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  1. Does anyone in Austrailia want to sell your cards and help me complete my collection? Here is my wishlist https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vAfBFEqaGN8YIW4Ax0vOLU84DqP_W1Qfw-JGMqc6P3Q/edit#gid=0 Let me know via my discord (Min-Yong77#9418), thanks. And hope you are taking good care of yourself in this pandemic
  2. Hey, guys. I recently opened my case of B22 and my pull was pretty sweet: got like almost 5 panorama sets and solid SR+s. I have some spares for sell/trade (I prefer the latter to complete my wishlist). Feel free to hit me up on discord at Min-Yong77#9418 and I will get to you. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vAfBFEqaGN8YIW4Ax0vOLU84DqP_W1Qfw-JGMqc6P3Q/edit#gid=0
  3. I do not play this game too often so I do have a question about merging same tier characters: is there better chance of stat gain when the source ally's level is higher and have good stats?
  4. Question: would it be reasonable for the final booster series to have more types (Like double) of SRs and Rs than previous ones and have 2 foils per pack? I mean I even thought every cards from the series are foils but that would be rather nuts...
  5. +1 Stugard for flexible offering on trading and prompt shipping upon reaching an agreement +2 Interlude37: really communicative and INCREDIBLY generous for letting me have a B13 Eliwood SR as a freebie of last trading/buying!!! He is also prompt with shipping upon sealing the deal. DEFINITELY bargaining again +1 Agery: very generous for adding some freebies and super communicative
  6. Selling/Trading(Preferred) My Spare Foils + Wishlist Hey, fellow Cipher fanatics!!! I know it's a bit late but I managed to open my 5 boxes of B20 and 2 boxes of B16 with an aim for Ike SR+ (I GOT HIM!!! YEESSS!!!) and 9-piece matching set of Elibean Legeandary Weapon (Got all 4 except Dieck SR but I am getting him so no biggie). I never opened this many and did not expect so many extra foils. I mean, I get it for Rs but having spare SRs is a rather new experience for me. I guess I can sell them but I think trading them away for cards I really want would not be too much of a bad idea actually so feel free to offer what you can trade away to receive mine because I am pretty open-ended toward SRs, other plus cards, promos and Starter Deck foils (If you can help me complete some matching art foils, that would be super!!!) Shipping within United States only due to COVID-19: I do not want to unintentionally infect my global Cipher fams so please understand... Here are my list so let me know if are interested R/HR SR I also have a google doc, which combines the above list and my wishlist so hit me up if you can help me check off some items from the latter https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vAfBFEqaGN8YIW4Ax0vOLU84DqP_W1Qfw-JGMqc6P3Q/edit#gid=986481240 You can also contact me through my discord (Min-Yong77#9418) so I will be waiting for you πŸ˜‰ And needless to say, I have a plenty of H and HN for B16, 17 and 20 so let me know if you are interested!!! And for everyone reading this: it is a hard time so stay safe πŸ›‘οΈ, keep your masks on your faces (like Saizo, LOL) 😷 and wash your hands as often as you can πŸšΎπŸ‘
  7. But then Hector dies and that left impact on Lilina, the other main character lol
  8. Hello, do you still have her? how much were you planning to sell her at?
  9. Hi, guys. I have a question about organizing a starter deck foils in my binder. For my foils, I organize them by color first (in the order of red, blue, white, black, white/black, green, purple, yellow, brown, colorless), then within each color, starter deck first, then by booster foil numbers: I think it is a nice way to group the characters from same saga. So when I put my cards in the binder, where do you think the cards that are originally non-foil in booster but became foil in starter deck set (whose code starts with B but ends with ST+ as seen below), would belong? put them together starter deck exclusive foils or just treat them as booster pack cards? Your feedback on the preference would be appreciated
  10. So for 9-piece SR set for Elibean Legendary Weapon set: Since we still do not who wields Aureola, I want to know who would be wielding it when the final booster pack comes out. Can we also get FE6 Karel foil maybe?
  11. I am hoping it is either Saul or Yodel because we already have 2 girls for magic user so I am hoping there is a male one for Aureola too. Plus, they both are the member of the church worshiping the original wielder of the very magic SO YEAH
  12. I usually open with my friends when I order booster pack boxes. The lucky pulls my friend got was SR Lucina from 4 PACKS, NOT BOXES, of B14 I scrapped from LA Jungles. Other time, my other friend got me a signed Marth SR when we were opening 2 boxes of B17. Next Saturday, I am planning to have a get-together with them to open 5 B20 and 2 B16 boxes with an aim to get the matching Ike/Micaiah SR Plus pair and 5 SRs for 9-piece Elibean Divine Weapon set. Never opened this many before so with me luck!!!
  13. I was hoping to to see the reveal of last 2 SRs for 9-piece Elibean Divine Weapons when I turned on the stream last night. I see Rutger is wielding Durandal but we still do not know who will use Aureola, the Pinnacle of Light. Anyone wanna guess the character for the last piece?
  14. I requested a validation for discord server a while ago but never had a chance. Can someone show me how to get one so I can join the server? Please let me know, thanks
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