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  1. Right now, I'm playing through Path of Radiance on hard mode. I've always wanted to beat this game, but never gotten past chapter 9, so I'm starting the game on hard mode with 2 goals in mind. 1. Get better at Fire Emblem in general 2. Learn how to record Gamecube games that are good enough to watch. So here is chapter 1, what I'm looking for is criticism on my play style and if you think you can do better at co-commentary than this guy, hop in the Discord and prove it. https://youtu.be/b9VsCKMfgLw Discord: https://discord.gg/rRPsGxZ
  2. For Genealogy, play the Project Naga patch, for watching, I like Mageknight404's playthrough "Let's Replay Genealogy of the Holy War", despite the fact that he didn't do the last 3 chapters. Still all that was finished is very entertaining. For FE5, if you want to play through the entire game right now, the best patch is the Shaiah Patch unfortunately, but Project Exile is almost done, so you could play about half of it, then the other half when Project Exile is finished. If you just want to watch it, I can't recommend anyone except for Mekkah.
  3. I've had no problems running SNES9x with patches. The problem is probably that you are using the wrong ROM. First check the file extension on your Thracia ROM. Is it .sfc, or .smc? It should be a .sfc file. If it is, and it really isn't working you'll need to get this program here to tell if it is the right ROM: (https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/1002/) and check the ROM file. As it says in the Project Exile thread "Your ROM's CRC32 checksum should be equal to: FC519952". You might need to do some searching for the correct vanilla ROM. But if you do have the correct vanilla ROM, you can try soft patching instead of hard patching. Basically you put the ips and the sfc file together in the same folder, and make sure that the two files are named the exact same thing.
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