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  1. I really like it, looking forward for the next version
  2. I tried downloading it but when i opened the rar file it said it was corrupted. Yes, i tried downloading it again. No, it does not work
  3. As some of you might know, I am working on my hack Fire Emblem: Traitors Tale. It has been dead for some time, but I have come back to it. Last time I asked for help i waited 10 minutes and gave up, don`t worry, I learn from my mistakes(and suspensions). Returning to the original topics, I need to know how to make custom portraits. Could anyone lend so help?
  4. Chapter 1-1 of Fire Emblem Traitors Tale is complete. Current Progress: Insertion of Bane`s sprite complete Chapter Map complete Portrait complete Bane`s group: The Female Fighter Guerra: Inserted, Portrait is in development, Current placeholder portrait : Syrene The Male (class non decided) Milliow: planned to be inserted in chapter 1-2 along with Brand, appears in cutscene as place holder Colm The Male Healer Brand: planned to be inserted in chapter 1-2 along with Milliow, appears in cutscene as placeholder moulder And lot of others to come! if anyone could offer help or tips it would be great because my routine lately has been: wake up, school, get home, start computer,play some games, work on this project for HOURS straight, other stuff, sleep and repeat What im working right now is other maps, editing portraits for Guerra, Millow and Brand.
  5. does anyone have the response to my question?
  6. Hey, im working on a fan hack named Fire Emblem: Traitor`s Tale and want to add a new class named brawler to my main character and the sprite is a mod of the brigand sprite. Does someone know how to use these kinds of features and teach me how to do it? Ps: the game is FE8 and im using FEBuilder PsPs: The sprite I want is like the armored brigand with a mask
  7. Thank you for your help, I`ll make sure to include you in some minor way like a village guy
  8. does anyone know how to destroy a village after you visit it?
  9. The thing is that he kinda hates the royal family. Backstory reasons, not gonna reveal it. Wait for the patch
  10. BUUUUUUUT if you ask nicely I can post the first chapter once its done. but I dont like the idea of playing just one chapter and then having to wait
  11. As im a beginner its gonna take a LOT of time to make a decent chapter. Imagine 5
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