via YOUR Advance Wars: Dual Strike game. (Assuming you actually have the game) ...You have to copy the Map I post tile by tile if you want to play. What? You expect me to do the hard work? I've already made the map. The only way to play is by copying the map exact. What? You DON'T know any of the Commanding Officers from Advance Wars? Why are you reading my campaign then? :P Also, there may be GRAMMAR or SPELLING mistakes here and there. I'm not perfect. *...WE MEET AGAIN, FEAW! I know your somewhere on Serenes Forest. *Shot* ============== 2. Custom COs go here Note that there will obviously be more than one CO. (Maybe) COs = Commanding Officers Just letting you know. CO Vincent Army: Yellow Comet Vincent was an average normal guy living in Macro Land, until war struck out and his town was ravaged and blown up. He was the only living survivor of the attack, so he joined Yellow Comet and became a CO to avenge his fellow villagers, including his best friend. Hates dishonesty and treachery above all else. Hit: Being Positive Miss: Dishonesty Power Gauge: xxxxXXXX D2D: Terrain stars on woods, plains and roads are increased by 1. Allied cities in Fog of War act similar to woods. While Fog Of War is around, all units are 120/100. CO Power - Moonlight Fog of war occurs for 2 days. (COP boosts are added to units as well as the D2D) SCO Power - Midnight Break Fog of war occurs for 3 days. Counter-attack power increased by 30%. Units in Fog of War now have 140/120. (This doesn't stack with the D2D, this does however stack with the SCOP boosts) My Comments: I'd like some constructive criticism on this CO. I'd like to know if it's overpowered/underpowered/balanced. CO Kate http://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n161/Mu...01/AWCOKate.jpg (My art is terrible, I know. Please don't criticise me.) (Criticise me please) Army: Blue Moon Appearance: She currently wears a fully-buttoned light green short-sleeved polo shirt, a red tie, a light blue jacket (or what seems to be a cardigan), black shorts, black stockings and light blue boots. Description: Kate appeared in Blue Moon sudddenly with no memories of her past life, only knowing her own name and age. She volunteered for the Blue Moon army as a Nurse, where she eventually made a decision to want to be a Commanding Officer instead of a Nurse, so she may find out her past memories. Hit: Flowers Miss: Arrogance Power Gauge: xxxxXXX D2D - Previously damaged units that were healed in the same turn are 130/100. CO Power - Heal Wave All units are healed by 1 HP and gain +1 movement. (COP boosts are added to units as well as the D2D) SCO Power - Recovery All units are healed by 3 HP and gain +1 movement). Previously damaged units that were healed are now 150/130. (This boosts replace the D2D boosts for a turn and stack with the SCOP boosts) My Comments: I did run out of ideas for this CO. I'm not even sure if it's balanced or not. So help me out, please. D: CO Wallace Army: Black Hole Wallace is a former vigilante, who liked taking lives for his own sake. He doesn't exactly listen to anyone but himself, so he is part of Black Hole, but will be completely oblivious to what they do, as he takes control of his own life. He sees everything as a tool to him, and he likes the sight of Blood. Hit: Blood Miss: Peace Power Gauge: xxxXXX D2D: When any of Wallace's units attacks a unit on terrain that has more terrain stars than Wallace's unit, the unit being attacked has it's Terrain Stars halved. CO Power - Breakthrough All units are 110/100. All enemy units are treated as if they are on Roads. SCO Power - Mass Annihilation All units are 130/100. All enemy units are treated as if they are on 4-star terrain. All enemy units lose 5% defense for every terrain star they have. [More COs will be posted when I get ideas in the near future][/b] ============== 3. Campaign Start! It had been a year after the Omega Land war, where the former armies of the Allied Nations: Orange Star, Blue Moon, Green Earth and Yellow Comet strived towards peace and harmony. However, Black Hole, plans otherwise... In Macro Land ???: I assume the pieces are now in place. : Hhhhh... plan Alpha... is ready. ???: Excellent. I would like to know the status of my army. : Hhhhh... My officers along with those... two remaining to support us from Black Hole... are ready. ???: Let peace never reign these lands ever again. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 1 - Training Again? -Briefing- Orange Star : Andy! : Hey Nell! It sure has been a while, hasn't it? : I'm afraid there's no time for greetings, Andy. Black Hole has launched another massive attack on Macro Land. : Again? They never learn, do they... : Unfortunately, Max and Sami aren't around in Macro Land at the moment. So you are the only CO left in Orange Star to defend against Black Hole. : I'm ready for whatever Black Hole throws at me! : I'm glad your so enthusiastic about this, but I've set up a single round of training for you. : Aw.... : It's just to warm up your abilities, Andy. The CO I've set up for your training is a recent Yellow Comet CO. : New, huh? This should be fun! : Good luck, Andy! ------------------------------- : So, your the new CO? Vince: Yeah. I assume your Andy of Orange Star? It's great to work with a legendary CO such as yourself. : Your not too bad yourself, I heard you rose up to a CO pretty quickly. Vince: Heh. I'm not that special. Now, let's get to business, shall we? Andy (Orange Star) [Player] VS Vincent (Yellow Comet) [COM] Fog of War -> ON Objective: Destroy all enemy units or capture their HQ. AI: Attack ---Playable Map, Yay!--- Same settings, except put Sonja instead of Vincent with both the Direct Attacking Skills. Have fun! Orange Star - Day 1 Vince: I assume you are familiar with the way battles work? If Yes : Don't worry! I remember. Vince: Excellent. Let's proceed then. If No : Erm... I think I need a refresher. Vince: Alright then. Let me run down a few things with you. [unit explanations, tutorial stuff inserted here] Vince: That's all I think. Let's get back to the battle, then. Yellow Comet - Day 1 Vince: I won't hold back, Andy! Tactics: : So, what's this place? Vince: Oh. This is the War Room. : Not the thing on the main menu screen? Vince: No, Andy, that's a different type of War Room. This is where Commanding Officers discuss strategies and tactics to win. : So, are you going to tell me how to win? Vince: ...Hmmm... that sounds about right. Vince: Well, your units should be able to take out the initial Yellow Comet units at the start with no problem at all. After that, you can stand your ground and wait. The remainder of my units should be taken out if you plan your attack well. Also, use the woods to your advantage, and don't forget to check woods for enemies. : That's it? Vince: That's all. : ...Alright. I'll get back to the battle, then. Defeat: Vince: Oh. You lost. I guess you haven't fought for a while, eh? Let's go again, Andy. : Alright! Victory: Vince: So, the legends are true. : I'd like you to come with me to take out Black Hole, Vince! Vince: Eh? I'm new, though. You'd probably have better luck with someone like Emperor Kanbei. : I think we'll work together well, that's why. Let's go! Vince: Humph. Let's go then. ============================= I also need help in terms of spriting. I'm not the best at spriting things, so Custom things are used in Custom Campaigns. I had an attempt at making a giant cannon. It needs improvements. Any ideas to how it can improve?
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